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Jeff Sessions On The Hot Seat

  Attorney General Jeff Sessions pushed back Tuesday against accusations that he lied under oath about his knowledge of contacts between the Trump campaign and Russian officials when he testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee. The senators fired some hard hitting and rough questions at him for the entire day,but Sessions managed to stay calm and cool in the face ...

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Watch: Attorney General Jeff Sessions testifies before judicial committee

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is set to testify Tuesday morning before the House Judiciary Committee where he will likely be asked about Russian interference in the 2016 election, the Trump dossier, Fusion GPS and the possible appointment of a special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton. The attorney general appeared before congressional committees in June and October on the same topic. ...

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Sessions considers special counsel investigation into Clinton … finally

Jeff Sessions mad

After a series of scandals, ethically questionable moves and the outright buyout of the Democratic party, the Justice Department is finally considering an honest, independent investigation into Hillary Clinton. Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered Monday federal prosecutors to evaluate if a special counsel should be appointed to investigate Hillary Clinton’s dealings concerning her foundation and the sale of U.S. uranium assets ...

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DOJ Settles Lawsuits over IRS targeting of Tea Party groups

Jeff Sessions Speech

The Department of Justice announced Wednesday that they have settled two lawsuits by Tea Party groups who were targeted by the IRS under former President Barack Obama. The IRS substantially delayed applications for tax-exempt status when they included “patriot”, “tea party”, “9/12″ or descriptions that aligned with Tea Party ideals. “As a result of these criteria, the IRS transferred hundreds ...

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It’s Time For Sessions And McConnell to Go

Just whose side is Jeff Sessions on anyway? I was disappointed when Trump nominated him for AG because I wanted a really tough person like Trey Gowdy in there, but apparently, Gowdy was asked and turned it down. When President Trump nominated then-Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama to be Attorney General, Trump was hopeful that Sessions would be a no-nonsense AG. ...

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Should The Federal Government Give Aid To California?

U.A. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has promised sanctuary cities across the nation that they will lose federal grant and assistance money if they continue to disobey federal law and protect illegal criminals from immigration law enforcement. So without batting an eye, California has taken a giant step beyond the sanctuary city declaration and has declared itself a Sanctuary State. The ...

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Report: AG Sessions wants lie detector tests for NSC staff to find leakers

Jeff Sessions mad

Attorney General Jeff Sessions wants lie detector tests for National Security Council staff to find the leakers that have tried to damage the Trump administration according to a report. Sessions’ idea is to do a one-time, one-issue, polygraph test of everyone on the NSC staff. Interrogators would sit down with every single NSC staffer (there’s more than 100 of them), ...

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Sessions announces end of DACA [video]

Jeff Sessions announces end of DACA

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, at the order of President Donald Trump, announced Tuesday that the unconstitutional Deferred Action for Child Arrivals program will be rescinded. DACA was facing mounting legal challenges as 10 states Attorneys General had intended to file suit Tuesday. The suits were likely to succeed as DAPA, another Obama executive action aimed at illegal aliens who were ...

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Poor Persecuted Pocahontas Continues to Play the Victim

One of the most shameless Democrats of the modern political era is Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, a woman so obnoxious that she actually makes Hillary look like Ms. Congeniality. Ms. Warren who has earned the sarcastic nickname of “Pocahontas” after she exaggerated her Native American heritage for favorable treatment in academia, is a shrill grandstanding phony whose choice of ...

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WATCH: Attorney General Jeff Sessions Press Conference on White House Leaks [LIVE STREAM]

Attorney General Jeff Sessions white house leak investigation

Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats briefs the media on the status of the investigation into leaks of classified information. “Criminals who would use their access to our most sensitive information to endanger our national security are in fact being investigated and will be prosecuted,” Sessions told reporters. Sessions said that four people have been ...

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Finally, The Worm Turns

Lynch and Comey

At last, the real political criminals, the American Democrat Party, are getting their clocks cleaned. For example: 1. Debbie Wasserman Schultz had her computer impounded by police as part of an investigation into all kinds of crimes she was a party to the last two years. 2. The Golden Showers dossier, put in place by the FBI and presented as ...

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Senator Wants Explanation Why Justice Department Isn’t Investigating Ukraine-DNC Collusion

Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ seat continues to get hotter by the day. On Tuesday, President Donald Trump put an exclamation point behind his dismay with the former senator’s refusal to investigate the crimes of the Democrats and Hillary Clinton via Twitter: Attorney General Jeff Sessions has taken a VERY weak position on Hillary Clinton crimes (where are E-mails & DNC ...

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On a slow news day, nets cover Trump-Russia and OJ

Newsday 7-20-17

On what is admittedly a very slow news day, it’s interesting to see what the cable news networks decided to focus on during the cycle. MSNBC and CNN focused on two angles of the ongoing Trump-Russia collusion thing. While Fox News went hog wild over O.J. Simpson’s parole hearing even using MSNBC footage to discuss the event. While focusing on ...

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LTP Daily: The Hero Kamala Harris

Today’s “Libkiddy Talking Point” addresses Kamala Harris’ terrible performance while questioning Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Tuesday. Attorney General Jeff Sessions‘ honest testimony on Tuesday is being turned upside-down in order to create a hero from a nobody and a villain out of a patriot. Overall, the Senate Intelligence Committee seemed to have little interest in finding any evidence of ...

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