Congratulations to the Duggars!

Congratulations to the Duggar family on their twentieth pregnancy!
There is nothing more lovely than a man and woman who are thankful for the children God has blessed them with.

I would also like to congratulate them on weathering the interview with Ms. Ann Curry, who, while attempting to be polite, was not. In fact, her questions were rude in this interview, basically amounting to, are you healthy enough, do you have enough money, and why aren’t you satisfied yet?

Here is her FIRST question:
“With all due respect, Why isn’t 19 enough for you?”
umm, REALLY? That is the FIRST question you are going to ask us?

If she had asked me that I would have asked her which number she was in her family and then remarked how fortunate it was for her that her parents weren’t satisfied with less than what they had before SHE came along.

Michelle Duggar is too polite, but I would have loved to hear her say something like; “Well, let’s see, Come here, numbers eighteen and ninteeen… Our interviewer is hinting around that perhaps YOU should not have been born… That mom and dad should have stopped a while back….what do you think? Are you glad to be here?”


How utterly impolite of Curry to ask a question like that in front of all the children; to imply that mom and dad were wrong somehow for being glad to be instrumental in their existence.

As if the children were like Jay Leno’s car collection! Objects to accumulate. How many is enough?
I wonder if she realizes that in China, her two children home has one too many…

Sadly, she unkowingly displays her ignorance of what real treasure is in front of all of America. It is tragic that she has no idea what things in life are most valuable.

It is the selfish perspective of many American Career Women on display, folks.

It is also an example of the American mindset that it is ANY of our business how many children a couple can have.

It’s probably killing her that Michelle and Jim Bob are actually debt free and not a bunch of corn squeezin’ drinkin’ rednecks from the hills.

Beware of Childrun


Instead, they are an upright and close knit family that are an example to many of us. It is difficult to criticize anything, except for their love for human life and a willingness to create a strong connected family, and that is as it should be.

Of course, I may be biased.
My Grandmother is one of sixteen, and My mother one of twelve.
How unfortunate it would have been for me and my own children had my grandparents “had enough”.

Real American Treasure

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