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Joe Biden Is Giving Me PTSD!

I spent three years in the United States Army and never suffered from anything more serious than a slight cold. But as a civilian I’m under such never-ending violent, verbal, threatening attacks from the nation’s rulers that I’m getting PTSD, or shell-shock, or whatever it’s called now, and I’m being made to feel like a common criminal for being self-supporting and law-abiding and minding my own business. Here are some examples of the causes of my feeling of PTSD, which can be as real and serious for the citizenry of a nation as it can for military veterans, if their rulers are as threatening as Americans are experiencing.

Joey Biden and his woke administration are waging war on American citizens. We’re being abused and criticized by the wokesters in the White House. Joey is sending out 87,000 new IRS agents to find fault and punish us for the taxes we’ve dutifully paid all these years. The FBI is spying on local school board meetings to find rogue parents who want their children to get educated and not be indoctrinated in leftist politics, and although our children may be grown and have children of their own now, one fears that Joey’s agents will still find us and lock us up for subversion or treason or whatever else they can frame people for, and although we’ve never done anything of a terrorist nature, Joey tells us repeatedly that white people are the greatest threats to freedom and liberty known to the world.

I’ve never seen any summer that had temperatures in excess of 105 degrees, and most of those summers were many years ago and the hot periods lasted only 2 or 3 days at a time, but I’m told that the world is burning up and all life will end in 12, then 8, then 5 years, or whatever our leaders think will frighten us more. And make no mistake about it, fear and control over all Americans is all that the climate/change farce is all about.

I’m old enough that my age could be considered a co-morbidity that could end my life at any moment, but after repeatedly being told that the Wuhan pandemic was certain to kill me at my advanced age, and I was duly ordered by the Fool-in-Chief to wear a mask at all times, to keep six feet of distance between myself and other people daring enough to leave the safety of our homes, and after being ordered to get a vaccination that would protect me and keep me from spreading the Wuhan illness to other citizens (all of which I proudly refused to do) I came thru those not-very-dangerous times with not as much as a sniffle or a cough, while many of those who took the advice of our political rulers became sickened or even died because they followed the rules issued by Democrats.

I happily drive a gasoline-powered car, but am now told that I’m destroying the world and must start driving an EV car, which is powered by the same demand for BTUs that my current gas-powered car needs, so I’m confused at being told that I must drive a more expensive car that is at risk of not being recharged by weak-sister wind and solar farms that the government is forcing on us, even after years of their requiring automobile manufacturers to make cars lighter-weight and more fuel-efficient, and now they simply tell us to throw away those old cars, which now have no trade-in value, thanks to Joey Biden, and buy a vehicle we don’t like for a great deal more money than we can afford or want to spend.

Radical Democrats began rioting and burning American cities the entire summer of 2020, from Seattle to Baltimore in mostly Democrats-run jurisdictions, and kept the literal flames burning all summer long. Donald Trump was president at the time and suggested to the mayors and governors of the most violently fomenting cities that perhaps he could provide federal troops to help stabilize the situations, but every one of the leftist officials made a fuss about being attacked by the federal military and would not even entertain receiving help from a Republican president. So the violence, all in Democrat territory, continued, until the radical left began blaming the police for the people who were dying, and began the Defund The Police stupidity. So now the United States has the appearance of a third world nation, with homeless people pitching tents in some of our major, Democrat cities, raiding stores with no penalties, beating subway riders with no punishment, watching major and important retailers like CVS and Walmart closing their doors due to the losses entailed by shoplifters and the fear of employees trying to report to work each day. And the idiot Democrats wonder where all of this violence came from. It came from the radical, political left, and was made permanent by the Biden administration who committed the major crime of the century by opening up our southern border to, as of now, over five million illegal aliens who are fanning out over the nation and in too many cases attacking American citizens. And the fool in the White House will do nothing to stop this invasion, as our cities are flooded with poor people from nearly every nation of the world, who have no jobs and nowhere to go, and as Democrat mayors and governors blame Republican governors for sending busses of these illegals, allowed in by our Democrat president, to their cities, and refuse to openly blame Joey Biden for this horrific attack on American citizens.

We’re told that Trans people are the most abused and discriminated against people in America and that these people must be catered to, employed, their opinions respected and their unique pronouns remembered by everyone, while we see some of the Biden administration’s Trans employment selections make us doubt these people’s basic honesty, intelligence and understanding of the American constitution.

It’s an admitted fact now, that Donald Trump was framed by Democrats and the FBI, with the false accusations of his colluding with Russia. This was treason, plain and simple from the political left and was an attempt to overthrow an elected president by officials residing in the Washington Swamp, quite unlike the non-event on January 6th which also framed many people who did nothing but parade around the Capitol building and peacefully leave. But the event was presented to appear like an attempted overthrow of the government.

These are some of the “violent” events that are giving the American population PTSD, and the blame is wholly on the Biden administration and its corrupt policies.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. So with no President adjenda for today I assume Biden #1 boss-man is on another L O N G weekend at his estate in Md. And yesterday no duties until like 1:30 P M ????? Lets see budget is over due and he has finally given 1 1/2 hours to trying to cope with changes???? Some effort on his part! Continues to destroy our ever being, and yet nobody in politics touches it not even mentioning the dead media being 100% mum on any Biden business or scandals but let one hair be out of place on TRUMP and its 24/7 reporting to the public??????

  2. Excellent summary of Joe Biden’s Presidency. I would just add How is it even possible for him to run again?
    It’s now proven that Biden is compromised by China as bank records show his family got millions from a Chinese energy company. And Biden lied and said that neither he or his son had any monetary dealings with foreign entities even though he was flying Hunter all over the world on Air Force II to make deals worth millions with hostile foreign powers. And all of this was exposed by Tucker Carlson in an interview with Hunter’s business partner, Tony Bobulinski, before the 2020 election. But of course all the mainstream and social media and almost every journalist in the country ignored the story or treated it as “debunked” or “disinformation” just like they did the Hunter Biden laptop. Now we’ve learned that Biden and Blinken actually started the letter by “51 intelligence experts” to provably and knowingly lie to discredit the Hunter Biden laptop story as Russian disinformation to throw the 2020 election. That’s called “election interference” and it’s blatantly illegal.

    It’s unbelievable that we have a sitting President compromised by our biggest adversary, China, and then we watch as he lets a Chinese spy balloon fly casually over the entirety of our nuclear missile and air defense systems. Not to mention selling them oil from our Strategic Reserves. Then there’s the ignoring of our Federal immigration laws to undo the U.S. as a sovereign country, the never ending foreign debacles first in Afghanistan and now a never ending proxy war against Russia in Ukraine. In his dystopian speeches he calls half of the country “fascists” and lies to say that “white supremacy is the greatest threat to the Homeland”. Then, to hunt down those MAGA extremists and “insurrectionists” he has weaponized the DOJ and the FBI against the political opposition; just like the Stasi did in East Germany or the KGB does in Russia. Then he purposefully causes the inflation that is bankrupting Americans because of his never ending”money printing” and the destruction of our energy independence. How is it possible in a functional “Democracy” that he is even allowed to run?? The whole world is watching and I don’t know (if there are no consequences) if there is a way back from these levels of deceit, subterfuge, corruption and even treason. God forbid, he IS running and if he wins again, we are doomed……

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