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Retired AT&T supervisor.

Donald Trump Is Not A “No Crisis Should Go To Waste” President

If the coronavirus outbreak had occurred during the Obama administration, with Rahm Emanuel’s policy of “never letting a crisis go to waste” being the controlling factor in the Obama government’s response, that administration would have willingly and quickly declared a national emergency which would have brought the nation to a standstill and would have allowed the federal government to deny ...

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Remember Obama’s Vow To “Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste”? We Can All Be Thankful Donald Trump Is In The White House Now

When Rahm Emanuel uttered the highly un-American and cynical statement that the Democrat party should “never let a crisis go to waste”, most thinking Americans cringed, fearing what the Obama radicals would take advantage of next, in order to further empower big government in general, and themselves in particular. During the Obama administration, taking Mr. Emanuel’s words to heart, and ...

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Are Democrats Now Smart Enough To Support A Border Wall?

Now, after Democrats finally agreed with President Trump that flights from China must be prohibited from landing in the United States in order to keep coronavirus carriers from spreading the disease here; and now, understanding the value and importance of the presidential order to halt such flights; are Democrats smart enough to realize the wisdom of President Trump’s insistence on ...

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Liberals Are Misguided In Their Infatuation With “Minorities”

Early-on in President Trump’s administration, he proposed building a wall along our southern border to keep Central Americans and Mexicans from illegally crossing the border and possibly bringing a disease in or allowing a criminal to enter our nation. Then he proposed keeping people from certain Middle East nations out of the U.S. from fear of there possibly being terrorists ...

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Proclamation From Democrats: We’re All Gonna Die!

Whether the subject is the lie of global warming, the danger of the coronavirus, the stock market loss, or the Democrat hoped-for incompetence and removal from office of President Trump, the response of Democrats is that the danger is so great that the entire world is about to perish. The irresponsibility of the Democrat political-left in America, and this includes ...

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Classic Democrat Redirection: Abuse Trump For Coronavirus, And Ignore The Homeless Stew Boiling in Democrat-Controlled Cities

Whew! Democrats have received a temporary reprieve at the last minute. Just as the homeless and disease-ridden streets of Los Angeles and San Francisco approach critical mass due to the don’t-give-a-damn mayors and governor in California, the Chinese-originated coronavirus appears on the scene and redirects attention from the west coast to this new threat, and the filthy Democrats, as is ...

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It’s Not A Matter Of “If”, It’s A Matter Of “When” The Democrats Can Blame Trump For Causing The Coronavirus

From Global Warming, to Russian collusion, to the Mueller investigation, to the Ukraine incident, to impeachment, the dirty Democrats have been lying about President Trump and attempting to get him removed from office. Of course, there could be a warming trend that is increasing the surface temperature of the earth, but there is no scientific evidence that this is happening ...

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Maybe You Didn’t Build “That”, But Obama Certainly Thinks That He Did

The lying chutzpah of the Democrat party is amazing and astounding to behold. The most crooked, partisan, do-nothing president we’ve ever had, Barack Obama, is succeeded in the Oval Office by Donald Trump, the most successful president in my life-time, who lowered taxes, reduced regulations on businesses, achieved new agreements on economic trade with the entire civilized world, and thereby ...

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Beware Democrats In The Oval Office: They Represent Strife, Division And Poverty

With the successful, honest, America-first Donald Trump in office, the Democrats are causing strife, fear and confusion every hour of every day in an attempt to tarnish his record. Imagine what would happen to this nation if Trump weren’t in the Oval Office to block the Democrats’ dictatorial, far left programs and policies. The two-year-long collusion investigation that the Democrats ...

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Are There Any White Voters Left In America?

Every cable commentator and every news report contains statistics on how the black vote is going, or how it has to go, to get Democrats elected. Or they relate the status of the Hispanic vote in the Southwest and how the political parties must do such-and-such to gain these people-of-color’s votes.

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Book Review: “American Dirt”

It’s understandable for a conservative Trump supporter to brace for another accusation of racism when he sees a newly published book that’s been approved by both the Oprah and the Barnes and Noble Book Clubs, which has the ominous title of “American Dirt”. But the author of this book, Jeanine Cummins, has written a valuable and captivating book that details ...

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You’ve Gotta Feel Sorry For The Stupid Damned Democrats

It’s one thing when the Democrats are so stupid that they don’t understand when they’re losing to President Trump with their constant, never ending and bitter accusations against him while conducting their two-year Russia collusion investigation fiasco, but it’s quite another when they begin the same old crap of collusion accusations all over again, now with newer “evidence” that will ...

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Democrats Live In A Simple, Black-And-White World

When you’re a Democrat, life is much simpler than the lives of the majority of American citizens. They have fewer decisions to make that could slow them down on the way to destroying America. Democrat thinking goes something like this: Tornadoes are caused by global warming; hot weather is caused by global warming; cold weather is caused by global warming; ...

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