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Crap that pissed me off this week (op-ed?)

I am usually constrained by the limits on my time as an editor-in-chief with many contributions to review. Friday night .. not so much.

These are in no certain order of importance – just as I felt like writing about them.

Be forewarned – you will not agree with me on everything, or anything – this is about starting conversation (please comment freely below.)

Critical headline: Clinton got our marines killed

While everyone’s tripping over themselves to get rid of Bill Clinton’s “war on crime” statutes, who’s fighting to get rid of his idiotic, ideologically-conceived and utterly-worthless banning of guns by military personnel on U.S. bases – OR AT ALL for that matter.

Snopes, even the Blaze have made cases citing this story or that, but staying away from obviously-biased sources on one side or the other – in 1993, President Clinton forbade the carrying of personal weapons by military personnel. Dead .. on .. right. Their crap is about whether they can carry their military arms. I think they should be able to carry any and every weapon needed to defend them, their compatriots and the American citizens around them.

Had the marines at the first attack site (where no one died) been armed, I can personally guarantee that the cowardly, wannabee ISIS-member would NEVER have made it to the second – where all of his murders were committed.

These deaths.. are on Clinton. Now, go arm our military men and women who are state-side – IMMEDIATELY. That means, personal weapons and military-armed watches.

First – The Chattanooga Terrorist was a coward

Muhammad Youssef AbdulazeezThe most important story this week was Chattanooga, Tennessee where a Muslim man decided to take his anger out on unarmed military personnel – the paramount of cowardice.

He visited the Middle East (Jordan and Yemen) just a year ago and couldn’t gather the gumption to join ISIS and fight for their imaginary cause. Instead, he decided to attack unarmed people in a strip mall to hopefully gain the virgins some zealot told him he would get. Ultimate fricken’ fail!

The people of Chattanooga responded by arming themselves and personally defending military recruiting and training stations until the Department of Defense was ready to do that on their own. That’s what bravery looks like. Kudos to those citizen soldiers for taking up arms against a terroristic threat. (this paragraph is exempted from my “crap that pissed me off this week”)

Second – Kerry FAILED in Vienna

Secretary of State John Kerry swift-boated the United States.

Kerry, probably under the direction of our chicken-#$% leader, managed to negotiate a deal that gave Iran:

  • no anytime/anyplace inspections
  • quick relief of sanctions (probably Monday)
  • Relief from the arms embargo in a few years
  • ICBMs in a few years (those are the missiles that will land on our head)
  • Allowance for certain nuclear facilities and a certain number of centrifuges
  • no U.S. inspectors

Got for US:

  • Assurances of cooperation or the U.N. will get angry .. (riiiiiight)

What’s more important is what the United States did NOT get:

  • Four U.S. hostages held by Iran
  • complete disassembly of Iran’s nuclear program
  • admission that Isreal is a nation
  • human rights for Iran’s citizens

Oddly the Not’s are bigger than the Got’s.

Third: The Administration doesn’t care who Kathryn Steinle was

A President of all Americans - A.F. Branco Political CartoonDHS Secretary Jeh Johnson was asked by congress if the administration had contacted the family of Kathryn Steinle, the woman slain by an illegal alien & multiple-time felon who had been let out on to the streets by a sanctuary city (San Francisco for those watching at home.)

The response was as sad as the actions by the administration. Jeh Johnson simply looked up and said “Who?”

The President spoke out quickly in the cases of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Freddie Gray – but he still has not spoken with the family of a woman his “prosecutorial discretion” helped to murder. He is more directly connected to Steinle’s death than any other and he cannot tear himself away from 18 holes of golf to make a fricken’ phone call.

I expected nothing more, but “hoped.”

Fourth: Planned Parenthood used abortions to trade in body parts

Planned Parenthood sells baby partsA video surfaced this week where a Planned Parenthood director was discussing the giving of organs to whomever asked for them was how they did things.

Many have focused on Planned Parenthood’s profiting by selling infant body parts through abortions. The one video does not substantiate those claims. CMP has some proof to bring to make that case – BUT, what Planned Parenthood is doing is still morally, ethically and criminally wrong.

It does not matter if they sell or simply give away the organs. It is illegal to modify the abortion procedure simply to procure organs for trade. It does not matter if they make a profit or not.

Whether it’s criminal or not does not matter to me. Planned parenthood’s actions are offensive, inhuman and otherwise sick and twisted. But in the eyes of the law we must operate.

Focus on the manner by which abortions are changed to make sure that certain organs are saved and there is a substantial and catastrophic case for the leading killers of babies in the United States – Planned Parenthood.

In the end…

Staying even-keeled all week to make sure the stories get told takes a toll on a principled person. At the end of the week, I might just pour that short glass of bourbon and let it all out.

Now it’s your turn and I invite and look forward to your comments – whether with me or otherwise.

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Rich Mitchell

Rich Mitchell is the editor-in-chief of Conservative Daily News and the president of Bald Eagle Media, LLC. His posts may contain opinions that are his own and are not necessarily shared by Bald Eagle Media, CDN, staff or .. much of anyone else. Find him on twitter, facebook and

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  1. The betrayal of our military personnel continues. We are living in Post America and it’s a miserable place. Sleeper cells are just waiting….

    1. What has happened is a small part of what might happen. At the end of it, we might have a president who apologizes for us attempting to defend ourselves. Then again… he already is.

  2. And all of this came about with the help of the congress we elected to combat this runaway administration. Promoting abortion for the purpose of harvesting body parts from the fetus should be considered a crime against humanity. Selling the sovereignty of our country in the guise of nuclear proliferation is in truth, what traitors do. Not profiling the terrorist that have invaded the country is truly political correctness, and political correctness is the highest form of stupidity around today. Lastly, you cannot win the war against the enemy if you will not define the enemy.

  3. Being an avid believer that it is better to be pissed off than on……Let’s jump in the shower and start scrubbing !! Let’s make room for those heroes that are willing and able to lead and prepare our own selves to follow. This is not the time for the timid and cry babies. It is not a time for discourse, it is a time for unity. It is a time for soldiers. We are a Christian based Nation made possible by the Crusades that marched under the armor of HIS cross. IF we are willing, then Lady Liberty’s torch will keep shining.

  4. I never trusted Obama from day one when nobody vetted him and look what we got,a muslim that hates America,hates the military and hates white people and loads his administration with muslim brotherhood people and La Raza people like Cecelia Munoz. People voted for him just because he was black. He could have been a serial killer for all they knew,but because he was black they had to vote for him.He’s actually 50% white,45% Arab and 5% black.
    I noticed only FOX mentioned it was Clinton that put in the no guns at military base law. Don’t forget it was Clinton who said he”loathed the military.”
    In his book Obama blames white people and America for all the problems in the world when it was the caucausian race that made this the best and strongest country in the world with a living,breathing constitution. People used to come here to better themselves .Now most,not all,but most people just come here for free handouts and to rip off. I share your anger in every subject you mentioned.

  5. I concur on all of these plus several hundred more. Reading the news, even when I expect the worst, is so infuriating and depressing I can no longer write article for various blogs. The level of tyranny has elevated to the point where crying wolf no longer matters. I an saddened by the total overwhelming apathy I see on the part of the very people being enslaved.
    I will sit at home and wait to commit suicide by: federal agents, military troops, local storm troopers, muslims, blacks, UN solders, et al.

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