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Nov. 6th Is the Day Conservatives Go On Strike

Republican incumbents are getting nervous as election day approaches. And for good reason. The political party of the left, Democrats, has energized its base while the country club conservatives in the GOP have euthanized theirs. Evidently, the strategy is to rely on muscle memory to get conservatives to the polls, because the so-called accomplishments certainly won’t. Confirming Supreme Court justices ...

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How Dare Catholic Hospitals Protect the Unborn!

FiveThirtyEight.com is an Opposition Media website that assures us of its superiority and authority: “FiveThirtyEight uses statistical analysis — hard numbers — to tell compelling stories about elections, politics, sports, science, economics and culture.” What that glowing description leaves out is that FiveThirtyEight reporters also use bias and selective ‘facts’ to color how they report their “hard numbers.” And speaking of firmness, ...

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Time for Conservatives to Go On Strike

Retiring Rep. Paul Ryan (R–NeverTrump) has revealed what he hopes will be his lasting political legacy. Ryan intends to be the last Republican Speaker of the House. Ever. And Ryan working hard to achieve his goal. The immigration bills he supports will do everything Donald Trump promised he wouldn’t do when he ran for president. Grant amnesty to DACA invaders ...

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WATCH: Host says ‘God Bless Abortions’ in Disgusting Netflix Salute

Michelle Wolf abortion special

Netflix aired a “Salute to Abortion” which was hosted by comedian Michelle Wolf on Sunday. Wolf declared, “God bless abortion.” Wolf took the opportunity of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s recent retirement to attack pro-life Americans and praise abortion. “Although it’s great for his wrinkly head,” Wolf said of Kennedy, “it could be catastrophic for reproductive rights,” she added, “It’s so ...

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Why Trump’s Supreme Court Pick Will Be Confirmed by October

Donald Trump success

The media wants a protracted, heated battle over President Trump’s choice to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, but there is absolutely no way the Democrats are going to let this become an issue in the 2018 midterm election. Trump announced Saturday that he would announce his nominee on July 9th, ensuring three things: that the selection process will ...

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Planned Parenthood Engaged In Massive Sex Abuse Cover-Up, Investigative Report Finds

  by Grace Carr Planned Parenthood has covered up sex abuse for years by failing to report victims who came to its clinics to get abortions. Live Action, a “media movement dedicated to building a culture of life and ending abortion,” published an investigative report Thursday showing that the abortion organization has been complicit in aiding sex abuse for years and turning ...

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FACT CHECK: Kamala Harris Says The Title X ‘Gag Rule’ Would Ban Clinics From Mentioning Abortion

  by Emily Larsen Sen. Kamala Harris said in a tweet Monday night that the proposed rule for Title X family planning grants would cut off funding from health clinics that mention abortion. This administration’s new gag rule is so extreme, it could result in federal funding being cut off from any health clinic that even mentions abortion. Let’s just ...

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FACT CHECK: Does Planned Parenthood Get Over $500 Million A Year In Government Funding?

  by Emily Larsen Many people on Twitter said that Planned Parenthood receives $500 million in government money every year. Planned Parenthood performs 160 abortions for every adoption referral Zero mammograms Spends millions to elect radical Democrats Performs 324,000 abortions a year If they truly did such important work, make them go find the $500 million without taxpayer support or ...

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PROJECT GRANTS AND CONTRACTS FOR FAMILY PLANNING SERVICES SEC. 1001 [300] (a)The Secretary is authorized to make grants to and enter into contracts with public or nonprofit private entities to assist in the establishment and operation of voluntary family planning projects which shall offer a broad range of acceptable and effective family planning methods and services (including natural family planning ...

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President Trump Taking Major Step Toward Ending Taxpayers’ Forced Partnership with Abortion Industry

Donald Trump success

The Trump administration is expected to announce today new regulations for the Title X family planning program that reinstates President Ronald Reagan’s “protect life rule” which protects the integrity of the program by preventing the “co-location” of family planning clinics with abortion clinics. This rule will separate abortion centers, such as Planned Parenthood, from the thousands of clinics that provide Title X ...

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Missouri To Give Planned Parenthood The Boot, Handmaids Protest

  by Grace Carr Missouri lawmakers passed a spending plan that will ensure Planned Parenthood does not receive funding through the state, and a number of disgruntled protesters dressed up as handmaids to air their grievances. Despite Missouri’s dedication to life, Planned Parenthood previously received federal funding that allowed the organization to receive money for birth control and cancer screenings ...

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HHS Mulls Appeal After Judge Forces Trump Admin To Provide Abortions For Illegals

  by Kevin Daley The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services may appeal a court decision requiring the Trump administration to provide abortions for pregnant, illegal teens in federal custody, The Daily Caller News Foundation has learned. Though the Trump administration says it has no duty to facilitate abortions, a federal judge in Washington, D.C. found new government policy ...

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What You Need to Know About Planned Parenthood

What is planned parenthood

What does Planned Parenthood really do? What do they actually stand for? President and founder of Live Action, Lila Rose, lays out everything you need to know about Planned Parenthood. Full Transcript Imagine there’s an organization that claims to stand for one thing, but actually stands for another. Imagine this organization calls itself a “health care provider,” but it’s not ...

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Trump reacts to Senate’s Failure to Advance 20-week abortion restrictions

President Donald Trump issued a statement expressing his displeasure at the Senate’s vote on a bill that would have prevented the murder of unborn babies past 20 weeks. “Recently, when I addressed the 45th annual March for Life,” the president said in opening. “I called on the Senate to pass the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, important legislation that would ...

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McConnell Announces 20 Week Abortion Ban Senate Vote

Mitch McConnell

  by Grace Carr Legislation for a 20-week abortion ban will head to the Senate for a vote on Monday after an announcement from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. “As many as 25,000 preborn babies are aborted after the 20th week of pregnancy each year in the U.S. This bill would prohibit the majority of these abortions. Twenty-five thousand lives are ...

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