Tea Party Only Half-Racist

If we are to take the preposterous stance promulgated by leftists like Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton and now, Morgan Freeman, that anyone who opposes President Obama’s policies and ambitions is doing so solely on race, then let’s make sure we are being accurate – The Tea Party can only be half-racist, because Barack Obama is only half-black.

His mother is Caucasian and therefore Obama is technically the first “half-black” President.  The first Fully-black President is yet to be elected.  So, by definition, those who oppose Obama can only be “half-racist”.

Let’s apply this on a larger scale.  Up until the 2008 election, according to the logic (or lack thereof) supplied by the race baiters, everyone who ever voted in a presidential election from 1789 on would have to be classified as racist, for they did not vote for the black candidate.  Of course, most would raise the fact that up until 2008, no minority (or half-minority) candidate had ever been selected as a nominee of a major political party, but why let pesky things like facts get in our way now?  Every Democrat who voted in the 1988 presidential primaries, and did not vote for Jesse Jackson must have been a racist.  For that matter, those who voted for Michael Dukakis in the general election should also be considered residual racists.  All Kerry supporters in 2004 are also guilty of racism – they didn’t vote for Al Sharpton.

It could even be said that supporters of Barack Obama’s campaign in 2008 are at least half-racist themselves.  You see, when given a choice between Obama and the fully black Cynthia McKinney, who was the Green Party nominee in ’08, they went with the half-white guy.

Rush Limbaugh has a phrase – demonstrate absurdity by being absurd.  For those who have had their funny bones surgically removed (I like to call them Liberals), you may need to look up the meaning of a joke – a story with a humorous climax. Reading an article like this might make a sane person exclaim, “half-this, half-that?  What’s the difference??!!” – EXACTLY!!

I am not considered to be a minority by conventional means, but I can imagine that those who TRULY had to endure discrimination and condescension based on the melanin content of their skin would be pretty upset when charges of racism are thrown around in such a cavalier manner.  It desecrates their sacrifices and it minimizes their struggles.  And… it’s just flat down untrue.

A wise man once said that he had a dream that, “my grandchildren will be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”  Electing a man of color was indeed a significant step for America, but that wise man’s dream will not come to pass until we elect someone President for one reason and one reason only – they are the best candidate for the job.

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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. If American’s think that opposing Obama means you are a racist, then American’s need someone to tell them about what Socialism is, what Maxism is, and what Communism is. They also need to be educated on what a fascist is, and what fascism is and if mentioning Hitler spoils the mix then don’t say anything about Hitler, just leave him out, but point out the fact that fascism is when the government takes the position that no individual has rights unless they are given them by the government. Tell American’s whether they want to hear it or not, but do it in a way where you don’t have to mention Socialism or say the word Socialist, Marxist, or Communists.

    Then show the proof of what you are saying and identify who the people are that are helping turn this country into a fascist police state, which is what it has become. Every damn cop I see has black combat pants on, combat boots, a thigh holster with a glock in it, all his gear on a belt with another glock on it, black combat shirt or black tee shirt, buzzed hair cut, or shaved bald, pumped muscles, and an attitude. If that is not a paramilitary person then I don’t know what is. And if he’s got two guns showing you can bet he’s go another one on his ankle. And he’s stopping 80 year old women for changing lanes without a turn signal? What does he plan on doing once he has her stopped? And is he going to tase her if she tells him to go to hell for stopping her for something as bogus as not using a little light on the back of the car to tell everyone she’s moving the vehicle over? Give me a break.

    The left have already used a smear campaign some time ago before last Nov. elections that anyone who uses that word Socialist was some kind of crack pot and didn’t know what he was talking about. Of course they did the same thing when we came up with the question about his birth certificate. Any time the left doesn’t want American’s to know something they smear, denigrate the person with the message, demonize anyone who even mentioned the word Marxist, and embarrass the Tea Party activists who hold up signs with Obama is a Marxist on them by saying that person doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Education is important to informing the people so they will be able to tell right from wrong. But “who controls the message controls the people” came from a Communist, or Hitler or someone who was dishonest and trying to get away with some crime or wrong doing against the people.

    Like the word racist, the words Socialist, Marxist, and Communist and the attacks of those who weald them, need to become nonaffectual anymore to American’s.

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