What's Kira Davis's Hangup with Glenn Beck!?

What is Kira Davis’s Hangup with Glenn Beck?!

I think I might be Kira’s newest stalker fan! I listened to her Internet radio show this Sunday after work, and I can’t wait to hear her again this Tuesday. Love her! However, she said something about my other media hero Glenn Beck that bears comment.

Kira apparently objected to a comment Beck made on his Internet show GBTV.  He made similar comments on Fox News Business to his old pal Judge Andrew Nepolitano. It’s no secret that Glenn dislikes Newt Gingrich as a candidate for president because of his alleged love of big government progressivsm. On his own and Napolitano’s shows, Glenn said that a choice between a Gingrich and an Obama is one between two big government progressives, so for the Tea Party to select Gingrich over Obama must be a matter of the President’s race not policy, since their policy views are virtually the same.

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I can see why this would be confusing for someone like Kira, an African American. The race comment is a little over the top, enough to get her ire I grant her that much, but the comment was meant to be nuanced. Glenn appears to be attempting to use his position of influence in the media to steer Tea Party folks away from Gingrich to a candidate more suitable to him, Santorum or Bachmann, either candidate would be suitable enough for me.

Here’s the problem. Tea Party people want to pick a winner who can beat Obama, and Gingrich has done extremely well articulating a Reaganistic “It’s Morning in America” conservative ideal. The Tea Party is well aware that Gingrich is a big government GOP establishment candidate, with deeply rooted personal foibles. They are willing to look past those flaws perhaps because of the deep seeded fear that another four years of Obama would spell doom for the country. Gingrich is first and foremost a politician who wants to be elected and may be able to be swayed against his big government agenda if conservatives keep the pressure on him. The Tea Party is good at applying that pressure. A lame duck Obama not seeking a third term and with nothing to lose would have carte blanche to do whatever he wants in his final four years, wrecking havoc with the constitution and our economy and driving us all off the proverbial cliff. This is the penultimate fear of conservatives and its why they may be inclined to pull the lever for Gingrich while holding their noses.

Poor Glenn, he can’t have the candidate he wants! That is the dilemma we all have to face, we may never have the prefect candidate. We can’t go the grave yard of conservative ideals and build us a Frankensteinian monster candidate from the pieces and  parts. A little Reagan here, a little GW there, a nice slice of Washington and of Lincoln, with just a dash of Jefferson and Adams. It’s not going to happen and it’s ridiculous to think that we could do it. Reagan himself, Ronaldus Magnus, was criticized by his fellow conservatives back in the day and he didn’t get everything he wanted to accomplish either. The fact is that the fickle electorate will never be a hundred percent happy with the selection regardless of who is elected. Conservatives would have problems with Jesus Christ if he were elected because he is too willing to help the poor and too good at pointing out everybody else’s faults. Sheesh! Can’t you lighten up a little Lord, I’m not that bad am I?

There’s still time for things to shake out amongst the candidates, and the electorate will make the best choice available. Either way, I think Obama is going to be handed his pink slip in 2012 and we’ll have a new Republican large R to contend with that might not trip everybody’s fancy. The important thing is to continue to elect Tea Party representatives and senators in order to keep the Republican large R from going too far to the left.

And for God’s and all our sakes, Ron Paulites must come to their senses. A vote for Ron Paul as a third party candidate would draw away precious votes away from our guy or gal and throw the election to the socialist Obama, a complete disaster!

We have to work with what we are given and have faith in the Good Lord above that all will shake out as it must.

As for me, I’m not choosing between my favorites, Glenn Beck and Kira Davis. I love them both for exactly who their are.

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Jeremy Griffith

Jeremy Griffith is conservative blogger and retired officer of the United States Army Reserve. He writes for his own blog at www.AmericanMillenniumOnline.com

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