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Why I Don’t Respect Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin might not have been on the stage at last night’s Tea Party Debate*, but she was, however, on the minds of many tweeters. That’s the impression I got from reading my time line, anyway. So… where was she?

We always tease our current president for leading from behind, but if that’s the case, then what is Sarah doing? Leading from an underground bunker? Because that’s what I see… She’s like the sitcom neighbor standing outside of somebody’s house, looking in the kitchen window and watching the person inside doing all the work. Right now, she’s having it both ways. She gets to stick her head in the kitchen and give her two cents about what to cook, but she doesn’t have to sweat like the rest of the people.

At this rate, Tim Pawlenty has put in more work than she has, and he quit the race weeks ago. She shows up at the same events that actual candidates are at, she speaks on the same issues (from friendly bunkers like Hannity’s show), but she never has to take the fire that “real” candidates do. I don’t see her trading jabs with Mitt Romney or Rick Perry. I don’t see her standing under the hot lights being asked questions by Brian Williams. If she wants to be the president, then where is she? To continue the kitchen metaphor, it’s almost as if she’s going to come in with a store bought side dish after everyone else has cooked up most of the Christmas dinner.

Now, I didn’t say I don’t like Sarah Palin, because I do. But if she really is going to run for the presidency of the greatest nation on earth, I’d like to see a little more work out of her. I’d like to see her engage a news outlet that doesn’t rhyme with “clocks snooze”, for starters. I’d also like to see her show up for some of these debates and not just come in after the “weak” candidates have been picked off. And I definitely want to see her make a case for herself to the near majority of Americans that don’t like her. As things stand, her support is narrow, but deep. She needs to broaden it up, and if she wants to sit in the Oval Office, she should have started doing that over a year ago.

I think Sarah Palin can be qualified to be president, but I don’t think that she’s taken the steps that are necessary to get her to the White House. Here’s probably my biggest pet peeve… She had almost three years to work on an image make over, and she pretty much squandered them. She made sure to please her base, AKA the people who will buy her books, but she never tried to undo the (unfair) demonization she suffered back in 2008.

Here’s what she’s done… Imagine there’s a fire in your back yard. But the truth is, you don’t care for your back yard anyway. You don’t really go there. So you let it burn down and then never try to rehab it at all. You just work on your front yard. But even then, you don’t keep up the whole thing. You just focus on some bushes that you really love. Then one day, you realize that you might want to sell the property. But even then, you’re not sure. You advertise on television that you might be selling it, but you never put it up for sale. Well, for whatever reason, there’s a deadline to sell it, so you put in on the market in hopes of making a good sale. The problem is, you never really prepared the property, and while prospective buyers see potential in it, they’re not sure that they’re sold.

And there you have it. Sarah has pruned the hell out her Tea Party bushes, but the rest of the yard has been somewhat neglected. And if she plans to sell the joint, she’s going to need to make some corrections pretty soon.

I like Sarah Palin, I really do. I’ve wanted her to vindicate herself in the eyes of Americans since day one. She has been demonized and persecuted unfairly. She’s been picked over with a finer comb than most candidates who are actually running. And through it all, I’ve always wanted her to make the media look like fools for the abuse they’ve shown her. I’ve wanted Katie Couric to have to drink a two liter of Diet Pepsi to wash down the crow that Sarah would feed her. But it hasn’t happened. Over two years later, we still have a woman who hides in her bunker. She only goes on Fox News, and she mainly stays on the programs that let her talk without being challenged. I’m sorry, but our president needs to be tougher than that. Rick Perry might have a lot of explaining to do about Gardasil, but at least he stands under the hot lights and does it.

I’ll say it one last time… I like Sarah Palin, but as things stand, she hasn’t given me much of reason to respect her as a potential candidate for the highest office in this land. I want her to step her game up, but even then, that would require she takes the field.


*Note:  “Last night’s debate” is a reference to the CNN Tea Party Debate that was held Monday September 12, 2011.

