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Electors Must Vote For Their State’s Preferred Candidate, Supreme Court Rules

US Supreme Court

The Supreme Court unanimously ruled Monday that states can require members of the Electoral College to vote for the same presidential candidate as their respective state. The ruling puts an end to the occasional so-called faithless electors, who vote for a candidate different than that of the state they are representing. Though many states already have laws in place that ...

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Putin Praises Russians For Voting ‘With Their Hearts’ To Let Him Keep Power Until He’s 83

Russian President Vladimir Putin praised his country’s electorate Friday after they overwhelmingly voted to grant him two additional six-year terms in office, Reuters reported, allowing him to hold office until he is 83 years old. Putin, who has been in office for a combined 17 years, said that the just-approved constitutional amendments would go into effect Saturday. Seventy-eight percent of ...

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Poll: Support For Trump, GOP Senators Falls In Battleground States

President Donald Trump is losing ground against presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden both nationwide and in critical swing states, according to a CNBC poll released Wednesday. The poll shows the president down eight points against former vice-president Biden, who has 49% support overall. In Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, the three states most critical to Trump’s reelection, he trails Biden ...

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Oklahoma Narrowly Passes Medicaid Expansion Amid Pandemic

Oklahoma voters narrowly approved a wide-ranging Medicaid expansion, extending the service to thousands of low-income adults amid the coronavirus pandemic. The ballot measure passed with 50.5% support, bucking Oklahoma Republicans that had sought to reign in the expensive program, Politico reported. Despite Oklahoma’s conservative lean, supporters of the expansion acknowledged that the coronavirus likely helped the amendment pass. Confirmed cases ...

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‘That’s What We Saw In 2016’: Senate GOP Discounts Presidential Polls Showing Biden’s Wide Lead

Donald Trump success

Republicans have expressed skepticism over recent presidential polls that show Democratic nominee Joe Biden expanding his lead over President Donald Trump, The Hill reported Tuesday. In nationwide polls, the president trails Biden by an average of almost 10 points, with recent polls showing spreads as high as 14%. Trump has also fallen behind in critical swing states including Pennsylvania, Michigan ...

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McGrath Edges Out Booker In Kentucky Senate Primary

Democrat Amy McGrath won Kentucky’s senate primary a week after the election began, edging out state Rep. Charles Booker as more absentee ballots were accounted for Tuesday, The New York Times reported. McGrath is now set to take on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in November. Results were initially delayed due to the large number of people voting with mail-in ...

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‘Partisan Opportunism’: WSJ Disputes Liberals’ Coronavirus Comparisons Of US And Europe

SillyCon Valley Resistance - A.F. Branco political cartoon

The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board cautioned against condemning America’s response to the coronavirus, calling comparisons between the U.S. and Europe “partisan opportunism.” The publication’s editorial board said Sunday that liberals blaming the Trump administration for the upsurge in infection cases have been partisan attacks, though it noted that the administration is also often too optimistic. The WSJ specifically cited ...

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House Passes Bill To Make DC A State

The House of Representatives passed a bill Friday that would make Washington, D.C., a state amid increasing congressional support for the nation’s capital to be granted statehood. The “Washington, D.C. Admission Act,” which had 227 Democratic cosponsors, was originally introduced by Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton, D.C.’s nonvoting at-large representative in Congress, in October of last year. It passed Friday 232-180 without any Republican ...

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Democrats Announce Scaled-Back Convention Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Joe Biden is slated to accept the Democratic nomination for president at the party’s convention in Milwaukee, but the event will be scaled back and delegates are encouraged not to attend in person, the Democratic National Convention Committee said Wednesday. The committee said that the convention would relocate to the Wisconsin Center, a smaller venue in downtown Milwaukee than the ...

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24-Year-Old Madison Cawthorn Wins GOP Nomination For Mark Meadows’s Seat In Stunning Upset

Madison Cawthorn, the 24-year-old CEO of a real estate investment company and a motivational speaker, won the Republican runoff in North Carolina’s 11th district Tuesday. Cawthorn had received more than 65% of the vote against Lynda Bennett by the time poll watchers called the race. Cawthorn is likely to win the November election for the safe Republican seat, which was ...

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University Of Michigan Withdraws From Hosting October Debate

The University of Michigan officially withdrew from hosting the Oct. 15 presidential debate over coronavirus concerns. “It is with great disappointment that I must ask for the University of Michigan to be released from its agreement with the Commission on Presidential Debates to host the Presidential Debate on Oct. 15, 2020,” Mark Schlissel, the president of the University of Michigan, ...

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Lack Of Kentucky Polling Places Threatens To Derail Primary

Kentucky holds its presidential and down-ballot primaries Tuesday amid growing fears over long lines, understaffed polling places and delayed results. The state could be the latest to have its primary unfold in a chaotic manner, mirroring scenarios previously witnessed in Georgia and Washington, D.C.  In Louisville, the state’s largest city with approximately 600,000 people, all in-person voters will have to ...

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House, Senate Police Reform Bills Differ On Chokeholds, Warrants, Qualified Immunity

House Democrats and Senate Republicans have each rolled out potential police reform bills amid nationwide protests over the death of George Floyd, but despite their common goal of improving policing in the United States, they differ on police tactics and officer immunity. While the two competing bills both increase funding for body cameras and elevate lynching to a federal crime, ...

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