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Faith, Family, Football: Why Patriots Tight End Benjamin Watson Champions Life

New England Patriots football player Benjamin Watson does not shy away from standing up for his beliefs. The father of seven emphasizes the importance of engaging others in conversations on politics and culture, just as he does with his teammates. “We have those conversations,” he said. “And then we kiss and makeup and go play football.” Benjamin Watson is not ...

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A Massachusetts Abortion Clinic Is Relying On A GoFundMe To Stay Open

A Massachusetts abortion clinic is struggling to keep afloat and is using a GoFundMe account for financial support. The clinic might have to close within the next three months if it does not receive more funding. News of the clinic’s struggles comes as Massachusetts attempts to pass legislation removing parental consent requirements for minors who wish to obtain abortions. A ...

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67% Of White Evangelicals Stand Firmly Against Abortion, Poll Shows

A majority of white Evangelicals strongly support restrictions on abortion, a poll released Thursday shows. Sixty-seven percent of white Evangelicals said that they support making abortion illegal except in cases of rape or incest or in case of a threat to the mother’s life, a poll conducted by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found. The poll results ...

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Indiana AG Dropped A Report On Prolific Abortionist Ulrich Klopfer On New Year’s Eve. Here’s What’s New

The Indiana Attorney General’s office dropped a report on Ulrich Klopfer on New Years Eve. The report details an investigation into the prolific abortionist who stored thousands of fetal remains on his property. Klopfer’s clinics were found in disgusting states of disarray, the report found, and the thousands of fetal remains cannot be identified. The Indiana Attorney General’s office on ...

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The Most Extreme Pro-Abortion Policies Of 2019

Pro-abortion lawmakers fought fiercely to loosen abortion laws in 2019. January bills in New York and Virginia particularly demonstrated Democratic lawmakers’ determination to make abortion available at all stages. Lawmakers pushed to expand abortion access, to discard abortion health and safety standards, and to remove age requirements for obtaining abortions. Pro-abortion lawmakers throughout the United States sought to instate policies ...

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Pete Buttigieg Wants To Eliminate Restrictions On Abortion Drugs. The FDA Says That’s A Bad Idea

The Food and Drug Administration warned Monday that eliminating restrictions on abortion drugs, as 2020 presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has suggested, could cause “serious complications” for women. The South Bend mayor suggested ignoring the FDA’s Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) applied to the abortion drug mifepristone in a Nov. 25 survey conducted by the New York Times. REMS is ...

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Google Favors Planned Parenthood Results More Than Twice As Much As Other Search Engines Do, Report Finds

Google favors Planned Parenthood results for “abortion” more than twice as much as other search engines do, a Wall Street Journal report released Friday found. The Wall Street Journal conducted tests searching the word “abortion” over 17 days in  July and August. The tests found Planned Parenthood‘s hostname www.plannedparenthood.org contained in 39% of organic search results on the first page ...

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Catholic Bishops Have Said These Politicians Should Not Receive Communion Because Of Their Abortion Stances

A Catholic priest refused to give 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden communion, citing Biden’s pro-abortion stances.  Catholic bishops have a history of refusing to give communion to pro-abortion politicians or warning these politicians not to receive. “To be publicly endorsing and privately opposed to abortion is an evil charade,” one bishop said. Catholic bishops have a history of telling politicians ...

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Federal Judge Temporarily Blocks Alabama Abortion Ban

A federal judge temporarily blocked the passage of Alabama’s abortion ban Tuesday. Judge Myron H. Thompson of the U.S. District Court in Middle Alabama ruled that abortions will still be performed in Alabama until the “court resolves the case in full,” according to the New York Times. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the ACLU of Alabama and the Planned ...

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It Took This Pennsylvania Lawmaker Five Months To Apologize For Harassing Pro-Life Teenage Girls, Mother Says

The mother of three pro-life teenaged girls said the Pennsylvania lawmaker who harassed and tried to expose online said he finally privately apologized for his actions, five months after the incident took place. Ashley Garecht, the mother of two of the teens who Democratic Pennsylvania state Rep. Brian Sims harassed, brought her 13 and 15-year-old daughters and their friend to ...

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Abortion And Same-Sex Marriage To Be Legalized In Northern Ireland

Abortion and gay marriage will be likely be legalized at midnight in Northern Ireland. The British Parliament seized on Northern Ireland’s government-less state to add an amendment legalizing both issues in July. “This is our time, this is our battle,” says a pro-life Northern Irish leader. The British Parliament will likely legalize same-sex marriage and abortion in Northern Ireland at ...

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San Francisco Blacklists 22 States With Pro-Life Laws

The mayor of San Francisco announced Thursday that the city is blacklisting twenty-two states due to their pro-life laws. Mayor London Breed and Supervisor Vallie Brown, who is the author of the new ordinance, announced Thursday that the city will be restricting travel and limiting contracting with 22 states, according to the Los Angeles Times. The ban will go into ...

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The March for Life Just Announced Their Theme For 2020 |

WASHINGTON — The March for Life announced their 2020 theme Tuesday, emphasizing the pro-life movement’s support for women through the slogan “Life Empowers: Pro-Life is Pro-Woman.” Activists met Tuesday to unveil the 2020 March for Life’s theme in Washington, D.C. at an event where March for Life President Jeanne Mancini told those gathered, “We’ve come a long way from ‘safe legal ...

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AP Article ‘Explains’ Latin American Abortion Laws, Doesn’t Include Poll Showing Pro-Life Majorities

An Associated Press story reported on Latin American abortion laws without any mention of a Pew Research poll showing that most Latin Americans oppose abortion. A reporter at the publication covered a Mexican pro-abortion march that took place Saturday in which protesters demanded that lawmakers decriminalize abortion throughout the entire country. In a story titled “AP Explains: Abortion rights in ...

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