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Crushing Bernie: DNC, CNN Turn Next Primary Debate into a Joke

CNN and the Democratic National Committee have continued their team-up effort to get former Vice President Joe Biden the nomination as quickly and painlessly as possible – this time by turning the March 15th debate into a CNN-only, TV-only, seated event that seems designed to protect Mr. Biden.

Biden’s campaign has shortened his speeches to 7 minutes. Other than a few talking points, there will be little content in a stump speech that short nor will it be a reason for voters to come to his events knowing that he’ll be there about as long as it takes for a Starbucks barista to make a latte.

A few days ago CNN announced that the candidates would be seated for a “town hall-style” debate, a nod to Biden’s difficulty in dealing with long appearances.

Now we learn that there will be no crowd, which makes a town hall-style debate very difficult and censorship/viewpoint control very easy.

Last come reports there will be no media rooms for other media outlets to interview the candidates, experts, and staff.

Sanders’ campaign, continuing to make strategic errors, agreed to the changes. So… what did the DNC, Biden campaign and/or CNN offer Bernie to allow these shenanigans?

The given reason for ditching the crowd and media rooms (so-called spin rooms) is fear over the spread of Novel Coronavirus, but… yeah, no.

This will be an entirely CNN-controlled night. Also, it sets up a narrative by which they can attempt to shame President Donald Trump into canceling his wildly-popular and highly-effective rallies.

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