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Virginia officials recommended 15,000+ signatures .. in July

Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry have both failed to reach the number and distribution of signatures needed to make the Virginia primary while many other candidates have decided to not even try. While other states’ primaries and caucuses are open to any GOP candidate, Virginia has strict rules over how many signatures are required. A candidate must have 10,000 valid ...

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GOP Nominees Fail To Make Virginia Ballot

With the only recourse of calling it a “failed system”, Newt Gingrich failed to make the VA ballot. This was announced by the GOP early Saturday morning. Rick Santorum, Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry, and Jon Huntsman will be off the ballot also seeing they failed amass the required amount of signatures. As it stands the only nominees to make it ...

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Perry makes serious strategy mistake in Virginia, will miss primary

A probable election error by the Perry campaign has turned into a definite faux pas – Perry is off the primary ballot in Virginia due to his inability to secure the needed number of valid signatures. From bad debate prep, to questionable advertisements, Perry has been at the helm of a flawed campaign nearly since the beginning. Although having raised ...

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Come On, GOP!

Let’s pause for a moment and assess the GOP frontrunners: It’s come to light this week that Ron Paul’s newsletter didn’t publish just one possibly racist article, it printed several definitely racist articles. From Mark Mayberry at The Truth About Bills: The comments below seem to be the most notable: • “Given the inefficiencies of what DC laughingly calls the criminal justice system, I ...

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Despicable Arrogance About Minutia

Just so everyone knows upfront, I am supporting Michele Bachmann for President in 2012.  She has a great deal to offer in terms of knowledge and skill.  Because she stands by her convictions she is both abhorred and feared by Republican and Democrat elites alike. Having said that, for the soul purpose of dissuading rational people from thinking I am ...

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What's Kira Davis's Hangup with Glenn Beck!?

What is Kira Davis’s Hangup with Glenn Beck?! I think I might be Kira’s newest stalker fan! I listened to her Internet radio show this Sunday after work, and I can’t wait to hear her again this Tuesday. Love her! However, she said something about my other media hero Glenn Beck that bears comment. Kira apparently objected to a comment ...

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Ai Politics LIVE Tonight! Newt, Perry, Tebow, And Conservative Attitudes Toward Gays

Well, this show is probably going to be controversial.  Tonight, we’ll be talking about Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Conservative attitudes toward gay Americans, and if we have time, there might be some “if Tebow was Muslim” discussion.  A family friendly show, if there ever was one.  HUZZAH! CLICK HERE AT 10pm (East) and 7pm (West) TO HEAR THE SHOW!!!!!!!

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Rand Paul And Newt Gingrich At Odds On Gun Rights

From The Boston Globe: As Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich campaigned in New Hampshire today, the National Association for Gun Rights sent out robo-calls in New Hampshire accusing the former House speaker of being “anti-gun.” The calls say Gingrich has not returned the organization’s survey, adding, “Maybe it’s because of his past support for gun control.” More: The National Association ...

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Over One-Quarter of Republicans Would Vote for Newt Gingrich, 17% for Mitt Romney in Primary, but One-Third are Still Not Sure

NEW YORK, Dec. 16, 2011  — Late last year, the race for who would challenge President Obama began and the story evolved a great deal. First, it was would Sarah Palin run or wouldn’t she. Then it was about the rise and fall of Michelle Bachman, then the fall of Newt Gingrich, then the rise and fall ofRick Perry and the rise and fall of Herman Cain. Now ...

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The Basis Of Big Government?

Let me ask you, the reader, this question: What motivates a person to believe that a government which controls every aspect of your life, your business, your personal habits, and your body, is a good idea? To answer the question, let me emphasize the word your. Your life, your business, your habits, your body. We all know that big-government proponents seek ...

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Only One Candidate Can Name Their Favorite Supreme Court Justice (Sorta)

At last night’s debate, Megyn Kelly made what seemed like a simple request.  Name your favorite Supreme Court justice.  For some reason, only candidate (barely) was able to pull it off. I mean, wouldn’t it have been awesome if each candidate just rattled off their favorite justice?  But, no.  They all had to get long-winded and then not even have ...

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Cannibalism: Why I WON’T Be Watching the Debate Tonight

Commandment 11: Thou shalt not speak ill of thy fellow Republicans, for in the day that thou do, thou shalt surely die… Somebody call a coroner. If Reagan’s 11th commandment is indeed true, then we are just going to see seven corpses on stage tonight. It strikes me odd that all of these candidates hearken back to Reagan as the ...

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Newt Gingrich On FDR

From Breitbart TV, a series of quotes from Newt about his admiration of FDR: Newt believes Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the greatest President of the 20th century. I need not chronicle FDR’s socialism, as I’m sure the reader is well aware of it. Glenn Beck has recently created some controversy by comparing Newt to Barack Obama. I think Beck is ...

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Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich- Diametrically Opposing or Assonant?

I’m not a huge fan of Mitt Romney’s, I’m really not. Early in the campaign, I like a lot of the rest of GOP voters was beating my head against the wall to the tune of “Anyone but Mitt Romney,” because in my eyes, Romney is not a small government conservative. I’ll admit he has his charm, but when it ...

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