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Tom Perez Begins DNC Blood Purge of Sanders-Ellison Allies

New DNC Chairman Tom Perez has weathered much criticism of his leadership and fundraising abilities and has apparently decided that the best defense is a strong offense.

Perez – an establishment hack and Obama stooge – owes his job to the faction of the Democratic party that sought to keep Minnesota radical Keith Ellison out of the top spot following a series of scandals under the reign of Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Ellison’s insurgency was thwarted back in February although Perez did extend an olive branch to the Bernie Sanders wing of the party by making him the deputy.

Now it is being yanked back as what has the appearances of a Night of the Long Knives style purge at the DNC is unfolding with Ellison and Sanders loyalists the targets.

Via the Washington Free Beacon “Longtime Officials Ousted in Shakeup at Democratic National Committee”:

Several longtime officials at the Democratic National Committee have lost their positions ahead of their first meeting since Tom Perez took over as chairman.

The DNC is facing particular criticism for the over-representation of Clinton backers on its Rule and Bylaws Committee, according to NBC News. That committee helps create the rules for the party’s presidential primary.

Many members that were ousted were supporters of Rep. Keith Ellison’s (D., Mich.) bid to run the DNC. Ellison became vice-chair under Perez.

The announcements exposed a rift between Ellison and Perez, who have publicly expressed their support for each other since the election of Perez as chairman.

One DNC committee member pushed out, James Zogby of the Arab American Institute, expressed displeasure with his ouster.

“I’m concerned about the optics, and I’m concerned about the impact. I want to heal the wound of 2016,” Zogby said.

NBC News provides additional detail on the first casualties of Perez’s purge:

Those who have been pushed out include:

Ray Buckley, the New Hampshire Democratic chairman and longtime DNC official who ran against Perez for chair before backing Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., lost his spots on the Executive Committee and DNC Rules Committee;

James Zogby, the president of the Arab American Institute and prominent Sanders backer, is no longer co-chair of the Resolutions Committee and is off the Executive Committee, a spot he has held since 2001;

Alice Germond, the party’s longtime former secretary and a vocal Ellison backer, who was removed from her at-large appointment to the DNC; and

Barbra Casbar Siperstein, the first transgender member of the DNC who supported Ellison and Buckley, was tossed from the Executive Committee.

The moves exposed a rift in the partnership between Perez and his deputy chair, Ellison, who have publicly broadcast their “bromance” since Perez tapped the lawmaker for the post in a show of unity after their hard-fought race earlier this year for the party’s chairmanship.

With the message that 2018 is all about impeaching President Trump, the Democrats are looking for a unified front and Ellison is a Bernie Sanders sock puppet as well as a fly in the ointment.

There is no other way to interpret the DNC moves than a culling of the herd to eliminate an internal threat like the braying old goat was in 2016 when he didn’t simply surrender the nomination to Queen Hillary outright. Instead, he sold out his followers by puckering up and planting his lips on her pasty white ass during her coronation in Philadelphia but Hillary is still seething and ranks him as one of the top reasons why she lost.

Bernie and his Bolsheviks just aren’t going away though and Ellison is one of them, therefore, his influence also must be rolled back.

Not a good sign for a party that has already spent a year mired in identity politics and Russian conspiracy theories, a civil war will only help Republicans come next November.

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