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Appraising Kamala Harris’ Mental Health

A few days ago Kamala Harris went on one of her weird, verbal, adenoidal rants, this time the subject was the leftist lie of Global Warming.

In this particular event she was centered on what she calls “climate mental health”, with the hidden message of children being made fearful of life in general because of the wholly created warming/change fabrication.

There has been much made lately of how children fear the future, which our idiots in the Democrat party have been pushing on them around the clock with stories of the world burning to a crisp in eight, or ten or twelve years, trying to make them good, obedient and fearful members of the autocratic Democrat party, so they will do the ruler‘s bidding just to remain alive a while longer with no regard for our constitution and its insistence on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Unfortunately the Democrats have been successful with their lie that we will all die on a griddle of a planet by 2030. Democrats have intentionally caused whatever mental health issues children, and adults for that matter, have about their future on planet earth.

In fact all Americans who are able to think are legitimately frightened of Joey Biden and his authoritarian administration, in which we are forced to wear masks, get unwanted and completely ineffective “vaccinations“, and will soon be forced to drive electric vehicles, or simply walk, due to the oft-repeated lie of global warming being related to the use of fossil fuels, which will soon be forbidden by the Biden administration.

Believers of the far left lie of warming/change may fear the future, but we non- believers only fear a lying Biden administration that seeks to weaken America and make it available to China, or any other adversary, whenever the adversary is ready to take us.

Young girls are also mentally suffering, due to Democrat meddling, about the men who are participating and dominating in their sporting events, all at the insistence of Democrats and their worship of trans individuals who are making life difficult for girls and women. One wonders why Democrats want to make children fearful of the future via their propaganda about warming/change, and why they want women to be unsuccessful in their sporting events because they insist that men, who like to believe that they are women, be allowed to compete with women, and too often defeat them. The far left Democrats are causing fear and division in the American population in the hope that these divisions between citizens will assure their continued power and ability to rule America with an iron fist.

Young people are too young and inexperienced to understand the obvious lies the Democrats are telling about warming/change and they have no idea how long leftists have been making these same idiotic predictions about the environment. It’s nothing less than child abuse to make these obviously untrue statements, made for the sole purpose of making children fearful and true supporters of the Democrat party forever.

What leftist Democrats are doing is promoting a religion of the far left in which young, impressionable people will see the Democrat party as their savior and their path to salvation. The big brother thing is alive and well in the anti-American Biden administration.

One can state with certainty that Kamala Harris is the one with a mental health issue.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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