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Border Patrol Agents Support New Mexico Special Olympics Torch Run

LAS CRUCES, N.M. – The 2020 Law Enforcement Torch Run to support the New Mexico Special Olympics was held in Las Cruces over the weekend. The event was modified due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, but participants symbolically passed the Special Olympics torch during the annual run. Border Patrol agents supporting the run. The event commenced Friday morning near the ...

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New Mexico Legislature vs US 2A Rights

second amendment

In 2019, the New Mexico legislature passed legislation that curtails the 2nd Amendment rights of New Mexicans. Unfortunately, the law is in place now. And, the prospects for overturning the legislation are dim. Sadly, that’s not a surprise, given the current batch of elected state officials. However, the persistence of the New Mexico legislature in the face of legitimate resistance ...

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Outed CIA Agent Valerie Plame To Run For Congress In New Mexico

Valerie Plame, the spy who was outed during her time at the CIA under former President George W. Bush, announced Thursday she would be running for Congress in New Mexico as a Democrat. “Over 10 years ago, I chose to make New Mexico my home and it has become my heart,” Plame said in a statement on her new website. ...

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Democratic Senator Declines To Seek 2020 Reelection

Democratic New Mexico Sen. Tom Udall said he will not seek a third term in the 2020 election Monday. “I’m confident that we could run a strong campaign next year to earn a third term … But the worst thing anyone in public office can do is believe the office belongs to them, rather than to the people they represent. ...

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‘Most Extreme in the Nation’: New Mexico House Approves New Law Legalizing Abortion Up to Birth

New Mexico’s House of Representatives passed a Pro-Abortion Bill that legalizes abortion in all 9 months of pregnancy, whether the life of the mother is at risk or not. The bill also forces doctors to perform abortions even if it violates their religious conscience and removes the requirement to consult parents when the mother is a minor. 40 House Members voted ...

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U.S Border Patrol and New Mexico National Guard Team Up To Stop Drug Smugglers

LORDSBURG, N.M. – Border Patrol Agents working in conjunction with New Mexico National Guard seize more than $100,000 worth of marijuana as it was being smuggled though southern New Mexico near Playas. On January 29, 2019, at approximately 9:30 p.m., a Lordsburg Border Patrol Agent operating infrared surveillance equipment observed four subjects walking northbound near the smelter on Highway 1113, ...

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DOI Discovers Largest US Oil And Gas Reserve Ever Found In New Mexico

New Mexico and West Texas are sitting on a bonanza of potentially recoverable oil and gas reserves in the Delaware Basis that lies between the two Western states, the Department of Interior announced Thursday. Two underground layers in the Delaware known as the Wolfcamp Shale and Bone Spring Formation contain 46.3 billion barrels of unrecovered oil and 281 trillion cubic ...

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If You See Something, New Mexico Judge Will Do Nothing

We constantly hear the logical phrase “If you see something, say something” to encourage us to help with the plague of terrorist threats and attacks that the western world, and possibly, especially America, is experiencing at the hands of waves of illegal invaders to our lands. But one can assume that this plea does not extent to judges who have ...

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Texas sends additional aircraft and troops to the border

The Texas National Guard announced the movement of aircraft and troops to the U.S. – Mexico border to support Customs and Border Protection efforts to guard the border. “Always Ready, Always There! Moving up to 500 #NationalGuard troops immediately on the SW border security mission,” Chief of the National Guard Bureau General Joseph Lengyel posted on Twitter Friday night. “Vehicles, ...

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Oh noes – New Mexico Internet Biz Won’t Serve Republicans nor Trump Supporters


The stories of people de-friending each other on social media and family members no longer speaking highlight the great ideological divide brought about by the last eight years under President Obama and this year’s fiercely-fought presidential campaign, but now an internet company has announced that it can no longer, in good conscience, serve republicans. 1st In SEO will no longer ...

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Clinton Panicking: Campaign restarts advertising in BLUE states

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is making huge advertising buys in states that had been considered safe for her in 2016. Hillary’s campaign is now dropping large amounts of money in Virginia, Colorado, New Mexico and Michigan. Virginia and Colorado had shown well for Hillary for most of the campaign season and her team had pulled advertising from those states several weeks ...

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Trump Campaign Goes on Offense, Expands TV Footprint into Michigan and New Mexico


NEW YORK, NY – Today the Donald J. Trump for President campaign added Michigan and New Mexico to its aggressive battleground state media buy in an open acknowledgment that the campaign is surging in traditionally blue states as well as traditional battleground states. This expansion occurs as Florida and Ohio are decisively turning towards Mr. Trump, and the campaign is ...

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Obama Is Being Asked Tough Questions on the Campaign Trail

While the president is ‘busy’ campaigning around the nation, he hasn’t been taking any tough questions from the press. But rest-assured everyone – Obama’s team has assured us that he will be taking tough questions and interviews from various local media stations around the country. Listen here: Yes, that was an actual interview. Crazy huh? Heck, if this campaigning this ...

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