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Suspended ANTIFA Professor Rips Mayor Bill de Blasio for Being Anti-Police

When we last left giraffe-necked ANTIFA geek Michael Isaacson, the leftist egghead had just been suspended from his job at New York’s John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

Professor Isaacson had managed to lay low and fly under the radar before he was quoted as one of those justifying ANTIFA violence in an article published by The Hill and a subsequent appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show where he was humiliated by the conservative host.

Once he had achieved a higher profile, inconvenient aspects of his radical online life began to be dug up and one of them – a tweet joking about dead cops – was enough for his employer who at least temporarily sacked him.

Compounding the indignity heaped on Isaacson was being called out for being anti-cop by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio who has quite the record of not being supportive of his own city’s police officers.

It was vintage liberal hypocrisy and you had to figure that someone would call out de Blasio’s bullshit but in the utmost of ironies, it was Isaacson himself who ripped Hizzonor for his own anti-cop sentiments. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.



You just can’t make stuff like this up.

Via The New York Post “Professor slams de Blasio after suspension for ‘dead cops’ tweet”:

A John Jay College economics professor suspended from his job for tweeting that “it’s a privilege to teach future dead cops” on Saturday slammed Mayor de Blasio as anti-police.

Self-described “antifa” activist Michael Isaacson sparked controversy Friday when his Aug. 23 tweet about “dead cops” came to light, prompting threats to his John Jay faculty colleagues and criticism from police unions and city officials.

It’s Hizzoner who has a problem with cops, Isaacson, 29, tweeted on Saturday morning in response to de Blasio’s call that he be fired.

“[H]e messed up big,” Isaacson wrote of de Blasio at 8:23 am., retweeting the mayor’s Friday tweet about the controversy.

“First @NYCMayor has taken a swipe at the administrative autonomy of John Jay College and CUNY,” he wrote in a series of messages. “Second, @nycmayor has taken a swipe at free speech and academic freedom. Third, @NYCMayor is placating PBA with a costless symbolic demand to avoid having to meet the MATERIAL demands in contract negotiations. Keep in mind this is the same @NYCMayor who was protested by that same PBA for balking on a 1% pay increase. Who’s really anti-police here?”

Nothing can be finer than watching the rats eating each other. Pop up some popcorn!

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