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Attorney General Jeff Sessions Delivers Remarks to the Joint Interagency Task Force South

WashingtonDC – United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions delivered his remarks Wednesday to the Joint Interagency Task Force South which is a multiservice, multiagency task force based at the Naval Air Station Key West in Florida.  
During his address Sessions praised the performance of the task force in their fight to keep deadly drugs out of communities.
“This Department of Justice values your partnership in the fight to keep deadly drugs out of our communities,” said Sessions.
Sessions also highlighted the major emphasizes the Trump administration has placed on building law enforcement relationships and partnerships in America and around the world.
“Under President Donald Trump, this Department has placed a special emphasis on building law enforcement relationships and partnerships in America and around the world.” “We know all too well that drugs are killing record numbers of Americans—and almost all of them come from overseas.”

“The day I was sworn in as Attorney General, President Trump ordered me to focus on dismantling transnational criminal organizations.  And every single day this Department has been faithful to that order.”

“Under President Trump, the Department of Justice has achieved historic results in the fight against international drug trafficking.  These results benefit not only the American people—but the people of your countries, too.”

Sessions further reiterated the administration’s tough actions against cartels, traffickers, and transnational criminal organizations.
“We are dramatically stepping up our actions against the cartels, the traffickers, and the transnational criminal organizations—just like President Trump has ordered us to do.  These violent outlaws, traffickers in death, corruptors of government, are enemies of peace, security, public health and prosperity.
“They are our enemies. We will fight them with the determination we apply to terrorists.” “We will attack, dismantle, and defeat them in every area of their wicked enterprises.”

“While they run loose, the rule of law is diminished while they corruptly influence governments. They undermine the progress we all want for our countries.”

“As long as they pour out huge volumes of illegal drugs, there will be more addiction and death. And that is why I hope that our meetings today—and your meetings in Washington this week—will strengthen our relationships and help us perform at a higher level than ever before.”

During his speech Sessions also rattled off some impressive statistics that have been accomplished under the Trump administration:
“In 2017 we tripled the number of fentanyl prosecutions at the federal level.” “In 2017, the Coast Guard seized record numbers of drugs: about half a million pounds total, worth about $6.1 billion.  The Coast Guard also helped us arrest more than 600 alleged drug traffickers.”

“Last October, for the first time we indicted Chinese nationals for trafficking synthetic drugs in the United States.  Last week I announced our third case—a 43-count indictment against a drug trafficking organization based in Shanghai.”

“I also announced charges against a married couple who we believe were once the most prolific synthetic opioid, fentanyl traffickers on the darknet in North America.  I also announced that we had worked with our partners in Canada to help them indict a man we believe was the third most prolific darknet synthetic opioid dealer in North America.”

“In 2017, Customs and Border Protection seized nearly twice as much cocaine at our borders as they seized just three years before.”

“Many of your governments and militaries have played a key role in these successes.  There is no doubt in my mind that you have saved lives.”

“Last year you seized or interdicted a total of 316 metric tons of illegal drugs headed toward the United States, including more than 44,000 pounds in Panama, more than 37,000 pounds in Costa Rica, 31,000 in Guatemala, and more than 23,000 in Mexico.”

“You also reduced the estimated amount of cocaine trafficked successfully South of our border by 357 metric tons.”

“I want to commend you for these accomplishments and thank you.”

Naval Air Station Key West’s national security mission supports operational and readiness requirements for Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, National Guard units, federal agencies, and allied forces


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