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Nutty Nancy Pelosi Claims that Democrats Could Retake the House in 2018

After the feckless and wayward Democrats couldn’t even steal a Georgia special election with every advantage possible, the delusional leadership is actually claiming that the party could win back control of the House of the Representatives in next year’s midterm elections.

That’s right, while Jon Ossoff who looks like an emaciated Anthony Weiner spectacularly imploded on Tuesday, some leftist loudmouths are now boasting that a new era of Democrat political dominance is just around the corner.

Only someone who is totally bat guano crazy and living within an alternate reality could possibly believe such nonsense so it’s a given that the great prognosticator is none other than nutty Nancy Pelosi.

According to The Hill “Pelosi: Dems could win back House in 2018”:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) says she thinks Democrats can win back House control in 2018.

Asked Thursday by Texas Tribune CEO Evan Smith if there are enough winnable districts for Democrats, Pelosi replied, “Yes, indeed.”

She said there are more than 40 seats held by the GOP that are considered more favorable to Democrats than the suburban Atlanta district where Democrat Jon Ossoff came within 3 points of winning an all-party primary on Tuesday.

Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, which became vacant after former Rep. Tom Price became Secretary of Health and Human Services, has been held by the GOP for nearly four decades, but Trump only won it by one point in 2016.

Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel will face off again in a June runoff.

House Democrats have declined to publicly predict outright that they will win back the lower chamber in next year’s midterm elections.

Rep. Ben Ray Lujan (D-N.M.), who chairs the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, has predicted the party will pick up House seats in 2018 but hasn’t gone as far as predicting the 24 victories needed to secure the majority.

Pelosi expressed optimism that the energy on the left would help boost turnout.

There are a multiple problems with Ms. Pelosi’s daring prediction. First and foremost is that the San Francisco septuagenarian nag should have been long ago packed off to the glue factory instead of being allowed to continue to embarrass herself and her party every time that she opens her whiny pie hole. Pelosi is so unpopular that conservatives are now running campaign ads with her as the subject. Thanks to her enduring nuttiness she is now the figurehead of the Trump Derangement Syndrome afflicted left.

Another issue is that “energy” of the left has manifested itself in organized mass protests of losers, whiners and violent extremists who the Dems continue to refuse to denounce. While the masses of asses that can be counted on to swarm Washington on any given weekend to protest Trump may make liberals feel good, they are a huge turnoff to the normal working folks in America.

Most importantly, the Democrats bet the entire house on whacky conspiracy theories and the pornographic dossier of an ambitious former British spook looking to cash in on the private sector and who seems to fancy himself as the second coming of James Bond with his creation of a smutty, stupid and discredited 35-page dossier infamously known as PeeGate.

The loony Democrats led by Pelosi, neo-McCarthyist goon Adam Schiff and their rotten to the core allies like Senator John McCain have treated Steele’s dirty writing as if he were Moses descending from Mount Sinai with the holy tablets. The guy is a total parasite and the fact that only the most paranoid of loons have touted his work are a testament to his sleaziness.

The big Trump-Putin hoax is a legacy attack left over from the Hillary Clinton campaign and maybe even Jeb! as some reports have indicated that Christopher Steele’s shady investigative firm had originally been on the payroll of a yet to be named Republican candidate looking to damage Trump before shifting over to the Democrats.

It all adds up to one big crazy fistful of nothing or in cruder terms – a flaming bag of dogshit of the type that that Ms. Pelosi should be accustomed to holding in her hands on the day after elections. The humane thing would be for someone in the Democrat leadership to organize a drive to get Pelosi the hell out of the public eye as soon as possible because right now she is running neck and neck with John McCain, Dianne Feinstein and mad Maxine Waters as the poster child for term limits.

Not that it’s impossible for the Democrats to win back the House next year but the odds are more likely that it will rain $20 bills from the sky come November 6, 2018.

Here’s another prediction. The Democrats will be out of political power as long as they continue to reelect corrupt, over the hill whacko birds like Nancy Pelosi to positions of leadership. You can chisel that into stone!

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