The Benefits of Income Inequality

A favorite talking points of the liberal left is how “the gap between the top 1% of earners and the middle class is…”. Or how “the incomes of the top 1% are growing by x% compared to the working class”. As if the top 1% doesn’t work. These citations are laughable. Not because the person spewing them is ignorant of economics, or because the successful like to see people supposedly left behind by our economic system. No, the reason these sorts of statistics make are ridiculous is because they indicate that it is still possible to get rich in this country despite starting out, well, not rich.

When someone points out that incomes for the top 1% have increased, they want their audience to assume that over time, it is the same individuals occupying the positions that make up the top 1%. “The rich get richer” is a phrase most know and even take for granted, without ever asking what it means. For example, IRS data show that by 2005, most of those who were in the top 1% of wage earners in 1996 had been replaced. This doesn’t sound like a rigid class system the left wants us to believe is in place.

Another conclusion the liberal commentator is taking for granted is that viewers/readers think that income gaps are a bad thing. The fact that conservative politicians never defend income gaps lead me to believe liberals are winning this PR battle. But let me attempt to at least begin a discussion on the matter. First, if people earn higher incomes or hold more wealth, then in a free market this is a signal to anyone else that it is achievable for them too. I think it would be much more depressing to be the richest man in the world and living in a cave than an average wage earner living in an air conditioned house with a car and a refrigerator. For the guy in the cave there isn’t anywhere else to go. For me, well, I’ve met people who live well beyond any means by which I am currently capable. This is also not a permanent condition. If I work hard enough and want that lifestyle, I can have it.

A second reason income inequality, specifically expansion at the top, is a good thing, is that overall wealth is continuing to grow at a high rate. Wealth expansion, over time, benefits everyone. If wealth were expanding faster at the bottom of the income spectrum, it would mean a devastating lack of investment opportunities. Capital doesn’t operate in a vacuum, and those who possess it generally do not hoard it. Instead, they look to place it in the hands of the capable, who will, in turn, create future income streams. These are the entrepreneurs looking to create the next big idea that we will all wait in line overnight to have. And since they force nothing on no one, without them, we all lose. Without them, quality of life stagnates. There would be no iPad, iPhone, or even rotary phone. Innovation requires capital and carries risk, but this seems lost on our liberal commentator.

Finally, an assumption that those bemoaning the gap between rich and poor want us to make is that wealth is like a pie – the more you have, the less I have. While at any given time, in a momentary snapshot, it is true that wealth is fixed. But next year, next month, or even in the next second, total wealth in the world can expand or contract. Throughout history, it has expanded, with most all of it happening since the Enlightenment. Instead of a pie, it is more accurate to think of wealth as the number system. Any number you can imagine, no matter how large, there exists an infinite amount higher. It is the same with an economy. While all of the assets in the world are finite, there is always room to expand. We can all get richer, and despite efforts to convince you otherwise, we have all gotten richer. Life expectancy and quality are at all time highs. It can keep moving upward, although much more easily if people are encouraged to create, rather than made to feel jealous of those who have.

Drill Baby Drill! Sign The White House US Oil Drilling Petition!

“Your voice in our Government”… so they say!

According to the new We The People part of our government website, they want to hear from us- the actual people who make up this great nation!

We The People is Live!

Welcome to We the People on This tool provides you with a new way to petition the Obama Administration to take action on a range of important issues facing our country. If a petition gets enough support, White House staff will review it, ensure it’s sent to the appropriate policy experts, and issue an official response.

Has the Obama White House finally given up their leftist agenda? Has Barack Obama finally realized he is the President of the ENTIRE United States, rather than just the kool-aid drinkers?

I most certainly wouldn’t stake any money on it, but We The People have a chance to have our voices heard LOUD AND CLEAR!

The official White House website has a petition to open up domestic oil drilling sites, as well as refineries.  The petition must have at least 5,000 signatures within 30 days of going live. This petition went live September 24, so by October 24 all of the signatures must be in. As of the time of the posting of this article, there are 23 signatures.


