Excuse me, Ron Paul….Say, What?!?

A youtube video (below) is floating around…with Ron Paul lamenting the demise of Al-Awlaki and the way it came about because he was a U.S. Citizen. Say WHAT?!? Has Ron Paul forgotten that when you are born here, you kinda don’t have a choice? You are pushed out and here you are. Born. In America. Does this give you rights as a citizen? Yes. Then you grow up and make little decisions here and there that either cause your rights to continue…OR… you begin to lose them. You may find yourself in Juvenile Detention after a decision to go for a joy ride with a car you "borrowed". You may find yourself doing community service after some petty theft. Whatever bad decisions you make, you will forfeit some of your legitimate rights. Has no one seen Judge Judy? Here is a scenario: Perhaps one grows up completely disenchanted with America. Like the Obamas… They can attempt to make a change in their little universe or move away and become a citizen somewhere else like Madonna (by marriage) and that cute red head from the 16 Candles movie who went to France. (What was her name? Oh, Molly Ringwald. Thanks, Lisa!)  Unfortunately, a person who has peeled his American citizenry off like an ugly sweater is not privileged to enjoy such rights any longer. And whatever your decision, you may not harm other American citizens once you’ve left. Al-Awlaki hated his homeland, and helped make plans to…what? Send unkind letters? NO. He wanted to blow up the innocent civilians in it! He spent his days planning our demise. In this way, Al-Awlaki forfeited his "American Citizen" rights. The only right he had was the right to be captured, brought here, have a special "vest" strapped to him with those funny little "fireworks" attached, and then sent out to live his life, without ever knowing when someone would push the special button that would end his life. He deserved to walk on eggshells til dead. WHY? Because that is what he was planning to do to our people. To YOUR neighbors, YOUR family members, YOUR innocent fellow citizens. Wake up, Ron Paul Followers. He’s got more than a screw loose. His heart – his conscience – they are somehow disconnected from his logical thought processes. It is tragic and sad… But not as tragic and sad as the fact that many are giving the insanity he spews publicity. Ron Paul: It’s "Sad" We "Assassinated" Al-Awlaki. 

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One Comment

  1. Well, well. We are finally seeing that ‘ol Ron Paul isn’t the “constitutionalist” that all his whacko followers who came down on anyone who didn’t have the last name of Jefferson, as not “patriotic” enough, as not believeing in the Constitution enough as most Tea Paryer’s say they do, that we were all taking hits on our personal belief in the character of this nation. Well as it turns out that Ron Paul is so open minded that his brain fell out a long time ago, and is so Libertarian and believes in the freedoms and rights of everyone that no one, not even one of the most blood thirsty, murdering ass scumbag Islamic evil perverts should have got a warning a missle was coming in on his butt I guess. In that since two of the Islamic terrorist who flew planes into the Twin Towers were American citizens that we ought to hang the flag at half mast on their birthdays, or something I guess, huh?

    No, Ron Paul is a nut and his true Libertarian self is finally coming out. That Libertarian’s believe that everyone on Earth has the right to life and liberty to do as they wish. Yeah, even if that means that they have the right to try and dodge getting a smoking from one of our drones if he can. Is that fair enough for you bunch of whacko Ron Paul followers? How about if you people just line up on Ron Paul’s side and we’ll fly a drone over your heads and you can try to outrun it.

    I’m so glad we got this…..Muslim!! I’m so glad he’s dead and I really thought that his body guards would have hid him much better since Bin Laden got smoked, they would have known Aliwhackjob would be next. But no. It’s like they didn’t even think he would be hunted. Either that they believed that….Allah!!…..would protect him from the infedels. Hey, Muslims, are you getting the idea yet that your cult isn’t on God’s side yet? Are you getting it that Muhammed was a fake prophet, and did not have God’s will in his heart? Because if you did then why didn’t…..Allah!!…..stop that missle right in mid air so everyone could see…..Allah’s!!…..power?? Yeah, well, he has no power because there isn’t any…..Allah…..on your side or anyone else’s side because it fake, fake, fake!!

  2. As a supporter of the “Tea Party” the Vice President of the United States and others have publicly declared me to be a terrorist.

    With this as precedent, I guess I should be expecting a cruise missile in my living room any day now.

    Due Process is not only for people we like. Capture the guy, put him on trial, convict, and execute is the correct order. When requisite steps are left out, the Constitution suffers, and a bit more of our freedom is lost.

  3. The problem isn’t that this guy is dead per se. We all understand he was a bad dude. The problem is the precedent that this action sets.

