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Trump Gets Rid Of Another Of Obama’s Bad Ideas

The Left is upset with President Donald Trump because he is ending Barack Obama‘s ban on allowing police departments to purchase military-grade weapons from the Department of Defense. It’s almost as though if Obama issued a bad, injurious executive order, that each and all subsequent presidents must worship the edict and no one shall be permitted to rescind it.

The phony reason given by Obama to justify this failed decision to withhold weapons from police forces that must daily fight violent criminals, a decision that denied heavier firepower to local police forces across the country, was that the use of heavier weapons by the police might offend and be considered a threat to local residents. But what our lame-brained, radical, police-hating former president did not even consider is that the denial of heavier weapons might also get police officers killed by better-armed criminals.

But the idea that local residents would be offended by these weapons in the hands of police is just another in a series of Obama‘s bald-faced lies; the only people offended by the use of such weapons would be criminals who would no longer be able to out-shoot the police while defending the local residents who Obama claimed would be offended with their use. The local police forces already carry pistols and shotguns that can kill if discharged, so what is there to be offended about if the police also possess more deadly weapons needed to fight today’s better-armed criminals?

The truth of Obama’s issuing this idiotic order is that our former president was best pals with the Black Lives Matter terror group, who were party to the random assassination of police officers while he was in office, and he just bought their favor by limiting the killing ability of the withheld weapons compared to what potential criminals like themselves might carry.

For many years, America’s police forces have encountered criminals who have much more powerful weapons than the police forces have, and many police officers have lost their lives trying to combat a criminal force that had superior weapons. These new weapons will not only help police officers defend themselves but will also allow them to better protect the citizens they serve.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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One Comment

  1. Dave,

    I have a problem with this one and some of your argument. Police forces are not mentioned in the Constitution. Further, there is a specific clause in Article I, Section 8 that limits the Army raised by Congress to just 2 years when it must pass a new bill for funding. In other words, the Constitution does not authorize a perpetual standing Army.

    The founders intended for States and the People respectively to be the Standing Army. The Militia. The only Legal military force is the Navy. This all reflects their fear of a large armed force capable of exercising easily across interior borders under the direct control of the centralize government!

    The idea of military grade weapons is absurd to our Constitution as it makes a distinction between citizens and a perpetual armed force! A National police force of any type is ILLEGAL!

    Another point to our Constitution is the estate of the people to have a direct or indirect voice over those who have authority over them. (The Declaration of Independence states this plainly – the government derives its just powers from the CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED!) The highest elected police officer in the Nation is the COUNTY SHERIFF. In fact for a long time the Sherriff was actually the recognized authority of the Law under which ordinary citizens acted in conjunction with or under to enforce the law. Ever hear of a posse?

    The local police force is typically headed by a police commissioner who is NOT elected by the people – they have no voice in who he is! They may have a Mayor, who they elect, who appoints a police commissioner but often as not they have a City Manager who they DO NOT elect! There is therefore a serious disconnect between the people and the highest local Law Enforcement Authority – which is contrary to the intent of the Constitution!

    The next point is that any police force is NOT burden with the responsibility to protect the citizens. They cannot guarantee protection of every citizen so they cannot be held accountable for our protection. THAT is our individual responsibilities. The only true and just Law is that law which gives authority to each individual the right to protect his life and his property! All other laws are in some way THEFT of our property and infringement of our freedom.) The purpose of the police and the Sheriff is to protect the LAW! I’m sure you know this but to anyone who has been harmed in a crime who called for police protection and help that did not get there in time to “protect you” – just try and sue them for not providing protection!

    It is NOT that I am opposed to police having weapons that match what the criminals have. I am gravely opposed to the Citizens not having the weapons that match what the criminals have, what the police have, and what the “military” have! It is the inequity that I oppose and that causes me to disagree with this particular reversal of obama-the-lawless policy! Trump should not lift the ban on the police without lifting the much longer ban on the citizens! If I can afford an Apache Helicopter or an F-18 I should be able to buy one – no questions asked!! As absurd as that may sound that is exactly what would be JUST and TRUE to the intent of the Constitution and the 2nd and 10th Amendments!

    Eisenhower warned us of the Military Industrial Complex. Every President since FDR has demonstrated to us WHY it has been a very bad idea. Johnson opened up the Great Society where Federal Bureaucracy EXPLODED into the Central Government we now call the “Deep State” where we the people have no VOICE any more than we have to our local police forces…

    And now they are working to Nationalize those police forces into their own militarized Pretorian Guard! EXACTLY what the framers of our nation FEARED!!

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