Despicable Arrogance About Minutia

Just so everyone knows upfront, I am supporting Michele Bachmann for President in 2012.  She has a great deal to offer in terms of knowledge and skill.  Because she stands by her convictions she is both abhorred and feared by Republican and Democrat elites alike.

Having said that, for the soul purpose of dissuading rational people from thinking I am promoting some other candidate, I wish to share an observation.  That observation is that a Despicable Arrogance About Minutia exists in the arena of American politics.  Isn’t that just precious, I am about to expound on what has been said a thousand times, if once.

The latest such minutia is the perpetual and petulant attacks by Mitt Romney supporters on Newt Gingrich.   Let’s face the implications square on.  Mitt Romney has had a few softballs lobed his direction by the media, conservatives, and several of his Republican competitors.  Yet, each one of his opponents in this race have suffer some of the most vile of attacks by unknown or unreliable sources.  It would not surprise me if the truth were that these attacks are a coordinated effort between the Romney official campaign and his surrogate hate mongers.  There is just too much coincidence.

Think about all the other Republican candidates that have come within striking distance of Mitt Romney.  Systematically each has faced some form of derision.  These are standard Huckabee and Rove political tactics.  Huckabee used these deceptive means in Iowa in 2008 to undermine Romney. Immediately (December of 2008) Romney started planning his 2012 campaign with a variety of advisers encouraging the uses of those same techniques.  I believe we are witnessing that right now.

Over the past couple weeks multiple surrogates, with something to gain from the pressure brought to bear on them by “Republican insider elites”, endorsements of Romney have been surfacing.  Today there were some interesting last ditch desperate efforts by Mitt Romney with his comment about Newt Gingrich needing to be able to face Obama’s hell’s heat.  Of course the implication is that he, Romney, could stand the heat of the Obama kitchen.  I Think he believes he can stand the heat because he has been subversively shoveling the coal on the hell fires that have destroyed the character of his other opponents.

Romney does not dare to face Gingrich one-0n-one, because Newt is not a weak debater like Perry.  Romney knows that he would wilt under the logic and scrutiny of Newt Gingrich.  Further, Romney knows that he would be completely uncomfortable facing Gingrich after conducting a sneaky and deceptive attack on the Speaker.

One needs to look closely at the truth.  Every candidate has weak spots.  But, the garbage that Romney surrogates are spewing is silly and childish crybaby stuff.  Mitt Romney has been accused of flip flopping on issues.  I think the bigger problem is that he doesn’t have the fortitude to actually formulate a position of substance on any issue.  I won’t denigrate anyone’s religion.  However, I know that one of the foremost principles of Mitt Romney’s Church is the idea of “repentance”.  Simply put that means “coming back to solid principle and conduct for one’s life”.  Of all the candidates Newt Gingrich has demonstrated “repentance” for past mistakes.  I have yet to see someone who has not made mistakes.  But, rather than accepting Newt’s sincerity, Romney decided that he and his nitpickers must tear the man down…for political gain.  Since I have brought up religion, let me finish this thought with an analogy.  It appears to me that Mitt Romney “has sold his soul for a mess of political pottage.”

One of the terrible and vicious attacks on Gingrich by the Romney/Rove surrogates is about his paid relationship with Fannie/Freddie.  Somehow his honest use of skills and knowledge has gotten twisted into some distasteful.  Yet, Romney used his own skill and knowledge to destroy jobs for Americans.  That is not debatable.  There is nothing to argue there.  It happened, and that is the simple truth.  The Romney camp suggests that efficient, effective, or good business practices were in play.  Those are simply excuses, if the same principle applied by Romney against Gingrich are to be reconciled.  Mitt Romney intentionally put people with families out of work…presumably for thirty pieces of silver, and he now tries to justify it.  This is simply another example of the pot calling the kettle black.  But, there is more minutia.  I know from a conversation with one of Mitt Romney’s close relatives, with an insider’s view of both his business and family life, that Mitt prefers living in California to either Massachusetts or New Hampshire.  That may sound like no big deal…until his family member clearly stated to me he lives in California only a certain number of days per year to avoid higher real estate and personal taxes.  How does that tax avoidance sound better than accepting payment for services rendered?

What is that last paragraph all about?  It is about how the Saint Mitt just might be the fallen angel some suspect him of being.  It is time to look toward candidates that will be honest, even about their own faults.


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Rich Mitchell

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  1. The genuine threat Ron Paul, the best-known of American propagandists for our enemies, poses to our national security, his desire to disarm America, his opposition to any defense in the war on terror, and his acquiescence in an Iranian nuclear weapon should be focused on by the Iowa electorate.
    The Obama-Paul line of accommodation, apology, and appeasement towards radical Islam and Iran. “…for you to say maybe in a year they might have a weapon, there’s a lot more saying they don’t have it.” The only evidence that Paul will accept is an atomic weapon in Iran’s hands. His policy of preemptive surrender and submission to radical Islam is the blueprint for national suicide for the U.S. I trust Michele Bachmann. She is as smart as a whip and tougher than steel–the little lady with a spine of titanium. She is loved by patriotic Americans; she is hated by the jihadist’s “useful idiots.”

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