Abuses of Power Do Happen

Here is a man, Mr. Slevin, who was a victim of an unthinkable abuse of power.
From the link below:
“Slevin was never brought before a judge nor was he officially convicted of any crime. He said he wrote letters, begging for help with his depression. The before and after photos show the effect the 22 months of neglect had.”

Two days ago, Senator Paul attempted to prevent similar abuses of power from taking place in the future, in regards to drones, and their capability to harm American civilians.

Yesterday, Senator McCain expressed his displeasure and disrespect for Senator Paul’s actions.
I find it curious that Senator McCain would publicly ridicule a peer in front of our nation for attempting to erect a blockade from abuses that could take place in the future.
Senator McCain uses the word “showmanship” which is a (barely) veiled insult in this video where he is addressing the Senate in regards to Senator Paul’s filibuster:

Does Senator McCain really believe that abuses of power do not take place?
They do take place.
Abuses of power take place whenever and wherever faulty human beings are in control, which is why our system has checks and balances; unfortunately, some individuals slip through the cracks in our system.

Senator Paul was looking forward into the future, and making an attempt to “head a disaster off at the pass”, as it were.
Why his efforts are not being seen for what they were is a mystery to me.

Mr. Slevin knows what it means to be a victim of an abuse of power.
Laws made to protect him were ignored.
He still has his life, but the quality of life afforded him after his ordeal is questionable.

It is my hope that nothing like this happen to any of our citizens ever again, just as I pray that our citizens remain safe from other such “mistakes” in the future, once drones are so commonplace, that good men and women forget to pay attention.


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