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Undercover in Antifa: Tactics and Media Support Exposed [video]

Conservative comedian and commentator Steven Crowder released a video on Thursday that gives an inside look at the tactics and weapons used by Antifa and points out the media’s failure to properly expose the group for what they are.

The expose shows how the group’s members plan to use knives and AK-47’s to disrupt a speech by Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro.

“Antifa has never operated alone. They’ve been actively supported by professors and other leftists and student organizations.” Crowder noted, citing Utah State faculty members who “encouraged and emboldened students to disrupt the Ben Shapiro event and create chaos.”

A leader is shown handing out piercing weapons and telling members to buy combat knives from military surplus stores.

One member of this domestic terrorist organization said that the difference between them and other activist groups “is the willingness to respond with violence.” Antifa’s appearance at protests has almost always escalated them into riots by attacking any who oppose them, breaking windows and burning cars.

The video discusses the media’s approach to AntiFa which is to either “defend, deflect of completely deny.”

None of the networks ran Crowder’s video when he offered it to them. “The fact that the media has never reported on any of this begs the question: are they complicit in all of this,” Crowder asked then added, “or do they just suck at their jobs?”

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