Go to to sign the petition:

Open up AMWR, the Gulf Of Mexico, and other places to domestic oil drilling, along with new refineries.

The United States needs to produce it’s own oil and do away with our reliance on foreign sources. It is imperative that we open up those areas within US property to domestic drilling and production, as well as building new refineries.

Tea Party Only Half-Racist

If we are to take the preposterous stance promulgated by leftists like Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton and now, Morgan Freeman, that anyone who opposes President Obama’s policies and ambitions is doing so solely on race, then let’s make sure we are being accurate – The Tea Party can only be half-racist, because Barack Obama is only half-black.

His mother is Caucasian and therefore Obama is technically the first “half-black” President.  The first Fully-black President is yet to be elected.  So, by definition, those who oppose Obama can only be “half-racist”.

Let’s apply this on a larger scale.  Up until the 2008 election, according to the logic (or lack thereof) supplied by the race baiters, everyone who ever voted in a presidential election from 1789 on would have to be classified as racist, for they did not vote for the black candidate.  Of course, most would raise the fact that up until 2008, no minority (or half-minority) candidate had ever been selected as a nominee of a major political party, but why let pesky things like facts get in our way now?  Every Democrat who voted in the 1988 presidential primaries, and did not vote for Jesse Jackson must have been a racist.  For that matter, those who voted for Michael Dukakis in the general election should also be considered residual racists.  All Kerry supporters in 2004 are also guilty of racism – they didn’t vote for Al Sharpton.

It could even be said that supporters of Barack Obama’s campaign in 2008 are at least half-racist themselves.  You see, when given a choice between Obama and the fully black Cynthia McKinney, who was the Green Party nominee in ’08, they went with the half-white guy.

Rush Limbaugh has a phrase – demonstrate absurdity by being absurd.  For those who have had their funny bones surgically removed (I like to call them Liberals), you may need to look up the meaning of a joke – a story with a humorous climax. Reading an article like this might make a sane person exclaim, “half-this, half-that?  What’s the difference??!!” – EXACTLY!!

I am not considered to be a minority by conventional means, but I can imagine that those who TRULY had to endure discrimination and condescension based on the melanin content of their skin would be pretty upset when charges of racism are thrown around in such a cavalier manner.  It desecrates their sacrifices and it minimizes their struggles.  And… it’s just flat down untrue.

A wise man once said that he had a dream that, “my grandchildren will be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”  Electing a man of color was indeed a significant step for America, but that wise man’s dream will not come to pass until we elect someone President for one reason and one reason only – they are the best candidate for the job.

Mack: FEMA Flap Just Latest of White House Lies

WASHINGTON, Sept. 27, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Congressman Connie Mack (FL-14) blasted President Obama and White House officials this afternoon for lying to the American public and employing scare tactics in order to coerce Congress into passing more unnecessary spending. In a letter to fellow members of Congress, Mack cites the Administration’s use of “false numbers and moving timelines” in their attempt to gain more funding for FEMA.

Mack stated: “The American people and each of us should be outraged by this recurring game being foisted upon us by an Administration that believes there is no difference between telling the truth and telling a lie when it suits their purposes.”

Sadly, this is not the first time the White House has knowingly lied to the American people to get what they wanted. This President personally promised “shovel-ready” jobs in 2009 for a stimulus that produced no jobs and is a drag on the economy. That same year he promised lower health care costs if Congress passed his health care bill, only to see costs soar. More recently, he moved the debt ceiling deadline a full two and a half months, from May to August, and threatened to stop benefits to veterans and social security checks to seniors, prompting Americans to question whether the ultimatums from and motives of this White House are valid.

“Democrats and Republicans alike need to let the President and his White House know that we are fed up with their lies and tired of their tactics,” Mack added.

A copy of Congressman Mack’s letter can be found below:

September 27, 2011

Dear Colleague:

It is clearer than ever that this Administration cannot tell the truth.

