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2nd amendment – What We Can Do To Help The Battle

Those who live in America are familiar with the phrase “2nd Amendment” and the feelings attached to it. Sometimes they are feelings of endorsement, while other times they are feelings of rage because of the ill consequences associated with this law. The debate on gun control and gun rights became hotter after the Parkland, Fla. school shooting that claimed the ...

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New Mexico Legislature vs US 2A Rights

second amendment

In 2019, the New Mexico legislature passed legislation that curtails the 2nd Amendment rights of New Mexicans. Unfortunately, the law is in place now. And, the prospects for overturning the legislation are dim. Sadly, that’s not a surprise, given the current batch of elected state officials. However, the persistence of the New Mexico legislature in the face of legitimate resistance ...

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2nd Amendment Battles: Why They Matter Now More than Ever

As of right now, our 2nd Amendment Rights are already infringed. There’s no question. And, that infringement is just one of the reasons that the 2nd Amendment is still at serious risk today, regardless of any recent victories. Now, that’s not to say that the 2nd Amendment is going to be repealed tomorrow. The political system in the United States ...

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Bolt Carrier Group – Do You Really Know What It Is?

When it comes to talking about firearms, one thing is certain – they must come with proper rifle mechanics in order to perform well. For example, the bolt carrier group is considered to be the heart of the AR-15. Therefore, you can’t expect such a powerful rifle to work without a BCG – bolt carrier group. However, do people actually ...

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Why You Need to Teach Your Child Gun Safety

Gun rights is a very discussed subject, especially in the US. As much as you want to keep your children away from these topics, they will notice them one way or another. Besides, they are always exposed to guns in movies and video games, so you can’t really avoid it. Protecting your child is your top priority, which is why ...

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Are There Similarities Between Brazil’s President and Trump?

There seems to be a strong connection between the president of Brazil – Jair Bolsonaro – President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. According to his enemies, Jair Bolsonaro is homophobic and a misogynist. On the other hand, his supporters view him as the man that can finally make something happen for his country by reinvigorating the economy ...

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American History: A Lesson in Sticking to Our Guns

second amendment

You may have heard lately that guns are in the hot seat of national debate, and that many Americans shrug at or even support repealing the Second Amendment. To some, severe restrictions on guns would somehow increase freedom. (Is it because they would use magic to enforce gun control on the criminals sparking the public verbal brawls, offenders who, by ...

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