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Abuses of Power Do Happen

Here is a man, Mr. Slevin, who was a victim of an unthinkable abuse of power. From the link below: “Slevin was never brought before a judge nor was he officially convicted of any crime. He said he wrote letters, begging for help with his depression. The before and after photos show the effect the 22 months of neglect had.” ...

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Why Our Schools Are At Risk

It would behoove us to consider, when pondering the option of equipping teachers with fire-arms, that Americans in favor of such proposals are not suggesting the distribution of weapons in the same manner that the students receive their books on the first day of school. No one recommending that administrators call the teachers down to the shop class to pick ...

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A Time To Mourn – Even During Christmas

All Christmas’ are joyous. Gods gift to man, celebrated. Not just a baby in a manger… But Good Will. A hand of good will from a Good God, extended toward needy man in the most sacrificial expression this earth will ever know. Love made tangible. A quiet miracle birthed in an obscure place, yet celebrated even so, with angelic fanfare ...

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Banding Together Despite Our Differences

For my friends who’s views and hopes differ, Here we are, backing multiple candidates for the presidency while attacking our brother’s favorite. Or attacking the President himself. We all feel very strongly about our nation. We are all patriotic, and love freedom and one another. If we don’t come to a place, where we learn to meet in the middle ...

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Congratulations to the Duggars!

Congratulations to the Duggar family on their twentieth pregnancy! There is nothing more lovely than a man and woman who are thankful for the children God has blessed them with. I would also like to congratulate them on weathering the interview with Ms. Ann Curry, who, while attempting to be polite, was not. In fact, her questions were rude in ...

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Staring at the Face of Death.

I expressed dismay yesterday evening on Facebook, at the very public showing of the deceased Ghadafi’s picture on the airwaves. I stated that death, is not something to celebrate. Even of an evil man. Some disagreed with me, and it caused quite a comment chain. Imagine my surprise today, to find that I was not the only one who expressed ...

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Are We Really Free?

In this article by Richard F. Miniter, titled “Who Will Save New York? Herman Cain?” the topic of being over-taxed is addressed, but it goes much deeper than that. He addresses the concept of true freedom. We are losing our freedom every day, and one form of bondage is being taxed, taxed, and then taxed again to support “programs”. This is the ...

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When Cupcakes (or the women that bake them) Go Bad.

I read an article last night about a woman who threw cupcakes at her husband and was arrested and charged with domestic battery. Yes. Cupcake BATTERy. You can read about the couple from Chicago at this link: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/10/17/chicago-woman-charged-with-assault-after-pelting-husband-with-cupcakes/ Afterwards, tell me if you want to laugh. You know you do. But Cupcake Assault is no laughing matter, my friends. (as ...

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Being Held for something we 'might' do?

Prolonged Detention. Rachel Maddow addresses the President’s proposal to indefinitely detain persons who are threats to this country, because of something they “might” do. I looked the video up because some say Al-Awlaki should not have been killed. They are saying he should have gotten a trial.   Awlaki was placed on the CIA capture or kill list – he was involved in ...

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Excuse me, Ron Paul….Say, What?!?

A youtube video (below) is floating around…with Ron Paul lamenting the demise of Al-Awlaki and the way it came about because he was a U.S. Citizen. Say WHAT?!? Has Ron Paul forgotten that when you are born here, you kinda don’t have a choice? You are pushed out and here you are. Born. In America. Does this give you rights ...

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The State of Georgia’s Sharia-Friendly Curriculum.

Why is the practice of Sharia law being promoted in Georgia Schools? A father in Georgia who took the time to look through his 7th grade daughter’s homework was shocked to find that polygamy was encouraged and spoken highly of in a school assignment that was supposed to correlate to school uniforms and dress code. Here is the actual paragraph from ...

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A Price No Man Can Pay.

While at work today, I was facepainting a little boy. He was about five years old. His mom came over (his older brother had been watching over him) and said, “Oh, you should have gotten your brother’s name written on your arm.” I learned, as she began to share, that her son was killed. Blunt force trauma to the head, by ...

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