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California Providing Millions Of Dollars For Illegal Alien Business Owners

California Democratic Gov. Gain Newsom confirmed that his administration is providing economic relief to businesses in his state that do not otherwise qualify for federal aid, including those owned by illegal aliens. “[W]e always consider those that are documented, those that are undocumented, those that are living in mixed-status families,” Newsom said Friday during a press conference. His remarks were ...

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Trump Admin Can’t Bar Sanctuary Cities From Receiving Law Enforcement Funding From Stimulus

The Senate’s emergency relief package includes hundreds of millions of dollars in law enforcement grants, but language in the bill specifically forbids the Trump administration from withholding these funds from sanctuary jurisdictions. Late Wednesday night, Senate lawmakers passed their $2 trillion stimulus bill aimed at reviving the U.S. economy and helping Americans make it through the current coronavirus pandemic. The ...

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Sanctuary Hell: Twice-Deported Illegal Alien Accused Of Rape In Montgomery County

An illegal alien, who has already been deported twice from the U.S. and is believed to associated with MS-13, is accused of forcibly raping a woman in Montgomery County, Maryland. A police officer was forced to pry Jose Lopez-Gonzalez, a 35-year-old man from El Salvador, off a half-naked, semi-conscious woman, Montgomery County Police are alleging in court documents obtained by ABC ...

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Surprise: Sanctuary Authorities Release Illegal Alien Charged With Child Sexual Assault, Now They Can’t Find Him

Francisco Barraza-Porras, a resident of Boulder County, Colorado, was arrested in January and charged with multiple counts of sexual child assault, but was subsequently released back into the public.  The Daily Caller News Foundation discovered that Barraza-Porras in an illegal alien, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is conducting an active investigation into his case.  ICE confirmed that Boulder County ...

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ICE Catches Illegal Alien Accused Of Child Rape After NYC Authorities Released Him From Custody

An illegal alien charged with raping a child was released by New York City authorities because of the city’s sanctuary policies, but Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents were able to apprehend him shortly afterward. ICE agents on Monday apprehend Miguel Federico Ajqui-Ajtzalam, a 20-year-old illegal alien from Guatemala, according to a press release by the agency. Ajqui-Ajtzalam was previously in ...

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WINNING: Trump Admin Can Withhold Funds From Sanctuary Cities, Appeals Court Finds

Donald Trump success

The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the White House can withhold funds from sanctuary cities, delivering a major victory for President Donald Trump’s fight with jurisdictions that refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities. The Trump administration is legally allowed to withhold millions of dollars in federal law enforcement grants from states and other localities that refuse ...

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ICE arrests drug dealer despite Philadelphia officials’ refusal to cooperate

PHILADELPHIA – On Feb. 12, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) officers arrested an illegally present Jamaican man, who was released from Philadelphia custody, despite the presence of an ICE detainer filed with local authorities. On May 24, 2009, Travas Anthony Vassell, 30, was admitted into the United States in New York on a non-immigrant ...

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‘Forced To Make At-Large Arrests’: Trump Admin Deploying Border Patrol Tactical Units To Sanctuary Cities Across The Country

Members of an elite Border Patrol unit, BORTAC, will be deployed across numerous sanctuary cities across the country to help ICE officers locate and apprehend illegal aliens.  In addition to the BORTAC officers, 100 Customs and Border Protection agents will be reassigned to sanctuary cities, helping ICE officers conduct operations in cities that refuse to help them catch criminal illegal ...

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ICE Slaps Another ‘Sanctuary’ State With Subpoenas In Bid To Force Cooperation

Ice Officer

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on Thursday issued subpoenas with Connecticut for three illegal aliens who were arrested and later released, despite ICE detainers placed on them.  All three of the illegal aliens were previously convicted criminals. ICE placed detainer requests on them, but because of the state’s “sanctuary” laws, they were released back into the public and remain at ...

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Attorney General William Barr Vows Lawsuits And ‘Significant Escalation’ Against Sanctuary Jurisdictions

Attorney General William Barr vowed Monday to escalate the fight against sanctuary jurisdictions and announced a round of lawsuits that target states and localities that refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities. The top attorney for the Trump administration announced that the Department of Justice (DOJ) would be slapping several states and localities with lawsuits over their sanctuary policies while ...

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DHS Suspends New Yorkers From Its Trusted Travelers Programs In Wake Of Illegal Alien ID Law

The Department of Homeland Security is suspending New Yorkers from enrolling in Global Entry and other Trusted Traveler Programs in response to a new state law that bans information sharing with the federal government. Acting Deputy DHS Secretary Ken Cuccinelli went into detail in a conference call Thursday with reporters on the department’s decision to no longer allow New York ...

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