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Cultural Cleansers Once Again Demand That Redskins Change Name

On Monday the Cleveland Indians announced that they would no longer wear the image of the beloved Chief Wahoo on their uniforms. By doing away with the popular yet controversial logo that the team has featured since 1947, the Indians appear to have caved to pressure and possible extortion over hosting the 2019 MLB All-Star Game. The left did a ...

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Washington Redskins 2017 Preview

Like the other teams in the NFC East, the Washington Redskins are watching the appeal procedures of star Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott very closely. If the Cowboys lose Elliott for six-games it will throw the division wide open to the other three teams. Unfortunately for the Redskins, they are not the team best positioned to take advantage of ...

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Team Nickname Activist Faces Charges of Stealing Native American Grant Money

Ever since the beginning of the Barack Obama era, cashing in off of festering racial grievances has been a booming business. Thanks to Barry and his reliance on the exploitation of racial divides for political gain, the nation has been set back decades in race relations. One area that has attracted plenty of profiteers and grifters is the push to ...

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School Bans Students from Wearing ‘Racially Demeaning’ Washington Redskins Attire

Just when you thought that all of the hullabaloo over the nickname of the NFL’s Washington Redskins was over, the liberal thought police at a private school in Maryland have decided to make it into an issue again. Back in June, the Supreme Court ruling found that “offensive” names are free speech and not subject to government discrimination when it ...

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Justice Department Drops Case Against Redskins Team Nickname

The left has suffered one more stinging defeat in their efforts to use the power of the state to force the NFL’s Washington Redskins to change their team nickname. The recent Supreme Court ruling in favor of an Asian-American rock band “The Slants” that a federal trademark law discriminating against “offensive” names was unconstitutional meant that there was no ground for ...

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Washington Redskins Win Big With SCOTUS Ruling Over ‘Offensive’ Names

The Supreme Court dealt a crushing blow to the culture warriors on the left on Monday and the drive to bully sports teams into changing their names. In an 8-0 score, the SCOTUS ruled in favor of an Asian-American rock band that was denied a trademark because its name was deemed to be racially offensive. While members of “The Slants” ...

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San Diego State Aztecs Keep Nickname by Barely Beating Back Forced Diversity Fascists

Perhaps one of the most stupid and futile projects undertaken by the unhinged left has been the crusade to bully professional and college sports teams into changing their nicknames if they don’t pass muster with the forced diversity fascists. The more ridiculous efforts have focused on the NFL’s Washington Redskins which during the waning years of the existential hell of ...

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Great White Leftists Know What’s Best for Red Man

A handful of activists using “civil rights” as justification convince leftist reporters and publicity–hungry Democrats to support a cause that until recently was not a concern to anyone who didn’t subscribe to Mother Jones magazine. Carrying enough victim cards to fill a six–deck Blackjack shoe, they approach an unelected regulatory body and convinced the commissars to overturn the Constitution and ...

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The Washington Redskins and the Death of Federalism

Federalism in America has seemingly reached the point of being nothing but a romantic daydream for quixotic political idealists. Neither states nor individuals, whose retention of rights beyond those enumerated in the Constitution are safeguarded by the Ninth and Tenth Amendments, seem to have any interests that the federal government considers beyond its purview if there’s some altruistic crusade that ...

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The Only Good ‘Redskin’ Is a Deleted ‘Redskin’

The Thought Police at the Washington Post are on the warpath once again over the Washington Redskins nickname. In spite of the fact it would cost owner Daniel Snyder heap–big wampum to change the name, they say it is bad medicine and it has to go. They are also angry about calling people who sell their own tickets “scalpers,” but ...

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Hell to the Redskins

When compared to the $498 million fleecing Minnesota taxpayers just endured, the $6.4 million Virginia taxpayers will be spending — thanks to Republican Governor Bob McDonnell — on improvements to the Redskins’ training facilities looks like small potatoes. Regardless of size, both the Vikings’ new stadium and the Redskins “deal” feature the same credulous acceptance of imaginary threats, insider dealing ...

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