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America at a Rubicon Moment & MAGA Isn’t Enough

Author and speaker Os Guinness knows America is divided, but he has a different line of demarcation than some other cultural observers.  During an appearance at the Family Research Council in Washington to promote his new book: “Last Call for Liberty”, Guinness said the division is the difference between those who understand “the Republic viewed through the lens of the ...

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¡Ay, Caramba! US Illegal Count Just Doubled

I should have known something was up when soccer team owners felt confident enough to put the squeeze on cities to help foot the bill for new stadiums. Ballerina ball holds the record for the longest period of being The Next Big Thing, without ever becoming the next big thing. Starting back in the 60’s the sport was supposed to ...

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Trump campaign store now selling St. Patrick’s Day MAGA hats

Just in time for St. Paddy’s Day, the Donald J. Trump campaign web store has brought a color back to the MAGA hat line-up: Irish Green. “Due to popular demand, our St. Paddy’s hat is back.Due to popular demand, our St. Paddy’s hat is back,” the heading of the “St. Paddy’s MAGA Hat” listing reads. “Capture the luck of the ...

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Was My Vote for Trump a Big Mistake?

The liberal media is intent on making Americans believe that they made a mistake last November by voting for Donald Trump for president. Every time any event related to Trump is reported they apply the most extreme negative slant to what Trump does and says, and it makes one wonder if Americans made a mistake when they cast their vote ...

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Democrats Rolled Again: Jeff Sessions Finally Confirmed as Attorney General

The hostage situation involving President Trump’s Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions is now mercifully over and for the second time in two days the bad guys lost. After thoroughly discrediting themselves as a legitimate political party with endless silly diatribes, race-baiting dog and pony shows and sanctimonious huffing and puffing, the pitiful and impotent Dems could do nothing as Senator ...

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Congratulations, America, For Electing President Trump. Now Our Nation Can Heal And Re-Build Itself Back To Greatness.


Yesterday Americans, peacefully and decisively, shook off the Obama/Hillary yoke of subservience and opened the path for America to unify and rebuild itself and achieve its once and future greatness. The corruption, lying, partisanship, election and opinion rigging and unconstitutional behavior of the last eight years was voted down, and I trust that the Trump administration will, indeed, Make America ...

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The Times They Are A Changin’


There is no way to accurately evaluate and judge the times in which you’re living. Russians in their revolution of 1917 thought they were making their lives better by getting rid of the Czar, and they were wrong. Germany in 1933 thought they were improving their lives by going with Hitler and ignoring the edicts of the post-World War I ...

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