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Was My Vote for Trump a Big Mistake?

The liberal media is intent on making Americans believe that they made a mistake last November by voting for Donald Trump for president.

Every time any event related to Trump is reported they apply the most extreme negative slant to what Trump does and says, and it makes one wonder if Americans made a mistake when they cast their vote for Trump.

Well, I’ll admit that I voted for Trump and I want to be certain that I did the right thing, even though the liberal press assures me that I did the absolute wrong thing. So let me review my vote and see if I did good, or bad:

I voted for the candidate whose election single-handedly made the stock market rise to unprecedented levels. That’s a good thing.

I voted for the candidate who, as president, has bravely stood up to North Korea and their nuclear threat. That’s good, too.

I voted for the candidate who removed America from the Paris Accords and refutes the lies told about climate change/warming. That’s good.

I voted for the candidate who tried hard, in spite of foot-dragging from his Republican counterparts in the legislature, to repeal Obamacare. That’s good.

I voted for the candidate who means it when he talks about building a wall and whose plain speaking has nearly halted illegal immigration across our southern border. That’s good.

I voted for the candidate who has threatened to withhold funds from sanctuary cities if they continue to disobey federal immigration law. That’s good.

I voted for the candidate who is calling the lying press “the lying press”. That’s good.

I voted for the candidate who stands up to the lies the press tells and fires retorts back at them when they get in his face during pressers. That’s really good.

I voted for the candidate who has revised the rules of engagement for the military so our troops are no longer at a disadvantage on the field of battle. That’s good.

I voted for the candidate who will, without flinching, call both the KKK and Black Lives Matter groups violent and despicable. That’s good.

I voted for the candidate who is serious about tax relief in America. That’s good.

I voted for the candidate who expresses horror at our historical statues and monuments being torn down by leftist freaks. That’s good.

I voted for the candidate who tweets messages that keep us voters informed of his thinking, and which tweets also drive the liberal Democrats crazy. That’s good.

I voted for the candidate who wants to end the social experimentation of allowing transgenders in the military. That’s good.

I voted for the candidate who pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio for the shaft that he got from the Obama Department of Justice, because Arpiao opposed Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional actions regarding illegal immigration. That’s good.

I voted for the candidate who seems to “get-it” with his logo of Making America Great Again. That’s good.

I voted for the candidate who just keeps plugging toward achieving his announced goals in spite of the lies, personal insults and roadblocks the press throws at him constantly. That’s good.

After due consideration and reflection, I think my vote for Trump was the right thing to do, and I’d gladly do it again.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. So did I !!! And I don’t have a single regret. I wanted someone that isn’t a politician, sharp elbows and unafraid…..I got what i asked for. No way do I expect to or have always agreed with him…but then I don’t always agree with my husband and it’s still a good marriage I wouldn’t change…Show me a man that is perfect and I will call his Jesus..

    If you love our country, you don’t have to love President Trump…just support him and make your own decisions….not what media, politicians and friends tell you to think.

    With all the fuss and falsehoods, search you heart and mind to find the numerous very positive things he has done in just a few months.

    1. I believe in everything trump does is great for me an America,i think the media is so stupid if I had it my way there would be no media thank you jgmanista@msn.com august 2017 comment

  2. Amazingly enough there are some “fundamentalist “Christians who think DJT is no miracle but is intent on taking America to the cleaners!

    They’ve accused me of needing a good dose of reality. Interestingly enough they deny listening to the MSM yet when asked they sound just like CNN and others – that imply and accuse DJT of not being fit to be President…

    “Who is going to pay for the Wall,” they demand, as if this is some kind of scandal brewing. “He will steal any revenue the wall generates” (from solar panels generated electricity sold to the Mexicans who will be quite willing to pay for a wall of such benefit!). Really?!

    These same people have never heard of George Soros! And I need a dose of reality? To them it is still the spooky Antichrist based of their antiquated VERSION of what the Bible as a whole ACTUALLY says. Let him who has ears HEAR!

    Hey Christians against Trump; Jesus said forgive those who have trespassed (so DJT has been a womanizer – so what!?). Do you not remember King Cyrus who was not a Jew yet freed the Jews from Babylon after they cried out to their God? By all accounts, these days, DJT seems as much “Christian” as ANY of you!!

    Naturally, this is not directed at all Christians; only those who have the arrogance – in spite of another Biblical warnings “Judge not lest you are yourself Judged” – to presuppose DJT is an evil guy who only wishes to steal more money from a Country he lyingly claims to LOVE!

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