Cannibalism: Why I WON’T Be Watching the Debate Tonight

Commandment 11: Thou shalt not speak ill of thy fellow Republicans, for in the day that thou do, thou shalt surely die…

Somebody call a coroner. If Reagan’s 11th commandment is indeed true, then we are just going to see seven corpses on stage tonight.

It strikes me odd that all of these candidates hearken back to Reagan as the great conservative leader of modern times, yet they refuse to listen to his wisdom. It also occurs to me – and maybe, just maybe these two items are related – that Reagan was also the last true conservative that ran for President, win or lose. Hmmm…. Quite the coincidence.

While the Democrats have gotten away this trashing each other in the primaries, only to hug and wave with each other come the convention, Republicans cannot. Now that we are in the YouTube era, where every small, yet stupid move a candidate makes goes viral, all one really has to do to run against you in to ‘save videos to desktop’ and wait.

Every last of the so-called front runners so far has been ravaged, but not by the usual suspects. Sure, it is expected that your political opposition and the supposed ‘mainstream media’ are going to fire with both barrels, just because you have an “R” next to your party affiliate, but the majority of shrapnel has come from friendly fire. The only exception is that it is intentional. Thou shalt surely die!!

For those who parrot, “well, this is how politics works”, I have to ask, is it working? Is it? Really? Let’s see, it got us John McCain, with whom loyal Republicans seemed to do the “hold your nose and vote” thing back in 2008; a “compassionate” conservative – which is redundant to those who truly embrace the concept; Bob Dole and Bush 41. It also got us a field of watered down “conservatives” that are so afraid of their own political shows that they are afraid to espouse the most basic of conservative concepts that they pretend to believe. I have yet to hear any of them preserve, protect and defend things like supply-side economics or seriously, and I mean seriously, make REAL budget cut proposals.

Romney shoots at Gingrich; Gingrich fires shoulder-launched grenade back, injuring himself in the process; Perry forgets to take the safety off; Bachmann firing straight up with her brights on (I’m talking about her eyes, you perv); Santorum unloads the clip of his water pistol; Paul detonates a suicide vest, while still wearing it; and Huntsman….. well…..

Not a Reagan in the bunch. Not because they aren’t conservative enough (remember Reagan wasn’t even a Reagan conservative back in the day), but because they don’t keep his commandments. One doesn’t ask a cannibal to be a human relations ambassador without hypocrisy alarms going off and the “hypocrisy card” has done in many a fine candidate.

I fear the same will be true when the smoke has cleared from our circular firing squad.

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Rich Mitchell

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