    Remember the Bush Administration killed Ahmed Hijazi but claimed they didn’t know he was in the vehicle. This was because they understood the graveness of their act in relation to the civil liberties Americans are protected with.

    Now Obama has taken things a step further by doing it out in the open. It’s hailed because in this case we agree that it was a bad dude.

    The slope will continue downward as it has in every government turned tyranny unless we as citizens stand up for our rights. Who will the next President have the right to kill? And the next? At what point does it become people who just disagree with the government? Our forefathers understood this, set up the country to protect against it, and we no longer appreciate thier struggle. History is doomed to repeat itself.

    So friend, I am the patriot because I understand this and still like America for what it’s supposed to be. You….you are the lackey.

    By the way, saying “In this way, Al-Awlaki forfeited his “American Citizen” rights” makes me believe you haven’t actually looked this up, cuz if you had you’d know that’s not how it works. So let me pass along this website where you can research things like this: https://www.google.com. Here’s just one example showing he still had citizenship that I found from the aforementioned website(really, it’s a great tool…you should “bookmark” or “favorite” it) https://www.wfmz.com/news/Congressman-Dent-reacts-to-al-Awlaki-s-death/-/121458/1762286/-/auth75/-/

    Have fun.

    1. Thank you for sharing your comment.
      Once you have become a Benedict Arnold, you lose your rights to live.
      You earn the right to pay for the lives you take and are attempting to take with your own.

      This is war.

      1. Cool. Show me the part of the Constitution that says that. I’ll be waiting. Or are you making stuff up like a certain President?

      2. “This is war” is a declaration that can be made by Congress, and Congress alone. This was a bad person, a dangerous person, and his death was warranted. However, the way this was accomplished was against the very principles you are saying you defend by killing him this way. File charges, hold a trial and find him guilty. It may seem like fluff to you, but it is the law of the land. You either support it, even when you don’t agree, or you are as guilty as the Left in making the Constitution and our laws an “antiquated notion”.

        1. “This is war” is in reference to the act of war that Al Queda perpetrated on our land, our soil.

          Your comment was ?

          We are at war with an insidious and unseen enemy.

          They (terrorists) have begun to recruit our own.

          Our OWN citizens, and turned them against us.

          And Awlaki was one of their most useful tools.

          Whether he went through the procedure to officially extricate himself from USA or not, he was no longer a citizen.

          Muslims – serious anti-American muslims, do not respect our laws.

          The follow only one law.
          Sharia law.

          1. But you’re still just making that up…”Whether he went through the procedure to officially extricate himself from USA or not, he was no longer a citizen.” That’s not true. A major part of what makes America America is that you and I and the government and the President can’t just decide what you’ve decided legally. You can certainly hate on the way we do things but say so. Don’t make up rules. That’s specifically the problem here.

    2. How dare you use truth, facts and logic to prove your point, instead of blind emotional rage like a good indoctrinated sheep.

  4. Many awesome points.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Awlaki was put on the CIA Capture or Kill list.
    That wasn’t my decision, but I back it 100%

    Regarding the slippery slope, it has already begun to steepen.

    Obama is working on imprisoning people, not for what they have done, but for what they might do.
    Curiously, no one seems to be making a fuss over that one.

    It’s enough to keep you awake at night, wondering if you’ve said anything that might be termed unkind toward your own country’s leadership, even though we have the freedom to air our views – and do so.

    Rachel Maddow spotlighted his speech on her show a while back.
    I will look for the link.

    1. Wow. My jaw is still on the floor after watching that. This, folks, is the reason nobody, especially BHO, should have such unchecked power. Watch it.

    2. Yeah, this is some scary, scary stuff. Who feels comfortable letting the government make these kinds of choices? Certainly not the forefathers. Certainly not me.

  5. Ron Paul never lamented the death of Al-Awlaki, In fact, he said that Al-Awlaki’s is a net benefit. What Paul has an issue with is how the President of the U.S. can order an “assassination” order against a U.S. citizen without ever charging him/her.

    You can easily charge someone in absentia and even Yemen charged Al-Awlaki in absentia, but the U.S. did not. The U.S. never even tried to indict the man and any prosecutor.

    It is not Al-Awlaki’s death that is concerning, but how it was carried out. However, this is America, where we love to capture someone in one country, place them in another, and torture people for years without ever bringing charges against them.

    Fortunately, some of us still appreciate justice when it is carried out the normal way. If someone is guilty of a crime, then you have the courts and the law.

    1. After hearing Paul’s reasoning, I can’t argue with it. He is spot on. But I am a bit confused, so help me out here. If the U.S. brought no charges against Awlaki, then how did he make it the the FBI’s most wanted list?

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