Team Nickname Activist Faces Charges of Stealing Native American Grant Money

Ever since the beginning of the Barack Obama era, cashing in off of festering racial grievances has been a booming business.

Thanks to Barry and his reliance on the exploitation of racial divides for political gain, the nation has been set back decades in race relations.

One area that has attracted plenty of profiteers and grifters is the push to bully sports teams into changing their team mascots because they are offensive and racist.

The focus has been on the harassment of teams that sport Native American nicknames and while the NFL’s Washington Redskins have received the lion’s share of the calls for censorship, they are far from the only ones.

There is also the Major League Baseball team in Cleveland and its longtime mascot Chief Wahoo. The Indians organization has also been beset by activists over the grinning, buck-toothed redskin that has become a beloved symbol to fans.

It is the fight over this mascot which has exposed the con game over symbols that never seemed to bother folks until the Obama years that has produced a perfect example of the type of bloodsuckers that are exploiting race for personal profit.

In an epic bit of irony, a leader of the protests against Chief Wahoo has been charged in a scheme to rip off the very Native Americans that he claims to be fighting for their honor.

Via Cleveland NBC affiliate WKYC “Chief Wahoo protester charged with theft of grant money”:

A man who has held protests saying the Cleveland Indians’ Chief Wahoo mascot is racist faces federal charges over allegations he stole money from federal grants aimed at helping Native Americans.

Seventy-year-old Robert Roche, of Cleveland, was indicted Wednesday on one count of conspiracy to steal federal funds and two counts of theft from programs receiving federal funds.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Cleveland says a lengthy investigation showed that Roche conspired to divert money from the American Indian Education Center in suburban Cleveland where he served as executive director.

Prosecutors say Roche and a consultant embezzled at least $180,000 from Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration grants and that Roche diverted $77,000 for his personal use.

Thanks to the recent Supreme Court ruling on supposedly offensive trademarks, the team nickname wars are on the wane with the exception of a handful of leftist die-hards.

The exposure of Mr. Roche should serve to further discredit the outrage industry over teams with Indian names and logos which itself is racist. I don’t seem to recall any manufactured outrage over the Notre Dame Fighting Irish which is an extremely negative stereotype so there is also the standard liberal hypocrisy in play.

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