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Steadfast Donald VS.The Destroy Trump Fake News Media!!!


Never in the history of this republic has there been such vile, vicious, vindictive, mean, nasty, ugly attacks on a president as there has been on President Donald Trump.

When Barack Obama was in office, we disagreed with him and didn’t believe in what he stood for, but the opposition was civil not like what we are seeing today in this mass hatred. The media and liberals hate Trump because he’s not like them. They wanted Hillary and four more years of this wacky all consuming left wing government. He rejects their power base and is for smaller government and returning power back to the people. He’s cancelling Obama’s regulations and legacy with his executive orders freeing companies to hire once again. They hate him because he opposes their liberal courts and puts in someone like Gorsuch on the Supreme Court.

In his new book “Rediscovering Americanism” just released Mark Levin describes the two forces society is up against today. Those two forces are freedom vs. tyranny.

*We believe in the Constitution, they believe in centralized government.

*We believe in individualism, they believe in conformity.

* We believe in private property, they believe in collective ownership of material   goods.

*We believe in prosperity, they believe in redistributing wealth with them determining who gets ripped off and who gets the drips remaining after they’ve taken their cut.

* We believe in separation of powers, they believe in a monolithic, all-powerful, administrative state.

*We believe in eternal truths, they believe in ideologically meandering social engineering.

* We believe in cultural stability, they believe in never-ending transformation of our society.

* We believe in real science, they believe in social science (e.g., “environmental justice”).

* We believe in the rights of man, they believe in the power of centralized government.

*We believe in the moral order, they believe in situational ethics.

* We believe in individual liberty, they believe in authoritarianism, with no limits ever defined.

* We believe in education, they believe in indoctrination.

* We believe in civil society, they believe in the federal leviathan.

Trump is for the former and his detractors believe in the latter. They bully Trump’s wife and daughter and son Barron like true cowards picking on women and children. They do videos of assassinating Trump and cutting his head off like Kathy Griffith and Marilyn Manson have done and Snoop Dog does a video about shooting him. Jim Cary wants to hit him on the head with a golf club. Robert DeNiro wants to punch him in the face and late night comedians bombast him like no other president ever has been before. College kids riot ad burn buildings. I don’t think half these people even know why  they hate him, they just do because it’s the in thing to do and they are basing all their info by the destroy Trump fake news  media like CNN and MSNBC who constantly bash him night after night with made up stories like the Russian collusion story which a CNN producer now admits is totally false reporting.

Yet thru all this he remains steadfast and unfazed and seems to relish in the chaos. Trump’s tweets are devastating the ‘Fake Media.’ I suspect we will see an evolution toward reality and the truth as the future unfolds. CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times and others have lost credibility and they know it! On his radio show Rush Limbaugh reported how Trump could be the end of CNN.

Three CNN members of the new investigative unit have resigned, i.e., been fired. One of them is a guy named Thomas Frank. This for the fake news, the bogus story on Anthony Scaramucci supposedly having a link to a Russian bank system, colluding with them to help Trump doing whatever. It turned out to be total BS, like everything else that CNN has reported with this Russian story.

They published a totally fake story about a Trump aide, Anthony Scaramucci, supposedly meeting with the Russians to collude with them about the election. It contained erroneous element after erroneous element. There was nothing in it that was true, and it was sourced by one anonymous individual. CNN pulled it. It was about Scaramucci having a relationship with a Russian banking unit, and the Russian bank unit went public and denied everything that CNN was saying. The details of the banking unit, the fact that Scaramucci had done business with them, none of it was true.

So CNN pulled it, and they did so in somewhat of a public manner, and then they announced yesterday that these three guys, these people in the investigative unit were gone. 

Now we come to James O’Keefe, James O’Keefe Project Veritas, a secret video. O’Keefe got into CNN and secretly recorded a CNN producer who has admitted that there’s nothing to the Russian story, that they don’t have any evidence, that they don’t have any proof. But they don’t care, because the narrative is all that matters because their ratings are going up and they’re earning more money and everybody at CNN knows the story is not true.

They haven’t got rid of Trump. The objective is to get rid of Trump. The objective is to make Trump so frustrated he just wants to quit. The objective is to frustrate Trump. The objective is to cause Trump to break and break down. The objective is for Trump to explode. The objective here is for Trump to realize you can’t beat them and to slink away.

None of that has happened. Can you imagine their frustration? They think they’ve got the guy dead to rights ever since the NBC Access Hollywood video. They think it’s just a matter of time. And what they’re discovering is that they are living daily in the reality of their own relative impotence. Their objective of getting rid of Trump has not been advanced. They’re no closer to it than they were on Inauguration Day.

And you, in their shoes, have got to imagine how frustrated they are, because they’ve shot everything they’ve got. They are breaking every rule of journalism and being applauded for it. They’re using anonymous sources, sometimes only one. They are acknowledging that they’re publishing things that aren’t true and that they’re engaging in what they’re doing just for ratings. But as far as the talent is concerned, the objective is to get rid of Trump. They are failing, and it’s got to be frustrating them to no end, And I think Trump is driving these people crazy.


I agree with Rush and thru all this commotion and attacks Trump never loses his cool.  Trump is not a dumb person and outsmarts them at every point, especially with his tweets that really gets under their skin because he can bypass them and reach the people. I think Trump purposely creates this chaos as a distraction so he can get things done.  It all goes back to the art of the deal. So far he’s accomplished more than any president and is keeping his promises. His son Eric recently commented with FOX News reporter Maria Bartiromo claiming that his father has accomplished more than any other president in American history.

“He said, ‘I’m going to improve the economy, I’m going to create jobs for this country, we’re going to stop getting ripped off as a nation, I’m going to take care of our veterans, I’m going to take care of health care, I’m going to reduce taxes,’” Eric insisted to Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo.

“He’s doing everything that he says,” he added. “He’s been in office for 150-something days and I think that he’s accomplished more than any president, arguably in history, has over that same period of time,”

But the media won’t report it because they’re so concerned with trying to destroy him and obsessed with their Russia, Russia, Russia collusion, but it’s all coming back to bite them in the rear now in a boomerang effect. Several senators are now calling for investigations into Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton and Obama now as well as Bernie Sanders and they are all being investigated.

Loretta Lynch is being investigated for obstruction when she met with Bill Clinton on the tarmac a few days before Comey gave his speech charging Hillary with obstruction with her e-mails and then changed his mind when Lynch told him to refer to the investigation as “a matter.” Obama will be investigated for knowing that the Russians were interfering with our election back in August, but didn’t say anything because he thought Hillary would win. The investigation into Hillary will re-open especially with her selling 20% of our uranium to Russia in return for 140 million dollars to her Clinton foundation and Bill receiving a $500,000 fee to speak in Russia. They are the real Russian colluders not Trump. As the saying goes, “Oh what a tangled web we weave when trying to deceive.”



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Jim Clayton

I am a retired former newspaper reporter and retail sales person. I'm a politically conservative easy going person from New Jersey. I am married to a wonderful wife and like talking and writing about movies,, concerts I attend and current events all which I write about here. I would enjoy hearing from anyone on my articles and they can write to me here.

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