In this latest example, the President and his advisers used false numbers and moving timelines to scare both the public and the Congress into taking action on legislative matters under false pretenses.  They even duped Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid into believing that FEMA would run out of money when they knew it wasn’t true, making him lie to the rest of the Congress.  It’s a disgrace.

The American people and each of us should be outraged by this recurring game being foisted upon us by an Administration that believes there is no difference between telling the truth and telling a lie when it suits their purposes.

Democrats and Republicans alike need to let the President and his White House know that we are fed up with their lies and tired of their tactics.



Member of Congress

Republicans – PLEASE Don’t Eat Your Young

When the smoke finally cleared from the 2008 Republican primaries, many stared in utter disbelief at the last man standing – the one that would go up against a new, vibrant Democrat at the peak of the financial crisis of 2008….  John McCain. The collective, yet unspoken thought was, “… How the HELL did that happen??!!”

It’s simple really.  In the attempt to force the Republican candidates into the Reagan mold invariably ended up causing irreparable damage to their campaigns and, as they fell, one by one, mortally wounded, John McCain emerged from behind his moderate rock and walked to the finish line.

Please do not misunderstand; John McCain is a fine man and a true American Hero.  He would have definitely made a better President that the current one (although that really isn’t saying much – that’s like says I would be a better baseball player than Jabba the Hut).  Yet the fact remains that we ended up picking off all of our candidates because they were not genetically identical to Reagan – and when I mean “we”, I mean we CONSERVATIVES!  It wasn’t the left wing media.  They died from friendly fire.

So now we enter another election cycle.  Things are different, yet the same.  The economy is in the tank, both parties are pointing fingers at the opposition and the Democrats are running a charismatic speaker who will most assuredly woo the ignorant and rubber stamp liberals who will never realize that he is indeed an economic socialist.  However, with 3 years of his own political baggage around his neck, Obama will be a significant number of people who drank his Kool-Aid in 1008 that will be immune to its effects this time around.

For many it’s not Republican candidate vs. Obama; it’s Republican candidate vs. staying home.  So what could possibly keep these folks from exercising their God given right to vote?  Simple.  The Republicans nominating a wonder bread, monotone, less-interesting-than-watching-paint-dry-candidate would cause the masses (independents in particular) to stay home in droves.

Watching the last string of debates, I am getting terrifying flashbacks from 2007-2008, when I stood by helplessly and watched as every early front runner was paraded up to stand next to the golden statue of Reagan, judged to be wanting and then flushed down the political crapper.  Every time, it was conservatives, not liberals, that were pulling the trigger.  As a result, by the time primaries has started in earnest, candidates that may have had a real shot at stopping the coming Obama-nation were too weak to stand.  Result: a “moderate” candidate and a thorough whipping at the polls.  Oh and an extra 4 trillion (and rising) of debt, class warfare, racial tension and the unprecedented shafting of our closest allies.

We are seeing it once again.  Perry gets in the race, the peasants rejoice!  Three weeks later, he’s a speed bump.  Now Cain has made a leap with the stunning win of the Florida straw poll as well as a Zogby poll released today (9/27) that has him up 11 points on Perry.  Is he next?  And there is yet more clamoring for Chris Christie to throw his hat in the ring?  Really?  Nothing against Christie, but how long would it take for us to cannibalize him?

Michael Reagan said it best, “even Ronald Reagan wasn’t Ronald Reagan when he was first elected.”  The President’s adopted, yet only true son has it right.  He points out that if Ronaldus Maximus was running today, we’d probably bash him for raising taxes and approving no-fault divorce in California.

This is why Reagan’s 11th commandment may be the best gift he ever gave the Republican party (and THAT is saying a lot!) – “Thou shalt not criticize other Republicans!”

To the candidates: if you can’t raise yourself up unless you tear someone else down, you don’t deserve to sit in the Oval Office.  To the Pundits: as any little league dad would say to an umpire wannabe, “Let them play!”.   To the rest of us: do you OWN homework, stay vigilant and keep your eyes on the prize.  We don’t necessarily need the best candidate; we need the RIGHT candidate (play on words intended).

