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Federal Judge Blocks Iowa Abortion Law Requiring Waiting Periods, Ultrasounds

A federal judge blocked an Iowa abortion law Tuesday that would require waiting periods and ultrasounds before abortions. Republican Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signed the bill into law Monday, about a week after the bill passed the Iowa state legislature, the Hill reports. “I am proud to stand up for the sanctity of every human life,” Reynolds said in a statement to ...

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Florida Gov Signs Law Requiring Parental Consent Before Girls Can Get Abortions

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a law Tuesday requiring parents or legal guardians to consent before a minor can obtain an abortion. The bill, SB 404, requires that a parent or guardian consent before a minor can obtain an abortion and increases penalties for abortion providers who refuse to comply with Florida’s requirement to care for babies born alive ...

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‘A Chilling Sign’: Roberts’ Footnote In Pro-Abortion SCOTUS Victory Left Abortion Advocates Anxious

Chief Justice John Roberts may have sided with liberal justices in an abortion case announced Monday, but a footnote in his opinion has sparked anxiety among some abortion advocates. The case involved an abortion provider challenging a 2014 Louisiana state law called the Unsafe Abortion Protection Act, which required abortion providers to have admitting privileges in a hospital within 30 miles ...

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SCOTUS Rules In Favor Of Abortion Advocates In Major Pro-Life Loss

US Supreme Court

The United States Supreme Court ruled Monday that a pro-life law violates the rights of both women and abortion providers in Louisiana. Pro-lifers had expressed both hope and anxiety over the landmark abortion ruling to the Daily Caller News Foundation ahead of the decision. The SCOTUS ruling comes after Senate Minority Leader Schumer warned Justice Brett Kavanaugh and Justice Neil Gorsuch that ...

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Tennessee Legislature Votes To Ban Abortions After A Heartbeat Can Be Detected

Abortions will be prohibited in Tennessee after an unborn baby’s heartbeat can be detected under new legislation passed in the middle of the night Thursday. The bill, which passed the Senate 23-5 on a party line shortly after 12:30 am Friday, according to the Tennessean, bans abortions after an unborn baby’s heartbeat can be detected and prohibits abortions if the ...

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‘Victory For Conscience In America’: Pro-Life Groups Applaud HHS Clarification That Sex Discrimination Does Not Include Abortion

Pro-life groups applauded President Donald Trump’s administration’s clarification Friday that sex discrimination does not include abortion.  Under the final rule, HHS will return to the government’s interpretation of sex discrimination “according to the plain meaning of the word ‘sex’ as male or female and as determined by biology.” “HHS respects the dignity of every human being, and as we have ...

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US Rejects WHO’s Abortion Language In Coronavirus Resolution

Hours after President Donald Trump threatened to quit the World Health Organization, the U.S. rejected abortion language in the World Health Organization’s coronavirus resolution. The U.S. said in a statement that it “dissociates” from the World Health Organization (WHO) language on guaranteeing the rights of poor countries to forgo intellectual property rules during emergencies in order to get medicine and ...

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Republicans Accuse Pelosi Of Using Coronavirus Cash To Fund Planned Parenthood

Lawmakers accused Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Wednesday of removing protections in her $3 trillion coronavirus bill preventing cash flow to Planned Parenthood. The House Democrats’ HEROES Act, a Phase 4 coronavirus relief package, includes language that removes taxpayer safeguards in the Paychecks Protections Program (PPP) that previously disqualified Planned Parenthood from receiving aid. President Donald Trump’s administration added these ...

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Leftists Pretending to Be Pro–Life

The WuFlu has been a godsend for the left. And I’m not talking about the startling discovery that 95 percent of the USA is willing to be confined to quarters solely on the basis of a computer model whose numbers are undergoing constant revision to repair past mistakes. Instead the China Flu gives the left an unparalleled opportunity to attack ...

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Federal Court Cites Emergency Powers, Backs Texas Abortion Ban

A federal appeals court backed Texas’ right to ban abortions during the coronavirus crisis. The court threw out a previous ruling from a lower court blocking Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s order that all non-essential medical procedures temporarily cease — including abortions. Acting Planned Parenthood President Alexis McGill-Johnson called the decision “unconscionable,” while Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton thanked the ...

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Blood of Aborted Babies on Hands of Non-Voting Christians

In my home state of Colorado, Democrat legislators voted against a bill that would require medical care be given to babies who survived abortions and were born alive. The Colorado Democrats killed House Bill 1068, which in turn allows for the slow demise of injured babies outside the womb. According to Colorado.gov, “The bill establishes a physician-patient relationship between a ...

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Northern Ireland Legalizes Abortion Without Limits For Babies With Severe Mental Or Physical Impairments

Northern Ireland has legalized abortion without limits for babies with severe mental or physical impairments. The law comes despite a consultation performed by the Northern Ireland Office that found that 79% of respondents did not support extending abortion access.  It is a “very sad day for Northern Ireland,” said former Northern Ireland minister Arlene Foster. Northern Ireland will soon enforce ...

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‘COMPLETE AND UTTER BULL****’: Abortion Supporters Furious After Ohio Shuts Down ‘Nonessential’ Abortion Providers

Abortion supporters lashed out after Ohio ordered abortion providers to shut down in light of the coronavirus. Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost sent Friday letters to the Women’s Med Center in Dayton, Ohio and Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio’s Cincinnati Surgery Center ordering the abortion clinics to stop providing any services that require personal protective equipment, Ohio Attorney General spokeswoman ...

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Demiq Virus Far Worse Than Expected!

Recently, I wrote an article accurately predicting attentions should also be focused upon the DemIQ Virus – not just the Corona Virus. Throughout American history, we manage to have brilliant people who step forward willing to risk their lives to resolve health crises issues. Patriots know the Corona Virus is not an exception to this rule. Unfortunately, the DemIQ Virus ...

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Massachusetts Bans ‘Non-Essential’ Procedures Like Colonoscopies, Knee Replacements, Allows Abortions

Massachusetts hospitals may not perform “nonessential” procedures like colonoscopies or knee replacements, but they may continue to perform abortions. Massachusetts Bureau of Health Care Safety and Quality director Elizabeth Kelley released a March 15 memorandum explaining that all procedures which are “nonessential, elective invasive” procedures will be postponed or canceled while Massachusetts is under a state of emergency, according to ...

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