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Mr. Hakim is a writer, commentator and a practicing attorney. His articles have been published in The Washington Examiner, The Daily Caller, The Federalist, The Epoch Times, American Thinker and other online publications. . He has also appeared on various nationally syndicated radio shows including the Dan Abrams Show and the Alan Nathan Show.

With Virtual School, Parents have an Opportunity to “Check” Teachers with a Political Agenda

The start of the new school year is right around the corner and many parents are concerned about the fact that their children will, once again, be learning in a “virtual” environment due to concerns related to the coronavirus. While the concept of “virtual” learning poses many challenges to students and parents, it also provides a much-needed opportunity to “equal ...

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Will Judge Sullivan Be Removed From The Michael Flynn Case?

When the Department of Justice decided to drop the case against former national security advisor Michael Flynn, the case, for all intent and purposes, should have been dismissed by the presiding judge. Unfortunately, rather than dismissing the case, federal district judge Emmet Sullivan issued an order inviting third party groups to file amicus briefs regarding the Department’s decision to drop ...

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Biden’s “pledge” to fix race-relations is stymied by his record and the president’s accomplishments

Shortly after President Trump delivered a historic speech in front of Mount Rushmore on Friday night, presidential hopeful Joe Biden released an Independence Day video message of his own focusing, in part, on racial issues. In his message, Biden pledged to end systemic racism and blamed the president for the divisiveness within the United States. The trouble, of course, is ...

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Could the Proceeds from John Bolton’s Book Sales be up for Grabs?

A federal judge recently allowed the publication of John Bolton’s book to proceed although it likely contains classified information. The Justice Department sought an injunction and a temporary restraining order to prevent Bolton from releasing his book. However, the judge denied the motion, finding that the government failed to establish that an injunction would prevent “irreparable harm” given the number ...

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Americans Deserve Answers from Speaker Pelosi, Not President Trump

President Trump officially started off his campaign with a triumphant return to the stage on Saturday night in Tulsa, Oklahoma. During the nearly two-hour long speech, President Trump made a comment that was obviously made in gest and intended as a joke. Specifically, while discussing the coronavirus, Trump indicated that he had asked his aides to slow the testing down ...

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The Slippery Slope of the Democrats’ “PC” Culture

While Americans may not realize it, their freedom to say what they want is slowly being eroded. This is not only due to the systematic effort by many on the left to chip away at their First Amendment rights (which require(s) state action). It is also a result of the Democrats’ continued efforts to re-define the type of speech/conduct that ...

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The “Autonomous Zones” Are Not A Sign Of Patriotism, Mayor Durkan

Mayor Jenny Durkan of Seattle recently opined that the “autonomous zone” that protesters have formed in the city is a sign of “patriotism,” not domestic terrorism. Not only is this designation naive and insulting, it also overlooks and misinterprets the meaning of domestic terrorism. The FBI defines domestic terrorism as “Violent, criminal acts committed by individuals and/or groups to further ...

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The Democrats’ far-left policies threaten each and every American

The warning signs have been there for years. Americans were told that the old-school Democrats were a thing of the past and that the party had morphed into an unstable, far left, socialist engine. Initially, these far-left Democrats proposed ideas and policies that threatened to bankrupt the nation and/or ruin the nation financially, such as universal healthcare and/or the Green ...

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Democrats Need a New Election Slogan as Biden’s “Unity” Message Entirely Misses the Mark

A recent television ad by “Unite the Country” endorsed Presidential hopeful Joe Biden. The ad, entitled “Deserve,” portrays Biden a man of unity and seeks to convince the American public that Biden is all about uniting the country. As a matter of fact, this appears to be one of the Democrats’ possible themes/slogans as the country approaches the 2020 elections. ...

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Until Congress Acts, the Supreme Court Should Rule Against Aimee Stephens

The Supreme Court will soon issue its ruling in the case of R.G. & G.R. Harris Funeral Homes v. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. In doing so, the court will decide whether the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as it is currently written, guarantees protections to transgender people in the workplace. Based on the intent of Title VII, its current written ...

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For the Sake of Justice, Should Flynn’s Team Seek a Writ of Mandamus?

After the Department of Justice decided to drop the case against former national security advisor Michael Flynn, it seemed like the presiding judge’s signature was a mere formality. Unfortunately, however, federal district judge Emmet Sullivan issued an order inviting third party groups with no interest in the case to file amicus briefs regarding the Department’s decision to drop the case. ...

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Rather Than Criticizing Attorney General William Barr, Congressional Democrats Should Give Him The Praise That He Deserves

Last week, the Department of Justice decided to drop the case against former national security advisor Michael Flynn. As if on cue, Democrats blasted Attorney General William Barr and blamed him of politicizing Flynn’s case and catering to President Trump. Not only was their attack on Barr entirely predictable, it was also erroneous. As such, rather than criticizing Barr, Democrats ...

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Florida Supreme Court to Decide Fate of Proposed Amendment to Florida’s Marijuana Law

Photo by Harrison Haines on Pexels.com On Wednesday, the Florida Supreme Court heard arguments about a proposed constitutional amendment that would allow people to use recreational marijuana. Proponents of the amendment, including Make It Legal Florida, are seeking to have the amendment placed on the 2022 ballot. To do so, they need the Florida Supreme Court to give the green ...

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For Some Democrats, Only Victims Who Can Implicate Republicans Are Believable

Photo by Lum3n on Pexels.com Former Vice-President and presumptive presidential candidate, Joe Biden, was recently accused of sexual misconduct by Tara Reade. While Reade’s claims are just accusations at this time, they have been met with deaf ears by those on the left. The existence of a double standard by Democrats is not surprising. What is concerning, however, is the ...

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The President’s Recent Executive Order Is Just What The Country Needed

This week, President Trump signed an executive order temporarily suspending immigration into the United States for 60 days by people seeking permanent residence in the country. Following the president’s announcement, Democrats immediately went on the attack. In doing so, they affirmed what some Americans have believed for quite some time now; in the minds of some Congressional Democrats, non-US citizens ...

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