The Dark Side with Kira Davis 9/27

Tonight on the Dark Side with Kira Davis we’ll talk about Herman Cain and the Impossible Campaign.  Why is Cain resonating among voters right now?  What’s next for the campaign?  Also, Obama continues his Fundraiser to Ask Rich People to to Not Be So Rich All the Time tour with a stop at the Black Caucus and has a controversial slip of the tongue…maybe?  Plus we’ll take your calls about it all and anything else you want to discuss.  Come over to the Dark Side and join us tonight at 7p.m. Pacific, 10 p.m. ET on the CDNews Radio Network.  Yes, there will be cookies.

A Hero's Response to Morgan Freeman

Emery McClendon, husband, father, retired Air Force, Christian, amateur radio guy & Tea Party activist

While the majority of the media focuses on talking heads and high profile political types when it comes to responses to Morgan Freeman’s recent accusation that the Tea Party is racist, one Tea Party activist has a unique perspective.

Emery McClendon, Tea Party Organizer, Air Force retiree and regular guy with a 9 to 5 job in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, has a lot to say about those allegations.

“My initial reaction was ‘What movie is coming out? Is he trying to get attention?'” says McClendon. “The motivation is, I think, to use this as a publicity stunt. It’s a complete reversal from his previous statements on ABC.”

The previous statements McClendon is referring to are from an interview with Mike Wallace of ABC in which Freeman explains the way to eliminate racism is to stop talking about it. He also thinks that Black History Month is “ridiculous” and renders Wallace speechless when Freeman asks him about white history month.

“I’m going to stop calling you a white man and I’m going to ask you to stop calling me a black man,” Freeman says in the 60 Minutes interview.

View a clip of the 2009 interview here. Morgan Freeman on race 2009

Freeman’s latest film, Dolphin Tale, was just released this month.

McClendon began his activism with the Tea Party in 2009 following the Rick Santelli rant about housing subsidies. McClendon saw an opportunity to get involved in framing the future of America and began work assembling the largest gathering at the courthouse square that Ft. Wayne had ever seen. More than 1,000 people from the Allen County and surrounding areas came to hear multiple speakers, experience patriotic comaraderie and protest excessive spending and overreach by the government.

McClendon now travels the country encouraging others to join the Tea Party movement.

When asked, “at the hundreds of events you’ve attended with Tea Party activists, how many instances of racism have you experienced?” McClendon wastes no time with his answer. “Absolutely zero.”

“For all the racist comments [from the media, politicians and Hollywood] to come out, I think it’s fear. Fear from the Congressional Black Caucus, fear from the establishment types, etc.,” says McClendon. “They don’t know what to do with this movement. The tea party came on strong and happened fast so they’re afraid of it.”

McClendon also thinks that many of those who are accusing the Tea Party of racism have never been to a Tea Party event. It irritates him that so many people on television who have never even been to a Tea Party rally are making racist accusations without doing any investigating on their own.

“People want to know what the Tea Party is really all about. They should at least take the time to go to at least one event and see what they don’t see on TV. I’ve witnessed firsthand how attending just one event can change opinions.”

To learn more about Emery McClendon and hear him speak at an upcoming event, you can simply Google his name for hundreds of hits or follow him on Twitter, which references his amateur radio handle. He is also an organizer for Ft. Wayne 9-12 project, featured on MSNBC’s “Faces of the Tea Party” and the recipient of Americans For Prosperity’s Activist of the Year Award.

Herman Cain LEADS in new Zogby Poll

cainHerman Cain leads in the new Zogby Poll published today.  Twenty-Eight Percent (28%) of poll respondents picked Mr. Cain, while Rick Perry’s woes continue as he plummeted to 18%, followed closely by Mitt Romney, with 17%, and Ron Paul at 11%.

