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Oil Prices, Fears Rise After Iran State TV Reports It Seized Foreign Oil Tanker Accused Of Smuggling

Oil prices and fears about Iran’s ability to disrupt trade are up after Iranian state television reported Thursday the country’s Revolutionary Guard Corps seized a foreign tanker it accused of smuggling oil. Iranian state media did not identify the tanker, but the news coincides with the disappearance of a United Arab Emirates-based tanker that went dark in Iranian territorial waters ...

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US Sanctions Iran-Backed Hezbollah Officials As Tensions With Tehran Continue

The U.S. Treasury Department announced sanctions Tuesday on three Hezbollah officials accused of carrying out “Iran’s bidding.” “[Hezbollah] uses its operatives in Lebanon’s parliament to manipulate institutions in support of the terrorist group’s financial and security interests, and to bolster Iran’s malign activities,” Sigal Mandelker, Treasury’s Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, said in a statement. The sanctions come ...

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Tensions Rise In Middle-East As Iran Reportedly Increases Uranium Enrichment

Iran started enriching uranium Monday to 4.5%, an energy official said, an announcement that comes amid rising concerns of the country violating the 2015 nuclear deal. Atomic Energy Organization of Iran spokesman Behrouz Kamalvandi also hinted in a state TV interview Monday that the country might try to enrich its supply of the element to 20% purity or more and ...

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Iran Announces Another Move That Could Mean It’s Closer To Nuclear Capabilities

Iranian officials announced Sunday that the country was hours away from overstepping another term of the 2015 nuclear deal limiting its uranium enrichment. Deputy foreign minister Abbas Araghchi said Iran would continue breaking parts of the multilateral deal in 60-day increments unless it received sanctions relief as spelled out in the deal, reported The New York Times. President Donald Trump ...

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Netanyahu Wants European Sanctions For Iran Immediately

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu demanded sanctions from Europe immediately Monday, as Iran accumulates more uranium by the day. “I say again that Israel will not allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons,” Netanyahu said in a statement to Reuters. Netanyahu’s demands are a response to Iran accumulating over 660 lbs. of low-enriched uranium–a direct violation of the 2015 nuclear deal– ...

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Iran Surpasses Nuclear Fuel Stockpile Limit: State Media

Iran surpassed a key nuclear fuel stockpile limit under the 2015 Iran nuclear deal that President Donald Trump withdrew the U.S. from in 2018, according to Iran state media reports Monday. Iran breached its agreement to keep its stockpile of low-enriched uranium to about 660 pounds but has not accumulated enough to create a nuclear weapon, reported The New York ...

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Trump On Rising Iran Tensions: ‘No More John Kerry And Obama!’

President Donald Trump said that Iran’s leaders only understand “Strength and Power” and warned “No more John Kerry [and] Obama!” Tuesday on Twitter. “Iran leadership doesn’t understand the words ‘nice’ or ‘compassion,’ they never have. Sadly, the thing they do understand is Strength and Power, and the USA is by far the most powerful Military Force in the world, with ...

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Foreign Officials Respond To Pompeo’s Call To Form A Global Coalition Against Iran

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo proposed a global coalition against Iran Monday that would include Saudi Arabia, the UAE and 20 other countries. Some countries invited to join the coalition are still signatories on the Obama-era Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. European leaders from Germany, the EU and France have voiced concern over growing tensions with Iran and the U.S. ...

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Iranian General Says He’ll Put US In ‘Garbage Bin Of History’ And ‘Erase Israel’

Iranian Gen. Hossein Dehghan stated his intentions for a theoretical war with the U.S. and Israel in an interview on an Iraqi TV network. If war were to break out, “America would find itself in the garbage bin of history,” and Israel would be “erase[d] from the face of the earth,” Dehghan, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s defense adviser, said in the ...

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Trump Signs Executive Order Adding “Hard Hitting” Sanctions on Iran

President Trump told reporters Monday that he signed an Executive Order that will put additional sanctions on Iran. Watch: The order will deny Iran’s Supreme Leader and others’ access to financial instruments partially as a response to recent attacks on shipping in the Strait of Hormuz and the downing of a U.S. drone in international airspace, but the president said ...

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Watch: Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Holds Briefing on Iran Sanctions [video + transcript]

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin held an unannounced briefing to talk with the press about sanctions the administration placed on Iran Monday. Watch: Transcript: SECRETARY MNUCHIN: Hello everybody. Q Hello. SECRETARY MNUCHIN: So I think, as you know, I just left the Oval Office, where President Trump signed a new executive order authorizing even more expanded sanctions against Iran. So now ...

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Iran Says US Cyber Attacks Were A Failure

Hacking - User -Colin Wikimedia Commons CC-BY-SA-4.0

Iran said on Monday that the United States’ cyber attacks on the Iranian military failed, Reuters reports. President Donald Trump ordered a series of cyber attacks on June 20 amid growing tensions with the Iranian regime, which the U.S. Department of Defense suggested after two oil tankers were attacked in the Gulf of Oman. The cyber strikes, which were “in ...

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