Are We Really Free?

Even a fish wants to be free.

In this article by Richard F. Miniter, titled “Who Will Save New York? Herman Cain?” the topic of being over-taxed is addressed, but it goes much deeper than that. He addresses the concept of true freedom.

We are losing our freedom every day, and one form of bondage is being taxed, taxed, and then taxed again to support “programs”.

This is the part of the article that stood out to me, though there were many wise statements:
“I’m supposed to be overawed but all I can think about is the hard earned dollars taken from the average Joe and poured into these monuments to some pharaoh’s self-importance.”
He is referring to large edifices in New York that were erected in celebration of government.

This is America.
We have become slaves, and our government is become pharoah.
Our pyramids are invisible, but they loom over us, casting us in shadow.
They are the actions of the Federal Government.
The power of the Federal Government.
And we cower beneath the greatness of this system, unable to rise up and take our liberties back, because we are a divided people, and Obama knows this.

He knows this and he perpetuates it with every chance he gets to speak to minorities.
His last statement was that HE was for advancement of all men regardless of skin color but the GOP was not because it would not pass his bill.
He conveniently omits that his own Democrats refuse to pass it as well.
He looks at the poor and downtrodden and uses their sadness and almost hopeless attitudes to whisper in their ears “how heartless the Republican party is toward your plight”.

The Republican party that is attempting to preserve freedom for this nation’s citizens.

Unite, America.

If you don’t come together soon for the collective good of yourselves, your children, and your children’s children, you will lose everything you held sacred and become like a fish in a large aquarium in the zoo.

Every one – in their limited intelligence – remains content in his artificial world until he wants to explore a little.
He really thinks he’s free, he swims along happily, possibly thinking, “Is there more food behind this plant?” and then his nose bumps against the glass.
Afterward, he ignores his artificial habitat and he moves from corner to corner, looking for a way out of his prison, the pleasure of his environment forgotten, he only wants out.

You can see the apathy and discouraged demeanor in every animal in the zoo, actually.
If you haven’t noticed it, then go outside and look at a dog in a yard.
You will find a path along the fence where no grass grows, even if the yard is huge, with an amazing doghouse in it, and dog toys, and even other dogs, you will find that path, because the animal knows it is not free. It runs back and forth, back and forth, over and over and over…

Some dig frantically and get out.
Some jump the fence.
But all want out.

That is going to be us, my friends.
In the article I linked above, Mr. Miniter mentions Chile, and Antarctica, “or wherever it is free people are finally allowed to congregate.”

Look up from the television, America.
You are very near the plight of the fish in the aquarium.
If we aren’t already there.

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