School Bans Students from Wearing ‘Racially Demeaning’ Washington Redskins Attire

Just when you thought that all of the hullabaloo over the nickname of the NFL’s Washington Redskins was over, the liberal thought police at a private school in Maryland have decided to make it into an issue again.

Back in June, the Supreme Court ruling found that “offensive” names are free speech and not subject to government discrimination when it comes to trademark issues. It was like a punch to the solar plexus to the freaks on the left who had manufactured a crisis over a team that has had its name since before 1937 when it relocated from Boston.

The Justice Department soon thereafter moved to drop the case against the Redskins that was a part of the Obama regime’s weaponizing of the government against political enemies.

All was quiet until this week when the Bethesda-based Green Acres School issued the decree that the team’s attire was forbidden just as the season is ready to kick off due to its racist nature.

As reported by Washington D.C. Fox affiliate FOX 5 “Maryland private school bans students from wearing Redskins clothing”:

Students at a Maryland private school are being told to leave their Washington Redskins apparel at home.

When the NFL season rolls around D.C., Maryland and Virginia are Redskins country. However, it is not at the Green Acres School in North Bethesda.

For years, there has been a movement to get the Washington Redskins to change its name because some Native Americans have said it is offensive.

In a letter to parents, Neal Brown, the head of Green Acres School, asked them to not send their children to school with the team’s logo or name.

“I feel strongly that wearing clothing with the name of our local football team or the logo – that those were really against our school’s mission and our diversity statement,” Brown said. “I feel that the name of the team is a racial slur. I think the logo at best is an ethnic stereotype. At worst, it is deeply demeaning.”

School administrators said the ban on Redskins gear came after long talks in classrooms and questions over the impact of team logos like the Washington Redskins that are based on race or ethnicity.

Brown’s letter can be read HERE.

Here we go again with the liberal politicizing of sports and the insistence of the totalitarian left to push a stifling forced diversity on others who don’t agree with them. Shouldn’t the Green Acres Gestapo have at least solicited parental input on this before implementing their ridiculous ban?

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