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Top Military Media Outlet Puts A 28-Year-Old Who’s Touted Her Hatred For Trump In Charge

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The Army Times named a 28-year-old former Democratic aide as its top editor Jan. 10. Sarah Sicard has been vocal about hating President Donald Trump and previously worked as a spokeswoman for a New York councilman who describes himself as a “moderate Democrat.” The Army Times is one of the oldest and largest papers catering to the military, which according ...

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Maryland Legislator Wants to Steer Low-Income Housing to Affluent Suburban Neighborhoods

Maryland state legislator Vaughn Stewart wants to add high-density, low-income housing to affluent suburban neighborhoods. A tool would use data to find areas where children grow up to earn high incomes and allow high-density housing in an attempt to bring impoverished people to those neighborhoods. It is part of a social engineering push grounded in the allegation that suburbs are ...

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Alleged Anti-Semitic Arsonist Released With No Bail In New York

James Polite, who was charged with hate crimes and arson after he allegedly set fire to seven Jewish sites and vandalized a synagogue, was released from jail without bail Tuesday, according to court records. Polite allegedly wrote “Die Jew Rats” and “Hitler” at the Union Temple of Brooklyn in November 2018. Security footage allegedly showed him setting setting fires at ...

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Green Energy Firm That Says It’s Saved Local Governments Billions Leaves Trail Of Questions

More than 1,000 local school systems have hired Cenergistic, a green company that says it will reduce their power bill in exchange for a large cut of the savings. The company says it has saved local governments and schools $5.5 billion, but local officials have repeatedly questioned its numbers, saying it refuses to explain how they’re calculated. Cenergistic is linked ...

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Central Witness In Trayvon Martin Trial Was Imposter, George Zimmerman Said In $100M Suit

The Trayvon Martin case was built on an elaborate fraud, with Rachel Jeantel pretending to be the girlfriend who was on the phone with Martin at the time of his death, George Zimmerman says in a new lawsuit. The actual phone witness was Diamond Eugene, who was replaced when she would not testify, the suit says. Martin’s parents participated in the ...

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As Colleges Move To Do Away With The SAT In The Name Of Diversity, Detroit High School Valedictorian Struggles With Low-Level Math

The valedictorian of a Detroit high school is struggling with low-level math at Michigan State University, where 1 in 8 students were in remedial math. Universities have loosened their requirements to attempt to increase graduation rates and diversity. The University of California system may abolish the SAT and ACT as a requirement for entry, saying the standard screenings lead to ...

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US Universities In The ‘Crosshairs’ Of A Chinese-Backed Recruitment Operation, Bipartisan Senate Report Finds

A Chinese strategy called the “Thousand Talents Plan” (TPP) has recruited 7,000 researchers, including Nobel laureates, a bipartisan Senate report found. “Thousand Talents Plan” (TPP) has recruited thousands of academics to bring research from abroad to support its military and technology efforts. Some of the TPP contacts required the participants to recruit others to join the Chinese program, or to ...

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Dem Prosecutors Fear For Suburbs’ Safety As Radical District Attorneys, Fueled By Soros Cash, Take Control

Radical criminal justice reformers won elections as top prosecutors in three D.C. suburbs Nov. 5 after a George Soros-funded PAC inundated sleepy local elections with millions of out-of-state dollars. In Fairfax County, Virginia, Democratic incumbent Ray Morrogh quit the party after saying that Steve Descano is unqualified to be in charge of public safety. In Arlington, Virginia, Democratic incumbent Theo ...

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Accomplice In ‘Largest Data Theft In Senate History,’ Caused Doxxing of Republicans During Kavanaugh Hearings Gets Probation

A former Senate IT aide to Sen. Maggie Hassan, Samantha Deforest-Davis, was sentenced to probation Monday for her role a congressional data heist used to “doxx” Republican senators during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings. Jackson Cosko admitted he stole tens of thousands of documents, credit card numbers, Social Security numbers and the contents of the entire network drive from the New ...

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Activists Want To Abolish Your Kid’s Honors Classes, Cite ‘White Toxicity’ And ‘Supremacist’ Values Of High Achievement

Local school systems across the country are proposing radical changes in the name of reducing demographic-based achievement gaps. Parents who support Democrats at the federal level have recoiled at what they view as identity politics gone too far. School systems in Washington state, Maryland, New York, Minnesota and Virginia are among those where radical agendas have become a flash point ...

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Schiff Reportedly Hired Two Of Trump’s NSC Staffers

President Donald Trump accused Rep. Adam Schiff in February of “stealing” away people who had worked in the White House at its National Security Council by hiring them. Schiff’s committee hired two people who worked at the NSC in the Obama and Trump administrations: Abigail Grace, who worked at the NSC until 2018 and was hired in February 2019 with a ...

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Behind The Network Of Outside, Left-Wing Groups Pushing Racial Policies In Cities, Counties Across America

Many cities and counties are adopting radical policies that see every aspect of government operations through the “lens” of race. A network of George Soros-backed activist groups has worked to push these policies at the most local level of government, where there is little scrutiny. The policies are justified by citing research attributed to the University of Southern California, which ...

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Omar Files For Divorce A Month After Telling Reporter On Video That She Wasn’t Separated

Ilhan Omar filed for divorce five weeks after telling a reporter she wasn’t separated from her husband. Omar told a reporter “No, I am not,” when asked if she was separated from her husband or dating someone.  Omar has repeatedly made statements that are at odds with records, and Judicial Watch filed a complaint to the Office of Congressional Ethics ...

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Ilhan Omar’s Explanation For Deleting A Tweet That Revealed Her Father’s Name Faces Contradictions

Rep. Ilhan Omar deleted a tweet referring to her father as “Nur Said,” a name that bolstered the case that she married her brother since, in Somalian culture, the father’s name becomes part of the son’s last name. A spokesperson for the Minnesota Democrat said the name she tweeted was an Arabic phrase that she said was her father’s nickname. ...

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Former American Airlines Mechanic Who Allegedly Sabotaged Plane Has Terrorist Ties, Prosecutors Say

An American Airlines mechanic who was arrested days before Sept. 11 for allegedly sabotaging an airplane — who at the time said the act was part of a labor dispute and because he wanted overtime — has terrorist ties and wanted Allah to harm non-Muslims, prosecutors said Wednesday. Prosecutors said Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani, who is originally from Iraq but ...

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