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Paranoid Leftist Conspiracy Mongers Now Fear that Trump Will Call Off 2020 Election

The left has spent the last nine months floating around in an alternate universe of denial and Russian conspiracy theories and are ready to burn up during reentry to the reality-based world. Now it isn’t only that President Donald Trump was working hand-in-hand with the Kremlin to steal the election from Hillary Clinton, or that Trump is mentally unfit for ...

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San Diego State Aztecs Keep Nickname by Barely Beating Back Forced Diversity Fascists

Perhaps one of the most stupid and futile projects undertaken by the unhinged left has been the crusade to bully professional and college sports teams into changing their nicknames if they don’t pass muster with the forced diversity fascists. The more ridiculous efforts have focused on the NFL’s Washington Redskins which during the waning years of the existential hell of ...

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Nutty Nancy Pelosi Claims that Democrats Could Retake the House in 2018

After the feckless and wayward Democrats couldn’t even steal a Georgia special election with every advantage possible, the delusional leadership is actually claiming that the party could win back control of the House of the Representatives in next year’s midterm elections. That’s right, while Jon Ossoff who looks like an emaciated Anthony Weiner spectacularly imploded on Tuesday, some leftist loudmouths are ...

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Underwhelming Anti-Trump Tax Protests May Be Last Gasp for Zombie Resistance

Shortly after hordes of brain dead zombies marveled at the military might of North Korean despot Kim Jong-un during a Pyongyang missile parade, their brainless American counterparts marched on Washington and in other cities to demand that President Trump release his tax returns. The left’s heavily promoted “Tax March” didn’t turn out hundreds of thousands like the great inauguration weekend ...

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Big MSNBC Trump Tax Return Expose is Dead on Arrival

Raving leftist lunatic Rachel Maddow took a rare night off from her usual Russia bashing on Tuesday for a really big scoop. The new red scare has been good for business over at the Democrat propaganda organ MSNBC with Ms. Maddow being the beneficiary of record ratings. Shortly before airtime, Maddow began to tease the release of President Donald Trump’s ...

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