It is worth noting that this poll took place after the GOP debate on Thursday, September 22, but before the Florida Straw poll the following Saturday.  This proves that the Herman Cain Train is rolling under its own power.  Two weeks ago, Zogby had Cain at just 12%, and one month ago, he was sitting at 8%, so in the course of just four weeks, Mr. Cain has gained twenty percentage points.  Impressive.

This underscores the lukewarm feeling most Republican voters have for Mitt Romney.  Zogby has his numbers staying consistently in the 15-17 point range, likely made up of his core group of supporters who will not vote for any other candidate.  Initially, Michelle Bachman was surging, and actually led this poll back in July, but her message has gotten very flat.

Rick Perry, also, initially benefited from this when he entered the race, but Perry’s series of missteps and poor debate performances opened the door for Herman Cain, who’s simple, no-nonsense approach has earned him a lot of notice and respect recently.

The Zogby poll also shows President Obama’s approval rating down to 42% with 57% disapproving of his job as President.

Obviously, polls are polls.  These numbers may not be reflective of the actual feel of the American voters at large, but it is still interesting, nonetheless.

Would 230,000 New Jobs Get Obama Reelected?

A trillion taxpayer dollars wasted here and another trillion or so wasted over there, and we still have unemployment over 9%.  So what is an incumbent President to do to get reelected under such dismal U/E numbers, considering that in all of modern U.S. electoral history no sitting President has ever been reelected with an U/E rate over 7.2% ? As the economists, bloggers and media mouthpieces  across the nation tell us every single day,  the 2012 election will be all about JOBS, JOBS, JOBS.  So what is a president to do to make it appear as if he is creating the number of new jobs that America needs to point to a real recovery of  the going-on-3-year-Obama-recession that we face today? 

The Obama administration has already added a very large number of taxpayer-funded employees to the government payroll in the last 3 years, ( 379k in Obama first year alone here)  which adds to the already skyrocketing yearly deficits, and decreases actual operating funds for other government programs, as common sense business calculations prove.  The Obama administration and the current crop of Liberal fake democrats in Congress today just can not seem to grasp the reality of these facts.  In keeping with the Liberal big government expansion of the last few years that has proven to be a huge part of our current economic problems of  finding and authorizing funding for such important programs as FEMA and transportation projects. This points directly at a serious cash flow problem within the U. S. government today, yet  Barack Obama seems to think that expanding the government even further will magically reduce our deficits.  That statement is proven by the latest big government expansion plot that was exposed in this article by Ben Howe over at  EPA Calls Compliance With Own Law “Absurd or Impossible” and Requests 230k new Employees.  We have to wonder how the Extreme Political Activists at the EPA came up with that number in  their recently demanded increase of taxpayer funded government employees. Why not just round it off and ask for a quarter of a million new government climate change propagandists and business-bullies posing as ” EPA regulators” and assorted pencil pushers?   Ben Howe also outlined how the EPA is actually breaking their own laws in trying to assist Obama’s plan to expand big government and increase it’s power over the people.. at taxpayers expense, of course. Government jobs do not increase government revenue, contrary to Liberal ideology where bigger government is their solution to everything.

As stated above, these new jobs would serve the purpose of enforcing all of the new regulations under the Clean Air Act  which was created by the EPA in 2009.  So why are courts involved?  Because the EPA is deliberately violating the very Clean Air Act they are intending to enforce.

Mr Howe went on to cite how The Institute for Energy Research used sections of the EPA’s very own court brief in showing how ludicrous this big government expansion truly is, and the EPA’s own stated reasons for it, which included the following very informative tidbits:

Sources needing operating permits would jump from 14,700 to 6.1 million as a result of application of Title V to greenhouse gases, a 400-fold increase.…Hiring the 230,000 full-time employees necessary to produce the 1.4 billion work hours required to address the actual increase in permitting functions would result in an increase in Title V administration costs of $21 billion per year. (emphasis mine)

