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What Lives Matter?

Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement are some, not all, of the groups involved in the rioting, looting, the dismantling of western civilization as we know it. They receive support from a growing number of corporations, politicians, sports groups, and everyday people.  These individuals are nothing more then violent anarchists who have little regard for life, liberty or the ...

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A Minneapolis Neighborhood’s Bold Experiment in Victimhood

The New York Times has a story that’s entertaining reading for conservatives. It concerns a mostly white, solidly leftist neighborhood so inspired by the death of George Floyd at the hands of a rogue policeman, they decided to volunteer to become victims, too. Rapidly the residents of Minneapolis’ Powderhorn Park began living in Powderkeg Park. Almost en masse, the “progressive ...

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More Than 75% Of Americans Approve Of The Police In Their Community: Poll |

There is a disparity between how Americans view policing and how they view policing in their own communities, a national poll found. Seventy-seven percent of respondents said they approved of how their local police did their job, according to the Quinnipiac poll released Wednesday. Debate over police reform has been heating up in the wake of the death of George ...

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New York Disbands Plainclothes Anti-Crime Unit, Reassigns 600 Officers

The New York Police Department’s anti-crime unit has been disbanded, the department announced on Monday. The citywide unit was comprised of roughly 600 plainclothes officers tasked with removing illegal guns from the streets, NBC News reported. The change represents “a seismic shift in the culture of how the NYPD polices this great city,” Commissioner Dermot Shea said at a news ...

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The Democrats’ far-left policies threaten each and every American

The warning signs have been there for years. Americans were told that the old-school Democrats were a thing of the past and that the party had morphed into an unstable, far left, socialist engine. Initially, these far-left Democrats proposed ideas and policies that threatened to bankrupt the nation and/or ruin the nation financially, such as universal healthcare and/or the Green ...

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Cutting Police Funding Will Lead To Understaffing, Reduced Training, Union Official Says

Restricting funding to police departments takes away from valuable resources and training for officers, a police union official says. Proponents of the movement to defund police, who generally do not advocate for the abolition of a police force, want to redirect some police funding to other public initiatives and encourage other reforms. Minneapolis city officials are considering mandating private insurance ...

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Police Unions Abandon Biden After He Promotes Cop Reform

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden earlier in his career demonstrated support for police officers and their organized groups, but some in the law enforcement community claim he’s switched views amid the George Floyd riots. Officers are finding themselves on the receiving end of mass violence in the midst of countrywide demonstrations that have resulted from the untimely death of George ...

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Only Murderers Are Allowed to Be Amateurs

Even coverage of an attempted mass shooting successfully stopped by the NRA’s “Good guy with a gun” is not immune from the Opposition Media’s anti–gun agenda. One of the bedrock beliefs of the gun–grabber crowd is the average citizen has no need to own a gun, unless the weapon is strictly for hunting and safely stored somewhere in the Fortress ...

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Trump Gets Rid Of Another Of Obama’s Bad Ideas

Donald Trump presidential weekly address

The Left is upset with President Donald Trump because he is ending Barack Obama‘s ban on allowing police departments to purchase military-grade weapons from the Department of Defense. It’s almost as though if Obama issued a bad, injurious executive order, that each and all subsequent presidents must worship the edict and no one shall be permitted to rescind it. The ...

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WATCH: Ride-Along with Police through LA’s worst neighborhoods [video]

Police in inner cities

On the night of Dec. 28, 2016, Dennis Prager accompanied the Los Angeles Police Department through some of L.A.’s worst neighborhoods. “The hatred – it’s unlike, at least I believe, unlike something you’ll ever see,” the lead officer told Dennis before getting to the gang-infested neighborhoods. “Racism is so prevalent in the inner city.” The video illustrates the problems our ...

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To Protect and Serve

Whether you like the police or not we all have experiences in dealing with them in one capacity or another. Officers are human beings, your neighbor and maybe part of your own family. Robo Cop has yet to get a patrol car or go on duty. So why do so many public safety careerists want to be separate from the ...

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Portland police push, pepper spray protesters out of city hall [Video]


Portland police pushed protesters out of city hall when an unruly protest ensued after the city council approved a police contract that included pay increases to help the city recruit badly needed additional police officers. By the end of the month, the 880-member Portland Police Bureau will have nearly 90 vacancies due to retirements and another 385 officers are projected to retire ...

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Government Literally Gets Away With Murder

Two weeks ago we saw the results of the government’s failure to check all immigrant screening avenues, in this case, an individual’s social media postings, when processing the visa application for the Muslim woman who ended up killing fourteen American citizens in San Bernardino, California.  The Obama administration didn’t want to impose on this fine lady’s privacy so officials just ...

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So you think cops are paid too much?

In the new world which is our reality, it’s often hard to remember that MOST Policemen ARE NOT the Police State! Yes, there are those who let the power go to their head. But there are MANY more who have taken an Oath to SERVE AND PROTECT! May God bless each of these men and women who put their lives ...

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