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Is The NAACP Running Out Of People Of Color To Pander To?

With the unforeseen and staggering success of Donald Trump’s administration and his proving to People of Color that the conservatism of Republicans is not only not a threat to anyone, but can provide a better way to live and work for ALL Americans, compared with the dead-certain proof that the woke Democrats under the ailing Joey Biden will lead to the destruction of America’s entire way of life and force the government to have to give handouts to all People of all Colors instead of making them wealthy and independent. As a result of Trump’s proof that Capitalism works to the benefit of everyone in society, the NAACP seems to be losing followers among black Americans, because they are now declaring that anyone who doesn’t cater and defer to Trans people is committing an act of racism. One wonders if the NAACP is rounding up Trans people in order to backfill for the blacks who are in agreement with Republican policies.

So would one be correct if they assumed that the NAACP is replacing People Of Color (POC) with the Trans individuals, who are also POCs, (People Of Confusion) in matters of biology and sex.

Maybe the NAACP will rename their group the National Association For The Advancement of Confused People, in order to fold the new woke, Democrat hipsters into their shrinking current group of blacks only.

But the non-black, Trans wokemeisters will soon become disillusioned with whatever the NAACP officially calls themselves, because having an organization whose sole objective is to empower itself with dependent poor people who want government goodies instead of freedom and personal prosperity is a losing bargain, as the NAACP is finding out as blacks leave their group in favor of living well and independently.

But whatever happens, the NAACP will continue to call anyone who disagrees with their policies “racists” because that’s all they’ve learned in their attempts to place their opponents on the defensive these last number of years. But that was then and this is now, and after watching Joey Biden destroy all that’s good about America during his chaotic, disastrous, corrupt administration, no sensible person is believing the political left’s line of crap any longer.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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