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Retired AT&T supervisor and Verisign manager, 72 years old, living in the Kansas City area.

Wow, The Democrat “Big Blue Wave Coming” Certainly Is Diminutive

The usual blowhards on the left puffed up the liberal rabble recently with their predictions that Donald Trump had upset the nation, that he is unfit for the presidency, that the Republicans are losing ground in the House and Senate, that the Trump administration is in chaos, and aside from that, a big blue wave of elected Democrats is moving ...

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From Guns To Kids: Just Pawns In The Liberal’s Political Game

Yesterday, March 14, 2018, many school children were released from school to march and protest for school safety in memory of the seventeen students who were killed in Florida a few weeks ago. The sentiment was fine, but this blatantly political move of leftists is sickening. Since the mission of this little outing was school safety, the liberal organizers showed ...

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Democrats Are “Concerned” About Trump Getting The “Right People In Place”. But I’m Not.

Donald Trump weekly address 3-10-18

Now, with several Trump administration positions having been vacated in the last few days, the liberal Democrats, in an obvious, cheap attempt to dump criticism on their worst enemy, Donald Trump, are wringing their hands about Trump not being able to “get the right people in place”. It’s true that Barack Obama didn’t have the same level of turnover in ...

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What’s Good For The Democrat Goose, Is Not Acceptable For The Republican Gander

As conservative radio talk show host Chris Plante is fond of saying: “If Democrats didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all“. So with that principle in mind I have the following “standards” observations to comment on: 1. For Bill Clinton, lying, even lying under oath to a federal judge, was good because liberals inform us that people ...

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Lord Of The Flies; When Bad Boys Act Up

Remember when President Barack Obama, on twenty-two separate occasions, clearly and specifically stated that he didn’t have the executive authority to grant amnesty to the millions of illegal aliens residing in America? And do you remember when President Obama promised, on thirty-six occasions, that Obamacare would allow families to keep their current plan, period; and it would permit families to ...

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Did You Know You’re A Racist If You Obey The Law? Read on…

A Bridge Too Far

On Wednesday of this week, the Governor of California, Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown, called duly passed and signed federal immigration laws “racist”, and went on to say that obeying those laws was a racist act. It’s strange that the good governor had no problem with immigration laws when Barack Obama was disregarding them and in fact got a Supreme Court ruling ...

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We Need A “Go Fund Me” Account For Robert Mueller’s Victims

Seeing is Believing

The investigation-porn that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is committing against Donald Trump and Republican voters all over the nation has reached the zenith of its tolerability. After a year of relentlessly trying to find Trump guilty of the charge that idiot Democrats like Adam Schiff stated repeatedly were absolute, proven facts of collusion with Russia, now going into its second ...

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Leftists Contradict Their Own Propaganda

Democrats steal money from dead people

Following are a few examples of positions liberal Democrats claim are core principles to them, and then explanations of how the positions they claim to hold are either wrong or are not even believed and practiced by their own party (which means that they are even lying to themselves as they deceive the nation): 1.Democrats would have us believe that ...

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Liberals Are So Anti-Trump That Their Policies Are Determined By His Moves

One will recall the 1980s when liberals thought the Soviet Union was the wave of the future and that Communism would dominate over America’s evil and unjust Capitalism. Democrats thought it was their party’s duty to help the Soviets in their attempts to destroy America. In fact, Ted Kennedy even took a secret trip to Moscow and met with Russian ...

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Mueller Goes Further Afield, While Hillary Is Grand Jury-Ready

Robert Mueller

What the hell is Jeff Sessions waiting for? After over a year of intensive digging by non-Republican investigators, there has been no evidence of collusion with Russia on Trump’s part, while on the other side of the aisle, the former FBI Director, James Comey, prior to the 2016 presidential election, meticulously listed, for public consumption, the evidence that the FBI, ...

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One Hopes The Mayor Of Oakland, California Looks Good In Orange

I hope that the commanding officers in ICE, the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement organization responsible for enforcing laws related to criminals who may be in America illegally, and especially those illegals who are here illegally and are committing further crimes as they enjoy sanctuary in liberal-run cities across America, are keeping close tabs on the 800-plus persons who escaped ...

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Oh My, How The Democrats Doth Fret And Worry So.

The day after President Trump mentioned in passing that he is thinking of imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum coming into our country from abroad, which is pretty much what he promised to do during the campaign of 2016, the Fake News media and the rest of the Democrat party began wringing their hands about the extra cost of a ...

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Trump Was Right Again; But Never-Trumpers Are Too Critical

The latest criticism of President Trump now comes from conservatives who are complaining about his off-hand comment of wanting to remove guns from a suspect prior to getting a court order to officially do so. What Trump said was that in a case of someone like the Parkland school shooter and his sixty-six prior visits from the police, if the ...

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Liberals Want Police Officers Assassinated, Until Politics Intercedes

The Black Lives Matters crowd chanted for the assassination of police officers, “now!”, and Democrats were fine with that sentiment. In fact, President Obama even invited the BLM leadership to the White House in order to show his solidarity with them. In 2014 the Obama administration blamed the police department in Ferguson, Missouri for the rioting that occurred there. The ...

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