Herman Cain LEADS in new Zogby Poll

cainHerman Cain leads in the new Zogby Poll published today.  Twenty-Eight Percent (28%) of poll respondents picked Mr. Cain, while Rick Perry’s woes continue as he plummeted to 18%, followed closely by Mitt Romney, with 17%, and Ron Paul at 11%.

It is worth noting that this poll took place after the GOP debate on Thursday, September 22, but before the Florida Straw poll the following Saturday.  This proves that the Herman Cain Train is rolling under its own power.  Two weeks ago, Zogby had Cain at just 12%, and one month ago, he was sitting at 8%, so in the course of just four weeks, Mr. Cain has gained twenty percentage points.  Impressive.

This underscores the lukewarm feeling most Republican voters have for Mitt Romney.  Zogby has his numbers staying consistently in the 15-17 point range, likely made up of his core group of supporters who will not vote for any other candidate.  Initially, Michelle Bachman was surging, and actually led this poll back in July, but her message has gotten very flat.

Rick Perry, also, initially benefited from this when he entered the race, but Perry’s series of missteps and poor debate performances opened the door for Herman Cain, who’s simple, no-nonsense approach has earned him a lot of notice and respect recently.

The Zogby poll also shows President Obama’s approval rating down to 42% with 57% disapproving of his job as President.

Obviously, polls are polls.  These numbers may not be reflective of the actual feel of the American voters at large, but it is still interesting, nonetheless.

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