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Bernie Sanders Says Chances Are ‘Very, Very Slim’ That He Runs For President Again

Vermont independent Sen. Bernie Sanders all but shot down the possibility that he will run for the White House again, suggesting that another politician will take his place as the progressive choice. Speaking Monday at a Washington Post Live event on Monday, Sanders spoke about the 2020 presidential election and his support for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. The ...

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Biden Offers Bernie Sanders’s Supporters An Olive Branch, Says ‘You’re Needed’ To Beat Trump

Former Vice President Joe Biden appealed to Sen. Bernie Sanders’s supporters Wednesday to get behind his presidential campaign ahead of the November election. The movement Sanders helped create will become an indispensable tool to help change in the future, Biden wrote in a Medium post, which was published after the senator dropped his White House bid. The olive branch represents ...

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Bernie Sanders To ‘Assess’ His Campaign After Another Round Of Primary Losses

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is going to “assess his campaign” over the next few weeks, his campaign manager said Wednesday, following losses in three primaries on Tuesday night further narrowed the Vermont senator’s path to winning the Democratic presidential nomination. “Sen. Sanders is going to be having conversations with supporters to assess his campaign,” Faiz Shakir, the Sanders campaign manager, ...

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3 Things to Watch in the Biden vs. Sanders Debate for Sunday, March 15, 2020

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders enter their first 1-on-1 debate this Sunday night under unprecedented circumstances. The debate, which was originally supposed to take place in Arizona in front of a live crowd, will now be held in CNN’s Washington, DC, studios with no audience as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, that has also led both candidates to cancel rallies and stay off the ...

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Crushing Bernie: DNC, CNN Turn Next Primary Debate into a Joke

Bernie Sanders

CNN and the Democratic National Committee have continued their team-up effort to get former Vice President Joe Biden the nomination as quickly and painlessly as possible – this time by turning the March 15th debate into a CNN-only, TV-only, seated event that seems designed to protect Mr. Biden. Biden’s campaign has shortened his speeches to 7 minutes. Other than a ...

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Bernie Sanders Stokes Coronavirus Fear as Fundraising Tool

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is using public fears about the coronavirus as a fundraising tool for his 2020 presidential campaign. Sanders sent out a campaign email to supporters Monday asking them to sign a petition demanding the government guarantee that a potential coronavirus vaccine will be free of charge. The petition asks supporters for “contributions to fight back against drug ...

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Odds Of Contested Democratic Convention Plummet Thanks To Biden’s Dominant Super Tuesday Performance

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s dominant performance on Super Tuesday has all but evaporated the odds of a contested Democratic convention in July, according to FiveThirtyEight’s forecasting model. The forecasting model had shown as recently as Monday afternoon a 69% chance that no Democratic presidential candidate would obtain the 1,991 delegates necessary to clinch the nomination before the convention. The ...

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Buying an Election: Sanders, Biden, Bloomberg Have Paid Combined $466,000 To Superdelegates

Leading Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and Michael Bloomberg have paid a combined $466,000 to superdelegates that are likely to support their benefactors in the event of a contested convention, Federal Election Commission records show. Sanders has spent the most so far on employing superdelegates, FEC records show. His campaign co-chair, former Ohio state senator and Democratic National ...

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House Democrats Block Resolution Condemning Bernie Sanders’s Praise Of Fidel Castro

Democratic lawmakers on Thursday successfully blocked a GOP resolution condemning Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ laudatory comments about the Castro regime. By a vote of 224-189 that fell along party lines, the House of Representatives on Thursday voted to block a resolution that not only condemned numerous human rights abuses that took place under the Castro regime, but also condemned recent ...

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DNC Superdelegates: If Bernie Doesn’t Get 60% of the Primary Vote, We’ll Vote Against Him

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi

The New York Times interviewed 93 Democratic superdelegates, 84 of which said Sen. Bernie Sanders shouldn’t become the nominee based solely on winning most, but not over 50%, of primary and caucus delegates. “If 60% is not with Bernie Sanders, I think that says something, I really do,” Democratic Rep. Veronica Escobar of Texas told The Times.  The odds of ...

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Bolshevik Bernie’s Bad Ideas

Bernie Sanders’ radical plan for democratic socialism is about one thing and one thing only and that is the complete government takeover of every aspect of our lives. It starts by saying the government will give you everything for free and we’ll take care of you. The problem is all the young people that actually by into this garbage they ...

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Bernie Sanders Pushes Article Saying American Dream ‘More Apt To Be Realized’ In Venezuela

Democratic 2020 candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders in 2011 promoted an editorial arguing that “the American dream is more apt to be realized” in Venezuela than in the U.S. Sanders’s Senate office posted the editorial, which local Vermont newspaper the Valley News published, on his Senate website under the “Must Reads” section. “These days, the American dream is more apt to ...

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Bloomberg Office Vandalized, Campaign Immediately Suggests Bernie Sanders Is To Blame

Bernie Sanders

Michael Bloomberg’s campaign office in Knoxville, Tennessee was vandalized Thursday evening with “Fuck Bloomberg” spraypainted on its door. Bloomberg campaign manager Kevin Sheekey issued a statement Friday saying the vandalism “echoes language from the Sanders campaign and its supporters,” but also saying that they don’t know who’s responsible for the action. “We call on Bernie Sanders to immediately condemn these ...

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