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Why Our Schools Are At Risk

gun-free-zoneIt would behoove us to consider, when pondering the option of equipping teachers with fire-arms, that Americans in favor of such proposals are not suggesting the distribution of weapons in the same manner that the students receive their books on the first day of school.

No one recommending that administrators call the teachers down to the shop class to pick up their Glocks, holsters, and loaded bullet cartridges before the students arrive in the morning.

What is being suggested (and not strongly enough, for it is this writer’s opinion that it should be DEMANDED) is for teachers to be permitted to carry in states whose laws prevent such measures.

I have learned of only four states that allow individuals to carry licensed concealed weapons to school: Utah, New Hampshire, Oregon, and Hawaii. In fact, posted an article in December displaying pictures of teachers during a training session.

If there are only four states in this union that permit the lawful carrying of concealed weapons on school property, then that means there are forty-six states that do not.

Do Americans; do YOU, fully realize the implications of this? Do we stop to count how many children are at risk, I wonder…?

In taking measures to protect our children from harm, (banning guns on school property) we have indirectly placed them, along with their administrators and teachers, in the cross-hairs of the lunatic’s scope.

There are unstable individuals in this nation whose behavior can not be predicted.

Heartless, brutal, bloody, evil people…

They are people who have found a place to take out their frustrations on defenseless people of all ages in a most aggressive manner.

For the government of forty-plus states to deny their adult men and women the ability to defend themselves – and our children at the same time – with the insulting assumption that they will not be able to handle the same simple fire-arm that many twelve year old children can shoot, is not only preposterous, it is evil – a sabotaging of the safety of the American man, woman, and child.

At that point it becomes, not the unstable aggressor that is the killer, but the one who wrenched a means of self-defense out of the hands of the victim, before they could wrap their more than capable fingers around it.

For one to willfully deny an adult the ability to defend themselves properly, is to indirectly thrust them into the line of fire with their own hands.

I would not want that on my conscience.

As each new day dawns, there seems to be a new argument against allowing responsible adults the ability to protect themselves and our own children.
If we do not speak up – if we do not make the phone calls to Congress that need to be made – then not only will the rights of stable adults continue to be at risk, but their very lives, and the lives of our children as well.

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  1. Leah, I throughly enjoy your down to earth approach to this ‘very hot potatoe’. (& agree) The teacher in Newtown was killed rushing toward the shooter to distract him from the children…just maybe if she’d been firing as she went, she’d be alive….Certainly not every teacher is, by disposition, qualified to ‘carry’. There are numerous ways that guns could safely be allowed…..It is (my) belief that States should consider each & select one. There’s not a “one size fits all”. Each school should create & improvise action suitable to ‘their’ school & submit it to the Board for approval & practice the same as fire drills..

    Texas should soon join the 4 states.

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