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New York Times Story Claims Squishy Sessions Got Royal ASS Chewing from Trump

The New York Times has just published yet another of their anonymously sourced extravaganzas based on gossip from inside the Trump White House.

This time, one just might be inclined to give the “Gray Lady” the benefit of the doubt because the big scoop claims that President Trump teed off on Attorney General Jeff Sessions over the appointment of out of control witch hunter Robert Mueller, a man who has been imbued with powers traditionally found in a repressive police state like the old Soviet Union.

The former FBI Director who was given a sweeping mandate and complete impunity was put into God mode and has become akin to Joseph Stalin’s henchman Lavrentiy “show me the man and I’ll find you the crime” Beria on steroids as a result of the failings of Sessions.

Remember that Mueller – who is now ready to start going after Trump SUPPORTERS – would have never been a factor had squishy Sessions not immediately caved to pressure and recused himself from the great Russian conspiracy inquisition in the first place.

Via The Hill “Trump berated Sessions in Oval Office after Mueller appointment: report”:

President Trump reportedly “berated” Attorney General Jeff Sessions earlier this year after learning that a special counsel had been appointed to lead the investigation into his campaign aides’ ties to Russia.

In an Oval Office meeting following the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller in May, Trump called Sessions an “idiot” and said he should resign, The New York Times reported Thursday, citing several current and former administration officials.

After the meeting, Sessions reportedly sent the White House a resignation letter, but Trump rejected it on the advice of aides.

The Times said that Sessions later called the incident “the most humiliating experience in decades of public life.”

Sessions, an early backer and surrogate for Trump’s presidential campaign, recused himself earlier this year from any investigations into Russia’s election meddling.

Being called an “idiot” was actually very kind in terms of words and as a career politician, it is obvious that Sessions wasn’t used to being called on the carpet by his boss. Life sucks when you drop the ball but at those times, you just have to suck it up and be a man.

Perhaps it was even Sessions himself who squealed like a pig to the Times. Who knows?

Sessions should have been upfront with Trump when he was interviewing for the job that he wouldn’t tuck his tail between his legs and scurry away the first time that he was criticized by his buddies in the Senate but he wasn’t. Therefore, the President has a right to be pissed off at a man who had a solid conservative record but ended up being just another Washington quisling when the chips were down.

Like all New York Times stories that are attributed to “current and former administration officials and others briefed on the matter” there is always the political angle that putting this story out today, right after Trump dined with Democrat devils Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi is another attempt to sabotage his administration.

Fake news?

When it comes to the NYT it pays to be skeptical but Sessions should never have taken the job in the first place if he was going to recuse himself from a Russian election meddling hoax that the establishment is desperately trying to resuscitate as much as they are performing mouth-to-mouth on Hillary Clinton‘s pasty white political corpse this week.

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