There we see that during the current harsh economic times that forces households across America to cut back on their budget to make ends meet, Obama appointee Lisa Jackson and company at the EPA want to strap another 230k government paychecks onto the backs of the working class taxpaying citizens. Instead of accepting the obviously painful fact that our government must be cut back to stem the bleeding known as our $1.5 trillion dollar deficits that led to the first U.S credit downgrade in American history due to increasing our debt load, these lunatics want to expand big government exponentially.  Considering that democratic operative James Carville stated that the Democratic Party was set up for a 40-year dynasty after Obama was elected, we now see how big government expansion fits into their long-term plans to remain in power.  The Extreme Political Activists that Obama has installed into the EPA have been bypassing Congress for years and trying to create laws by passing new regulations, which a federal judge explained in detail from  The New Media Journal:

      Federal Judge Slaps Down EPA”s Attempt to Create law by Regulation

A federal court has sharply rebuked the EPA for exceeding its statutory authority. On May 26, 2011, Judge Richard Leon of the federal district court for the District of Columbia ruled that the agency’s regulatory process cannot trump a clear Congressional mandate, nor override judicial authority to compel EPA’s compliance with the law. (emphasis mine)


In summary we see that the EPA is caught making laws by regulation by over-stepping their authority more and more every day. The  Extreme Political Activists of today feel that they are somehow above the rule of law.  Now they want another 230,000 taxpayer funded employees to continue their march towards a Liberal Socialist agenda of crushing businesses, and stealing hard-earned wealth through over-regulation based on their phony climate change propaganda. When will the American public stand up to these tyrants and demand an end to the EPA? Not a stiff cut in taxpayer funding, but a complete end to this Marxist manipulation of our system of government by the Extreme Activists in the EPA ? You can also bet the bank that if Obama and Jackson manage to  pull this power-grab/snow-job of a  massive increase in taxpayer-funded EPA employees over on Congress, we will see liberals across the land using those 230k jobs to try to paint themselves as being the real job creation saviors of the middle class in America. Those soundbites might sound good for about a week, until the middle class citizens actually get the bill for it, which will come in the form of higher taxes once again.


The State of Georgia’s Sharia-Friendly Curriculum.

Why is the practice of Sharia law being promoted in Georgia Schools?

A father in Georgia who took the time to look through his 7th grade daughter’s homework was shocked to find that polygamy was encouraged and spoken highly of in a school assignment that was supposed to correlate to school uniforms and dress code.

Here is the actual paragraph from the assignment.

“My name is Ahlima and I live in Saudi Arabia. … Perhaps two differences Westerners would notice are that women here do not drive cars and they wear abuyah. An abuyah is a loose-fitting black cloth that covers a woman from head to toe. I like wearing the abuyah since it is very comfortable, and I am protected from blowing sand. … I have seen pictures of women in the West and find their dress to be horribly immodest. … Women in the West do not have the protection of the Sharia as we do here. If our marriage has problems, my husband can take another wife rather than divorce me, and I would still be cared for. … I feel very fortunate that we have the Sharia.”

The student’s father says that there should have been a disclaimer that this is not what we believe.

I would take it a step further, and demand that our 7th grade children should be taught that polygamy is against the law.

While they are at it, perhaps they can explain why these “liberated women” are not allowed to drive cars….?

Perhaps they can also explain why men are depicted as animals so lustful and out of control that women must shroud themselves in blankets of cloth to “protect themselves” from their lustful eyes.
What a life of fear these women must lead!

As I listen to the video, I wonder… how many 7th graders are in this school, and why have so few mommies and daddies made an effort to be heard, or to make a comment regarding this teaching?

I’d also like to know why the state of Georgia selected a curriculum like this to pour into the young impressionable minds of their children.

Answers we deserve, but may never get.

Please, do us all a favor, Cobb County School Officials.
Pitch the curriculum and continue to teach the children what a real marriage is, that women should be allowed to drive cars, that women don’t have to shroud themselves in curtains, that men aren’t animals to be protected from, and that there is such a thing as freedom, and that a life under Sharia law is not it.

To watch the video by WSBTV, click on this link:
WSBTV Video – Sharia Law in Cobb County Schools

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