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The Latest News about the 2018 Midterm Elections

Briefer Briefings – Highlights from the White House Briefing on 8/2/18

Sarah Huckabee Sanders -15

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders held a briefing on 8/2/18 along with several administration officials. [See the whole briefing HERE] The major topic of the day was the Trump administration’s efforts to secure the 2018 midterm election. Near the end of the briefing, CNN’s Jim Acosta went on a long rant about the president referring to some in the ...

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Watch: President Trump holds MAGA rally in Lewis Center, Ohio 8/4/18

President Donald Trump holds a Make America Great Again rally in Lewis Center, Ohio on Saturday just days before the August 7th special election in the 12th district. (live streams of the event at the bottom of the article) Will be going to Ohio tonight to campaign for Troy Balderson for the big Congressional Special Election on Tuesday. Early voting ...

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Crooked Hillary Gets Involved In 2018 Mid-Terms

Twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is getting involved in the 2018 midterm elections in a big way. According to ABC News, the former secretary of state made the maximum donation of $5,000 to 19 Democrats to help her party win back control of Congress in November. Federal Election Commission filings show that Clinton made the contributions through Onward Together, the ...

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Democrats point to 2018 voter turnout as proof of ‘Blue Wave’, but they left out this detail

Voter turnout 2018 midterms pew research

Democrats used cherry-picked Pew Research statistics Wednesday to indicate to the base that their side is winning the turnout battle in the 2018 midterm elections – there are a few problems with their analysis of the report. Retweeting HuffPost reporter Kevin Robillard, Democrats hope to make the case that their base is excited and effective so far and that the momentum is enough ...

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Poll: Immigration Top Issue for Americans Ahead of Midterm Elections

A Bridge Too Far

A new poll shows that immigration is the fastest rising concern for Americans of all political ideologies as the country heads into the 2018 midterm elections. The Gallup poll, taken July 1-11, found that 22 percent of those surveyed said that immigration tops their list of concerns, with just 19 percent who said “government” was their most important issue. That spike ...

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James Comey Urges Voters to Support Democrats in Midterm Elections

James Comey testifies before Senate Judiciary Committee 05-03-17

James Comey, the former FBI Director fired by President Donald Trump in May of 2017, is now urging American voters to support Democrats this November. Comey attacked GOP lawmakers in a tweet Tuesday evening and called on all who believe in this country’s values to vote for Democrats. “This Republican Congress has proven incapable of fulfilling the Founders’ design that ...

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