San Diego State Aztecs Keep Nickname by Barely Beating Back Forced Diversity Fascists

Perhaps one of the most stupid and futile projects undertaken by the unhinged left has been the crusade to bully professional and college sports teams into changing their nicknames if they don’t pass muster with the forced diversity fascists.

The more ridiculous efforts have focused on the NFL’s Washington Redskins which during the waning years of the existential hell of the Obama regime were repeatedly attacked by Democrats in order to score cheap political points.

Never mind that the Redskins have had that team name ever since they moved to D.C. way back in 1937 and even before that when they were known as the Boston Redskins. It made for good outrage fodder by the left’s identity politics obsessed twits and appealed to their snowflake supporters.

While the furor over the Redskins has died down considerably after the Democrats were routed, there are ongoing skirmishes popping up across the nation. Like in the beautiful coastal city of San Diego, California where radical campus leftists were trying to force the local university to ban the “racist” nickname Aztecs.

However, this time the left’s attempts at bullying were beaten back but just barely.

Following a pressure campaign organized by some flaming leftist boob named Ozzie Monge who earns his pay as an Indian Sciences professor, the student leadership voted to retain their Aztecs nickname which has been maligned as racist by professor Monge and his fellow travelers.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports “SDSU Associate Students vote to stay Aztecs”:

In a tight vote that followed about three hours of emotional discussions, San Diego State University student leaders voted 14-12 Wednesday night to stay the Aztecs.

The resolution proposed by the Native American Student Alliance called for the Aztec name and the school mascot to be phased out over the next three to five years.

Supporters of the resolution argued that the school’s bare-chested, spear-throwing mascot was a racist image and the use of the Aztec name and language on campus was culturally insensitive. Some who opposed the change said the school is keeping alive the glorious culture of the Aztecs, who otherwise might be forgotten.

Had the resolution before the University Council passed on Wednesday, the matter would have to the Board of Directors, a smaller panel also composed of students. The final decision would go to SDSU President Elliot Hirshman.

The resolution was based on a thesis by American Indian Studies Professor Ozzie Monge, who wrote that the Aztec name was inappropriate because, among other reasons, it was chosen on the inaccurate historical assumption that the Aztecs once were in the Southwest United States.

Monge said another resolution could be brought to the Associated Students next year. Wednesday’s vote was much closer than when student leaders last voted on the issue in 2014, when a similar resolution failed 24-1.

While the university has been in existence for over a century it is only recently that the forced diversity fascists have taken aim at the nickname because it’s racist – a standard complaint of the Democrats and their snowflake shock troops that ranks right up there with blaming everything on the Russians.

Professor Monge will have another year to shore up his armies of intolerant idiots for another effort to censor free speech and revise history that doesn’t fit their radical leftist ideology.

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