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Former New York Times Editor Carries Obama Therapy Doll in Her Purse

It’s not like the New York Times’ liberal bias is any secret but here is a creepy story that shows how deep that the rot truly runs at the nation’s most influential newspaper. The first female editor of the “The Gray Lady” has fessed up that she has been so distraught by President Trump’s election that she is carrying around ...

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ESPN Hostess Apologizes for Racist Tweet but NOT to ‘White Supremacist’ Trump

jemele-hill (600 x 467)

By now it’s abundantly clear that there will be no accountability moment for the ESPN SportsCenter hostess who caused a stir by calling President Trump a white supremacist on Twitter. Donald Trump is a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself w/ other white supremacists. — Jemele Hill (@jemelehill) September 11, 2017 Jemele Hill – who received the praise of ...

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Pathetic Washed-Up Old Fool Keith Olbermann Promotes New Anti-Trump Book

The latest leftist nincompoop to try to cash in on those who can’t get over it that Hillary Clinton was beaten in the 2016 election is the pathetic old man Keith Olbermann who has become an anachronism as well as a cartoon version of what he used to be. His animosity should instead be directed at the identity politics obsessed ...

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ESPN Pulls Asian-American Football Announcer from Game Because His Name is Robert Lee

Considering the great national media freak out after the incidents in Charlottesville and the subsequent war on statues, it’s hard to see how we haven’t reached PEAK hysteria yet. These bizarre times of national madness, kept humming along by a corrupt media led by CNN which has shown itself to be sympathetic to domestic terrorist group ANTIFA, are continuing with ...

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Pack Your Bags Fatso: Michael Moore Refuses to Live in a Country Where Trump is President

Unhinged liberal propagandist and self-styled resistance leader Michael Moore continues his jihad against the legitimately elected President of the United States. One of the left’s biggest hypocrites (literally), the porcine Moore oozed into a chair on one of the sets of the late-night talk shows that have become the Democratic party’s useful tools to poison the minds of their armies ...

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Rolling Stone Magazine Asks Why Canada’s Justin Trudeau Can’t be Our President

When it comes to liberal propaganda rags there are few more open about their reverence for radical leftist sentiment than Rolling Stone Magazine. The legendary publican rose to national fame by covering classic rock artists in their early years and produced real journalism and commentary on the tumultuous times as well as featured the missives of such literary greats as ...

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In the World of Ideas, Democrats Are Losing Badly

Former President Barack Obama was in great part a creation of the liberal press. His ideas were their ideas, he got no critical press coverage because the liberal media loved him, cheered his race and hailed his persuasiveness when in fact it could be argued that his ideas were fed to him by the liberal media following years of his ...

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New Washington Post Slogan is Just Lipstick On a Very Smelly Pig

The Washington Post which has served as the nexus of anti-Trump propaganda has just rolled out a brand-new slogan that will serve as the rallying cry for the ongoing witch hunt against the democratically elected President of the United States. In a bid to meld its comic book quality coverage and raving editorial diatribes with the ominous theme of a ...

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What the Bible says about the Liberal Media

YouTube Description: Why does the mainstream media ignore the problems with Obamacare? It was forced down our throats and continues to hurt our country, but we don’t hear anything about it. Listen to Zo answer this question and give his solution. H/T I Am The Tea Party

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ObamaCare around the horn

In case you’ve been living under a rock somewhere, all the buzz is about the mainstream media cooling off when it comes to its hot and heavy love affair with Obama. What pushed them over the top? ObamaCare has been an abysmal failure, so it seems they can’t manage to keep up the lies for the president anymore. Of course ...

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The Confederate Corner with George Neat July 16th – Zimmerman, Facebook and Napolitano

When: Tuesday, July 16th, 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific Where: Confederate Corner with George Neat on Blog Talk Radio What: Yes there are Confederates north of the Mason-Dixon line, and George Neat is one of them. And we’re happy to bring his views to you in the “Confederate Corner” radio show. For more information on George and his political views, please drop by ...

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Ana Marie Cox Thinks Breitbart and His ‘Minions’ Are Bad Bad People

Ana Marie Cox of the Guardian isn’t on our team. That’s fine.  However, to label us the “jackass” wing of journalism only demonstrates the left’s inability to hold their own side accountable. She seems to feel that all of the criticism she outlines in her piece about conservative media are absent on the left.  This Friday will mark the one year anniversary of Andrew ...

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