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Government Literally Gets Away With Murder

Two weeks ago we saw the results of the government’s failure to check all immigrant screening avenues, in this case, an individual’s social media postings, when processing the visa application for the Muslim woman who ended up killing fourteen American citizens in San Bernardino, California.  The Obama administration didn’t want to impose on this fine lady’s privacy so officials just asked a few perfunctory questions about whether she was a terrorist or not (and of course she lied about that), and let her enter the country to do her intended killings. Along these same ineffective lines, Obama has never bombed Syrian oil wells nor launched a missile against an ISIS oil transport truck because he didn’t want to contribute to the leftist lie of global warming, and probably feared that the fire that would result from a missile strike on a truck would end the world via a carbon over-dose. The social media and the oil truck things prove the total idiocy and the complete lack of common sense of our government’s leftist, politically correct positions: Americans are literally fighting for their lives in an increasingly violent world and our president is either worried about being nice and not imposing on an enemy’s privacy, or is overly cautious of attacking our enemies for fear of killing a protected desert rat. This stupidity defies explanation, unless you come to the conclusion that Obama is intentionally allowing Muslim murderers into America to teach this nation a lesson and bring us down a notch or two.  Why else would Obama insist on importing tens of thousands of Syrian refugees to America when ISIS has put us on alert that they will infiltrate those masses with their own terrorists who will then launch attacks on the American cities?

We need to use all tools at our disposal to totally and completely defeat and kill all of our enemies, whether here or in Syria, and we must make every effort to keep any potential terrorist out of our country. But our brave president sees things differently and, as usual for a liberal/leftist, he blames America first for all the world’s problems.

Recently Obama and one of his administrations’ assistants were quoted trying to assure the American public that thorough, exhaustive and extensive checks are made on each visa applicant, taking from 12 to 18 months, in order to be sure that no bad people are admitted to our country. They were discussing the influx of Syrian “refugees” that Obama insists on letting in regardless of how many Muslim terrorists attacks we see happening around the world. But now we have proof that few if any checks are actually made and that Obama and his administration are bald-faced liars. If Obama had wanted these murderers to enter the country to attack Americans he couldn’t have devised smoother access than the current screening process that allows them to pass without detection.

Extending the point of government incompetence by looking back at distant history, you may recall a few years ago several children were killed by dashboard mounted airbags which activated with too much pressure when the cars in which they were riding experienced crashes. We subsequently learned that the Chrysler Corporation warned the government at the time of the designing of the automobile airbags, that the government edicted pressure was too great and could cause harm to a small person sitting in the front seat. The government, of course, knew better than Chrysler, so the bad regulation was kept and became law, decapitating several small children.

If Chrysler had been the one to design the too-powerful airbag pressure release device that caused deaths, the government would have put the CEO in jail and fined the company into oblivion, and in today’s world Obama would have endlessly told us how cruel and criminal corporations are and how they hate children and women and small animals and…. (You get the picture).  But since the government made the fatal error, the issue was quickly swept under the carpet and the government went on to its next fatal mistake.

How can a democracy continue to exist when all we get from our top officials are lies and cover-ups?  It can’t!  And neither can that nations’ citizens exist when the government permits people who want to kill us to enter with nearly no screening.  Obama refused to carpet-bomb Syria to eliminate ISIS terrorists residing there because he was concerned with the environmental destruction that would result from such strikes, as oil transport trucks and oil wells were blown up and burned.  He cares more about an oil fire than about American citizens’ lives.

Both of the above are examples of how government, and especially the current anti-American administration of Barack Obama, not only get things disastrously wrong, but demonstrate that government never pays a price for its errors, and the people who make those errors also never pay a price for doing so (further examples would be the IRS scandal that has gone away; Hillary getting no punishment for keeping an illegal email system and receiving Top Secret emails over an un-secured server; and also Hillary skating after ignoring requests for increased security in Benghazi with the result that four Americans were killed there, and then lying to the victims’ families about the parties responsible for the murders), whereas private industry is always fined, people get fired when they don’t keep proper records or if they do something that accidently injures people, and law suits are always brought against such companies by either the injured party or by the government, or both, because liberal government has the mindset that industry is always careless and corner-cutting and cares not at all for public nor employee safety.

But probably the currently most vilified individuals in America are the police officers that we depend upon to keep us safe and lend assistance during emergencies. But the Obama administration wants to blame and prosecute these public servants when anything unfortunate happens to the individuals the police investigate and arrest for the crimes they may have committed.  From the Freddie Gray trials in Baltimore that have so far resulted in a hung jury, to the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, which the government and the press allowed to culminate in the lie of “hands up, don’t shoot” which has caused such suffering and misery to individuals and small businesses in the St. Louis area, liberal governing officials are proving themselves to be incapable of behaving reasonably and responsibly in the execution of their duties to the public, and especially to the police who serve us all so well.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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