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ACLU Demands Investigation of Police at Phoenix Trump Rally

You could tell how disappointed that the left, their media mouthpieces and all haters were after the police in Phoenix stymied ANTIFA goons and activists who wanted to provoke violence during President Trump’s speech on Tuesday. Unlike Charlottesville where an incompetent mayor and a political hack governor were unable to keep the peace when radical leftists invaded the city to incite ...

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The mother of all monuments

Who doesn’t like a good fad? From piling into phone booths in the Fifties to the iconic pet rocks of the Eighties, fads grab the attention of the country and then quickly flame out. And then there was disco, which had a slightly shorter life span than the Carter administration but was every bit as painful. Talk about your misery ...

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Democrat Chair Calls for Resignation of Senator Who Wanted Trump Assassinated

Maria Chappelle-Nadal

Missouri Democratic Party Chairman Stephen Webber calls for the resignation of a Democrat State Senator who recently called for the assassination of the president. Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal made the comment on social media last week when she wrote, “I hope Trump is assassinated.” She later deleted the post and issued a short, obviously coerced apology. “I am not resigning. What ...

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The war on statues is likely to escalate

Durham North Carolina civil war statue toppled

The left has begun a ferocious war against inanimate objects – perhaps the only opponent they can actually defeat. The war on statues is growing and likely to get far out-of-hand. The alt-left: Antifa, Black Lives Matter and a mix of other groups have joined together to face off against their one true enemy – statues that in any way relate ...

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Now Even Walmart is Stabbing President Trump in the Back

The reaction from the political class, media and now even the corporate behemoths that have exploited cheap overseas labor to destroy the American Dream to blame President Trump for the actions of one criminal individual who rammed his car into several leftists in Charlottesville has reached a dangerous stage. While you expect the media to accuse President Trump of being ...

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ANTIFA Group ‘Redneck Revolt’ Has Training Manual for Violent Revolution

Violent leftist groups have found fertile ground to take root in the United States after the election of President Donald Trump. Democrats have turned a blind eye to black-clad hooligans roughing up Trump supporters like Nazis or Stalinists and they are continuing to proliferate nationally. The worst is ANTIFA which dresses in black and claims to be anti-fascist despite their ...

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Creepy Leftist Shooter’s Foster Daughter Burned Herself Alive in Suicide

Deceased Bernie Sanders supporter and attempted assassin James T Hodgkinson was a very troubled man long before he tried to murder the GOP congressional baseball team last week. While early reports focused on Hodgkinson’s social media comments and his volcanic hatred towards President Trump and Republicans, additional reporting shows that something was very wrong with this man for quite some ...

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Democrats Get Violent; Demand Republicans “Dial It Back”

Liberals are increasingly committing acts of violence demanding the overthrow or assassination of the president while simultaneously telling the right to calm their rhetoric. Chronology of escalating violence from the left Donald Trump won the 2016 election and Democrats quickly claimed his presidency illegitimate. Democrats claim that Trump colluded with Russia and stole the election. Therefore, he has no right ...

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ANTIFA Fanatic Attacks Police Horse With Spiked Club

Absent of condemnation from Democratic Party leaders, marauding leftist goose-steppers are taking to the streets to shut down rallies that don’t fit their narrow-minded worldview. The attacks by the Alt-Left and specifically extremist/domestic terrorist group ANTIFA are becoming increasingly violent and it’s only a matter of time until someone gets killed. The latest disgusting incident of menacing leftist goons acting ...

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Leftist group violently attacks in Portland; 14 arrested

police arrest 14 in portalnd ANTIFA protest

At least 14 were arrested as militant leftist groups attacked pro-Trump supporters in Portland, Oregon. A previously planned conservative event was interrupted when ANTIFA and other liberal-friendly guerrillas attacked them with bottles, bricks and more. Police were quick to intervene. Bricks, motors, and other projectiles are continuing to be thrown at officers in Chapman Square. — Portland Police (@PortlandPolice) June ...

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Anti-Americans like Antifa leftist sure hate the flag and what it represents but don’t mind the benefits. Political Cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2017.

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